I’m A Hitman Episode 60


Jayden’s pov
I shrugged ans walked out. Damn! I don’t even know the way to the monster’s place.

“Can you please tell me where the boss is?” I asked a guy who looked at me awkwardly in return.

“He just arrived. He should be in the torture room. He had a girl kidnapped.” The boy answered and was about to walk away but I called him back.

“You can tell me where the torture room is. I’m kinda not having last memory so I do forget somethings.”

“I see.” He rolled his eyes and showed me the direction to the torture room. I thanked him and found my way there.

Kimberly’s pov
I woke up and foumd myself in the dark room. I remembered what happened to me earlier. God! Don’t tell me I’m kidnapped again. God!
I was tied to the chair and couldn’t move.

Where’s this place anyway? Who the hell ask them to bring me here? Are they going to ki*ll me this time?
Too many questions crossed my mind but I tried to ignore it.

How’s Jayden doing now? He must have called me and I won’t be able to pick it. Damn!

Soon, I heard footsteps and I quickly acted lke I was still sleeping. The door opened and I forced myself to open an eye.

I found someone staring at me with a tray in his hands. He had a mask on.

What’s he going to do with me? ki*ll me?

My eyes finally opened when I saw the shock In his face and crouched down immediately.

“Kimberly!” The person called and I recognized it immediately. It sounds familiar.

“Jayden? Are you the one?”

“Yes. How did you end up here?” He asked.

I wanted to kiss him amd hugged him but my hands are tied to the chair.

“I don’t know. After you left, someone came behind me and made me pass out and here I am.”

“So, I guess the Same boss who killed father and Jessica must be responsible for this.” Jayden moved his hand to my cheek.

“Jayden, we won’t die here or are we?” I asked.

“No baby.” He leaned in, removed the mask and kissed me. Just then, the door bursted open to reveal my uncle.

I knew it.