Woara Season 2 – Episode 5 “Wrong Turn”


The worse thing was that I got pregnant afterwards. Yes, that was how far it went. I became pregnant and I found out after 3 months which made it even more risky for me to abort it. I was the only one who knew about the pregnancy. I didn’t even inform Yvonne because at that time, I had completely lost my trust in her. 
This was not how I planned my life, I wanted to grow up and become very successful and eventually get married and have babies with the man I love yet at this young age, this is where I was now, pregnant. 
I had no plans of keeping the pregnancy whatsoever. I had already made up my mind to abort it. How I got the drugs to terminate it, is something I’d rather not tell.
A day I will never forget in my entire life. The pills started taking effect at dawn when my fellow student’s were far asleep. I bled, the pains were unbearable. No words can literally describe how I felt. That was when the anger in me grew. I blamed it all on Yvonne and I wanted to pay her back for everything she had put me through. 
I swore by the blood of my unborn child gushing from my womb that I will make sure Yvonne feels the exact pain I am feeling now. The abortion was successful and to be honest I wasn’t proud of it. 
Ever since then, my life took a wrong turn. I carried out my anger on men, relieving myself with a lot of sex. Soon I found myself addicted. I kept having sex on a a regular basis and the more I had sex, the more I wanted to have it over and over again. 
I got the chance to get back at her when I went to the states after school. She got this job offer that one way or the other, was delivered to me by the mail man. I thought this was the best opportunity for me, so I held onto the letter and gave it to her only after the set date of the interview. 
I could tell by her reaction that it really got to her and for days she was not even talking to me. As if I care. Upon all this I was not even satisfied. I recalled that before we came to the states, there was this young man we met at the airport by name Fred who seemed so much interested in Yvonne. 
I remembered I still had his contact so I began texting him and just like any other man, he was so so vulnerable and weak. 
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We texted, we talked and before I knew it, we were getting all naughty and slutty. He made me aware that he was into Yvonne but hey, who really cares about that, we got naughty and we both liked it. Besides I wanted to get back at Yvonne anyway. 
Because of me,  Yvonne moved back to Ghana. I knew I was going to join her soon but I just wanted the timing to be right. Even when she was away, I was still texting Fred over and over again. 
I got surprised when finally Yvonne started acting all nice. She even wished me a happy birthday before my birthday itself. She was acting like a sister who really loved me. But the image she painted still remained on my mind. 
I was so much surprised when she even asked me to come to Ghana so we celebrate my birthday together. I knew this was the time for me to get things real with Fred so I wholeheartedly accepted and came to Ghana as soon as possible. 
Fred knew about my coming and we had already made plans for it.  Meanwhile Yvonne and I decided to meet at the mall so when I landed, I gave her a call and she immediately came to pick me up. 
I recognized him at that moment when I set my eyes on him. It was my Kwame, he was right there sitting right in front me. I wondered what he was doing with Yvonne, but I just didn’t care. I had a feeling that he didn’t recognize me but I knew what to do. I knew what to do to make it up for lost times. 
To be continued. 
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