I’m A Hitman Episode 62


Kimberly’s pov

“Jayden, please be careful. Don’t leave me.” I sniffed as he walked closed to me and loosen the rope behind me, pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips.

He raised his hand to his ear and turned on a device. I wanted to ask what was that but I kept quiet.

“Evans, are you there?” Jayden whispered. “Ohh! Okay. Get the police ready. He kidnapped Kimberly. I found her and I’m with her right now. Just get the police ready.”

Jayden’s pov
I don’t wanna ki*ll with my hands. If I do, I won’t spare that monster called Francis who killed my father and jessica. And also kidnapped Kimberly again.

“Okay. Actually, I’m not far from the warehouse. And the police are on their way.” I could pictured the smile on his lips.

“How…….did you know?”

“Hey! It’s part of our plan right? Just find a way to get out of that warehouse with kimberly.” Evans replied.

“Sure dude.”

I took Kimberly’s hand and walked to the door. I turned the door knob and opened it. Looking at my left and right, I saw no one. That was when we continue walking.

“My uncle is that man you’ve been talking about all this while. Damn! Uncle francis is such a jerk!” Kimberly groaned but when she heard footsteps, she kept quiet immediately.

“Find them!! They escaped!”
They knew we’ve escaped. We need to get out of here first.

I didn’t forget my gun where I had kept it for some purposes. “I thought you didn’t bring your gun.” Kim whispered as we walked down the quiet hallway silently.

“I’m a hitman. I should go around with guns.” I answered and quickly pecked her on the cheek and grinned.

“Stop! And don’t move! I caught you! You think you can run away from me? Nah! You lose. Drop the gun you idiot!” My uncle snarled as he stretched his gun to us.

Just as Jayden was about to drop down the gun, he shot my uncle in the leg twice.

I should feel pity for him but I didn’t. Who knows if he’s the one who nearly killed my father.

“You can get away with this!” Thats was the voice I heard and I felt something cold at my back. It was painful. I slumped as my breathing became erratic.

I was loosing it. Jayden was calling me but I couldn’t talk. I just stared at him. Then, I heard the siren before I passed out.