Passion and Power – Wednesday (15-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Arturo tells Julia that nothing will make him more proud and happy than for them to be together and Julia says thinks it won’t work and Arturo wants her to give it a thought.
Gabby calls David to inform him about Franco beating her and David arrives to confront Franco and warn him never to try that again and he wants him and Gabby to go press charges against Franco but she says she doesn’t want to do that and doesn’t also want to go with David. After David left, Franco asks her why she has to call David and she asks him if that will also cause him to hit her again and Franco says if their marriage is not working she should accept it that she is the cause of everything.
Arturo goes to see Julia to give her a present and he says they are the plans that were supposed to be her dream home which they decided to build and Julia remembers. Arturo then states that if ever they decide to be together again, that is where there are going to stay and Humberto says Arturo has done very well.
Eladio detects that there has been some disorderliness in their budget and now there will be no profit in their project and David thinks everything looks strange so he will study the financial statement since he never spent that money on the project and may be it could be Marcus and Eladio says if indeed Marcus made that mistake it will be enough reason to fire him. David then goes to show the papers to Justino and he tells him that, it could be Franco and Marcus doing since he’s been hearing them talking about buying shares and David goes anxious.
Arturo goes to see Julia and in the act, Regina calls Arturo to inform him that Jorge proposed marriage to her and she’s accepted and they will marry soon. Julia then excused Arturo to go see David to ask him to go see Regina very soon because she will be marrying Jorge but she knows she doesn’t love Jorge but him so he should talk to her.
David then goes quickly, and upon seeing how affectionate Jorge and Regina looks, he becomes very hurt and left stating that he is sorry for interrupting their romantic moment.
Julia then goes to speak with Eladio that now she and Arturo are formally in a relationship and it will be better she tells him first than for him to hear it from someone. Eladio in pain asks her why she has to hurt him so much like that and Julia says it’s because that is what she’s decided since she feels good with him as anytime she sees Eladio she doesn’t seem to forget the fact that she cheated on her with Caridad especially seeing her at his office and also all of his lies continues to ring a bell in her ears and that hurts her much causing her not accept him back.
Jorge asks for Regina’s hand in marriage from her family and Arturo accepts and Nina accepts.
Pedro goes to see Nina and he shows her some of her jewelries he supposedly used to pay of the blackmailer for kidnapping his grandson and she asks why he has those Jewelries and Pedro spills the truth to her that Erick planned everything and Nina goes to confront Erick and he tries denying it and she says she should have allowed him to be in prison.
Gabby finally discovers the secret about Marintia and Franco’s son as the two converses about the child whiles going speak with Caridad about the behavior Franco has been showing of late. She then says she never knew Caridad lied all along and Caridad tries denying it but Gabby tells her that she heard their conversation from outside and they then go speechless. 
Gabby then goes to give Franco a slap and to tell him that she now knows everything about Marintia and his son.
Erick goes to speak with Eladio that he is now willing to help him to destroy his father and Eladio begins to nod his head sarcastically.
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