I’m A Hitman Episode 58


Kimberly’s pov

I walked Jayden out of the house. He boarded a cab home while I walked back to the house but someone called me back.

I turned and saw the person wearing black outfit. My steps increased immediately I turned back to start walking.

Walking very fast.
But it seems the man has long legs. He caught me and pushed my hands backward. I cried, groaning but it soon died down when I inhaled something from the handkerchief he was holding.

Jayden’s pov
I got home and paid for cab man before going into the house. Evans Was coming from the stairs and when he sighted me, he smiled.

“You went out like I said. To where? To her?” He said and I felt like slapping his head.

“Evans……” I groaned and rolled my eyes at him. “Fine! I went out to go meet Kim.” O concluded.

“Really? So, you guys have decided to talk things out right? What did you say when you get there?”

“Evans why the question for goodness sake”

“Hey! Don’t tell me that. No excuse. What did upu say to her ?” He asked again.

“Well, we talked about some things. I told her what I feel for her. Hmm…..I said I love her.”

“Huh? You said that? Do you truly love her or you just decided to say it.”

“Yeah, I love her just that I decided to keep it you myself. But what of Jessica? I’m still trying to get over her.”

“Jayden, you need get over and move on. Are you not taking revenge for her and your dad, even your mom that man made cripple. After taking revenge, everything will sort out by itself.”

“Okay, let’s forget about that topic. We need to get ready for tomorrow.” I replied and walked into my room.

Next day, I wore a black top and black trouser with a mask. I walked downstairs to meet Evans ready too. His fiancee’s face look quite sad.

Oh! I’m not going to harm your love.

I’d called Kimberly this morning but she wasn’t picking at all. Maybe I will try her number later again.

“You’re ready?” Evans asked as he kissed his fiancee and assured her that he will be back soon.

“Yes, I’m ready.”