Woara Season 2 – Episode 6 – “Phases of Revenge”


I had a feeling that he didn’t recognize me but I knew what to do. I knew what to do to make it up for the past that I lost him.
Just what I wanted, to be alone with him. Yvonne had already gone to the counter to make an order leaving Kwame and I alone.  We talked, but I noticed he didn’t really recognize me. Just when I saw Yvonne coming from afar, I quickly wrote down my address and passed it on to him. He looked surprised but I knew he was going to make up anyway. 
Soon I found myself to be at my apartment waiting for Kwame to show up. Well  I wanted us to talk about the past and probably take things slow. But upon a second thought, Kwame is just like any other guy who have come into my life. I was not sure talking was the best option. 
Besides, I was completely over him taking the number of years into consideration and my motive was actually to get back at Yvonne anyway. 
Before I knew it, Kwame had already arrived. He was on time but the surprising thing was, I noticed, he really knew who I was. Well that even made things easier. The opportunity has brought itself and I was so ready to take up my chances. 
That was it, I made whole of him and made him mine. Well, it wasn’t as much as I expected though, the sex was really bad, that’s where I noticed that, that was actually his first time. I wanted him to want more so he will keep coming back to me after everything and for that matter, I showed him my attitude. 
I gave him a reason to think of me when I was not with him. I made it look like the sex didn’t mean anything to me. It was as if I had pieced his heart with spear. I knew I had succeeded in getting his attention. That was the first phase of my plan.  
Now that I’m back in Ghana, It was time for me to get real with Fred. He has been all around this time, yet I don’t know why he was not getting along with Yvonne. But that didn’t distract me anyway. 
Few days after I arrived, I linked up with him, we made out and even went to the extreme. This secretly went on for about a month even to the extent that Fred was able to confide in me about Yvonne. Apparently, Yvonne was proving difficult and just then I knew it was because of Kwame. So there was the need to get him out of the way. 
I deliberately arranged for Fred to meet with Yvonne in the presence of Kwame. And I must say, that was so easy for me to do that. All I had to was to go their campus, obviously, Yvonne will be around Kwame, then eventually Fred will show. 
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The planned worked perfectly and right there and then, I knew I had succeeded in breaking whatever Yvonne and  Kwame had. 
That was far from over, Fred needed to talk some sense into Kwame’s head and guess what, I was able to make that happened right at my apartment. 
Just when I thought I was in control, Yvonne called me on the phone and asked to see me. She sounded so hurt and desperate. In no time, she was at my apartment with face covered in tears. Honestly, I had never seen her in that state before. Though, this was what i wanted her to go through, I felt sensitive to her feelings. 
She was really in love with Kwame, which even made me wondered what was so special about him. His sex was bad, the way he even carry himself, was nothing to talk to about, I just couldn’t understand it. 
Yvonne was at the exact state I wanted to her to be. That state where everything seems to be hitting back against you. That state where I was in when I got raped by those men whom I don’t even recall. 
I was able to comfort her. One side of me felt happy with everything but something pushed me to keep doing this till the very end. She excused me to visit the ‘ladies’ leaving me alone at my sitting room. 
Within some few minutes she came out with her smiling face. I was wondering what could be making her smile in that way after all what she was going through. 
“When were you planning to tell me, sis” She asked.
What was she talking about? I asked myself. Then she brought out the pregnancy test tube. How could I have forgotten. I did a pregnancy test that morning and left it at that washroom after I noticed that I was a month pregnant and now Yvonne had it and was  totally aware that of my pregnancy. 
To be Continued. 
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