Woara Season 2 – Episode 7 – “Back to Kwame’s Story ”


I did a pregnancy test that morning and left it at that washroom after I noticed that I was a month pregnant and now Yvonne has it and is totally away that I’m pregnant.
Ishvi, My “hommie” from School succeeded in putting some sense into my head even after making that shocking revelation about he being Yvonne’s ex. According to him, he lost Yvonne when he cheated on Efua.
I must say, I noticed how foolish I was to have fallen into Afra’s trap. Come to think of it, was I really in love with Afra at all I was just holding on to the High school love I had for her. This is Yvonne, who had showed me care when everyone rejected me. She had unconditionally loved me. 
I trusted Ishvi very much and I knew he wouldn’t say all this just to convince me into going out with Yvonne. I was just blinded by old illusions rather than using my head to focus on a true love that Yvonne was showing me all along. 
She deserves to be listened to and I was willing to do that now. Perhaps there is more to it than what her so called to be husband- Fred making it seem. I took my phone instantly, tried her number severally but was to no avail. I wanted to speak to Yvonne. Listened to her side of story and if possible, get back into her life. 
And as for Afrakuma, to hell with her, I began to even hate her more for what she done to me. Had sex with me and pretend that nothing really happened. For hours I tried reaching out to her yet there was no avail. I had a feeling that she may be with Afra. Maybe this will be the time to even make Afra feel jealous. 
I would rush to Afra’s end and if Yvonne happens to be there, right there in front of Afra, I will let my love out. I will let her know much Yvonne means to me. 
That was my plan. I quickly got home, freshened up. This time around, my perfume was intact. That’s even a sign of victory that I was about to win Yvonne back.
I didn’t waste anymore time, I set off quickly. On my way, I began making future plans. Looking at how caring she was, I dreamt that we were going to be a good couple who will raise wonderful kids. Speaking of kids, I only wished to have only two kids, a boy and a girl. I didn’t know about her but I knew from the way she carries herself, she will be those types of ladies who would want to give birth to a lot of children. 
Ishvi my friend didn’t just give me good advice, he made sure I listened and acted accordingly and so he called to check up. I updated him and just as I was expected, he encouraged me. 
My guess was right, I got to Afra’s end and there Yvonne was. She was really sad and even after she saw me, nothing really changed. 
I didn’t even pay attention to Afra, who was on the other hand, so surprised to have seen me there. I rushed knelt before Yvonne and looked straight into her eyes. 
Before I could open my mouth to say a word, out of no where, she just landed a slap on my face. Right there tears came down from her eyes. I didn’t even know why she did that until she revealed.
“How could you? Why didn’t tell me you were in love with Afra? She asked. 
I was totally confused, I didn’t even know what was going on but I knew this was definitely Afra’s doing.  I watched Afra and asked her to explain what was going on. 
“Well, I just realized this morning that, I’m a month pregnant for you”Afra said. 
I was just stunned. It was as if my heart had just stopped beating. 
To be Continued. 
© 2017