I’m A Hitman Episode 61


Kimberly’s pov
My uncle entered the room with a grin. He walked in with two boys.

“Hey hey! Here comes the bas***d’ son.” My uncle smirked as he walked into the room.

I knew he’s up to something when he was threatening my dad. What’s he going to do now? ki*ll me? Why’s he so bent on taking my dad’s position?

“You mother******!!” Jayden yelled and ran to hit him but he ws held by the two big boys and forced to go on his knees.

“Please don’t ki*ll him.” I pleaded to him as I saw the boys beating him.

I struggled on the chair I was sitting on but I couldn’t cause I was tied.

“And you, your father thinks he can have the position to himself? No. He knows I will never rest until I have his position.” My uncle laughed.
He left Jayden and walked to me. I winced with the way he grabbed my hair tight.

“Should I just ki*ll you right now or make you die slowly day by day. Huh? I know what to do.” He brought out the gun in his pocket and stretched it to me.

“Don’t do anything silly to her. You dare not hurt her.” Jayden gritted and struggled out of the two boys’ grib.

“Jayden stop!” I yelled as he charged towards my uncle. He knelt down immediately. My heart nearly stopped beating. He was shot!
“Jayden!! Noo!” I screamed.

“Leave him alone here. Let her weep over him. I’m coming back for her too.”

I looked my wicked uncle with a look that could ki*ll if possible. “You will pay dearly for this.” I groaned and glared hard at him.

I watched Jayden on floor lifelessly. “Jayden, you won’t leave me alone right? Please stand……” I.just didn’t complete my words before he coughed and got up quietly.

“Jayden, you’re alive? The bullet where did it hit?” I was surprised but then, he removed his top and there was a metal wear on his body.

Gosh! He was prepared.

“I’m always prepared. Come on, let’s get you out of here before I go after that son of a b***h!”