I’m A Hitman Episode 59


Jayden’s pov
“Kimberly hasn’t been picking my calls for over an hour now. Or she doesn’t wanna pick my call?” I mumbled as I played with my phone.

“Maybe something is wrong?” Evans said as he droce down the road.

“I will call her later. Maybe she’s busy or something.”

The car came to halt and we both came down from the car and moved closer to the truck.

We entered into the truck, changed into a uniform and drove into the warehouse. I don’t know where Evans got the truck from anyway.

“Uhmm….we are here to take the garbages in the warehouse.” Evans told the guards in there and they let us in.

“I will havs to go in there, while you just take some garbages and go.” I said to Evans and he nodded.

I went deeper into the house and finally spotted a man. He’s the only one in the hallway.
Just what I wanted.

I approached him and covered his nose immediately with a handkerchief which madr him pass out.

I dragged him out of the way and removed his working uniform from his body and wore it. While I kept my own into the nearby room amd used a mask to cover both my mouth and nose.

“I’m done, Evans.” I said as a turned on the device in my hand amd fixed it on the uniform.

“Okay, be careful. It seems someone just arrived. Look pretty wealthy.” Evans replied after some seconds.

“Ohh! I will go see. You need to go now. Remember you’re fiancee is expecting her darling.” I winked even if he can’t see it.

“Yeah, I gotta go.”

The device became disconnected amd I followed some men who had mask on with a laboratory coat. Hmm….I should be with this people.

But why’s there a laboratory In the warehouse?

The men turned to me, I had to wave and looked away.

Finally, they got to a big room. They were just few people in there.

“Boss is coming and we need to gather the cocaines together with the marijuana” Someone shouted. His eyes landed on me. “Hey you! Come here and this cocaine to the Boss.” I smiled and collected it.

Just as I was about to walk outside, I heard some people saying, “The boss had captured his brother’s daughter finally.”

Who’s that girl?