I’m A Hitman Episode 63 Final


Jayden’s pov

I watched as the police came into the warehouse and took everyone out. All I did was continuing looking at Kimberly till they later took her from my sight.

Oh God! Let her live. I don’t want her to die.
I don’t want to lose anyone close to me again. Oh no! I don’t.

Why’s everything happening to me now? I can’t lose her. My phone rang, it was Gideon.

“Seriously, you didn’t ki*ll her right?” He started.

“Yes, cause I fell in love with her. And I hope you understand.” I replied a straight forward answer.

“Whatever! Her father already gave me what I needed. I shouldn’t have been in a hurry to get her killed but it’s a good thing you didn’t take her life. Bye.”

“I ain’t an hitman again. So, you can give any job you have for me to another person.” I said before he could hang up.

One thing I like about this mafia was that he’s very understanding though he can be fierce sometimes.

“It’s okay. You wanna be a changed man for your baby Kimberly. Anyway, good luck.” He finally hung up.

I got up and walked out of the warehouse to meet Evans. He gave me a brotherly hug and soothed me that my love will be fine.

After some days, Kimberly’s father was able to come and check his daughter in the hospital.
Then, my mom came. This time, she used her legs to walk in.

“Finally you can use your legs properly.” I beamed as she walked close to Kimberly.

I told her about our relationship. She couldn’t help but feel so happy and wished Kimberly a quick recovery.

Fortunately the next day, Kimberly woke up from her deep sleep. Her eyes met mine and she gave a quick smile.

“I’m happy to see you.” She uttered almost in a whisper.

“I knew you won’t leave me. Thank you for coming back to me.” I answered and kissed her on her lips.

“No I can’t. Not when I have people who cares for me.” She pouted.

“You’re feeling okay now?”

“Yes, a lot better.”

A year later, after I had quit being a hitman. I’m now a CEO of Jayden’s cooperation. Kimberly’s uncle and his boys had gone to jail. Life imprisonment for him and six years imprisonment for his boys.

I got married to Kimberly two months after Evans who’s now working as an army.
“Just hold my waist!!” Kimberly’s voice was very high that it could made someone deaf.

My panic increased when I heard her shout again.
I managed to take her to the car. Kimberly’s pregnant and her hormones…ohh! I don’t know how to describe it.

I started the car and drove her to the hospital.
The nurses placed her on a stretcher and took her to the labour room.

I called her father ad my mom and told them what was happening.
In the next thirty minutes, they came in one by one.

The doctor came out and told us the good news.

“Your wife delivered a set of twins. Two boys.” He annouced.

I rushed into the ward and met them cleaning the babies up.

My lovely kids!

“Baby, they both look like you. This is cheating you know.” She pouted.

“Cheating? No, it isn’t.”

“You cheated me with two boys and they both look like you.”

“Oh darling. The next one will be three girls and they’d all look like you.” I teased and she glared at me.

“What are we naming them?” She brightened up immediately.

“Miquel and Michael”

“Thats wonderful. Now we both the parents of Miquel and Michael” I grinned.

“Yeah. I love you, Jayden”

“I love you too, honey” I whispered and kissed her. Not minding our parents and the nurses in there.

Finally, I settled down. With Kimberly.

The End