The Bachelor's Night (A Short Romantic Story 18+)


strictly for those above 🔞 +

The bachelor party was in full swing when I arrived, a few guys and a couple of girls sat around a big table in the bar.
Even other patrons felt a part of the fun and everyone talked to everyone in a way that was only possible with the help of alcohol.
I smiled as I got closer and Bode got up from his seat to give me a hug. I sat beside him, looking around at everyone including the obviously drunk and cheerful groom-to-be. I had heard of Dayo but we had never actually met.
He looked really handsome, so handsome, in fact, that I was sure that normally, this was the point where I would start giving him those signals for him to come on to me. His eyes met mine and he smiled. I smiled back, then looked away from him.
A popular song came on and a tipsy Dayo got off the chair and began moving clumsily to the music. I chuckled at his attempt. Other guys joined in and soon everyone was dancing. When I got up, I made a beeline for the groom, dancing opposite him.
His hands came to my waist and I moved it to the sides seductively, standing so close to him that my boob grazed against him from time to time. His hands ran gently down my thighs, coming to a stop at the end of my short skirt. He surreptitiously pushed it up and I felt a jolt of arousal as his palm rubbed against my bare skin.
Things were heating up fast but we were interrupted when Bode came to where I was, took my hand and led me to a quieter corner of the bar.
“What are you doing?” he asked me. “I did not invite you to come and grope the bachelor.”
I shook my head. Bode had been on my case for months now. We were good friends who fucked once but I honestly did not really feel him that way. I did not go back for seconds and he did not like that. He kept pushing and prodding. I was unaware he had ulterior motives when he invited me to the bachelor party. I simply assumed it was a way to have some fun on a Saturday evening.
“How is it any business of yours what I do with him. He is a grown man, and I am single.” I said, turning around quickly and heading back before he had a chance to say anything else.
Dayo looked really glad to see me. He ignored the cheap young thing dancing in front of him and turned to me as soon as I entered. I saw Bode walk in, incensed but I ignored him, wrapping my hands around Dayo’s neck.
“Let’s find somewhere private,” he whispered in my ear. I nodded and we walked outside the bar. I could feel Bode’s eyes drilling into me as I passed him. Dayo led me out towards the parking lot and among a set of parked cars.
“Congratulations on your wedding,” I said before he laughed and pulled me into his arms. Though quieter, there were still a lot of people around and I knew fucking might not be the best idea.
Slowly I reached down with hand and began to stroke his cock through his trousers. My hand moved up and down his hard member, occasionally stopping to squeeze it. With both hands, I began to undo his trousers.
I undid the button first then slowly began to unzip with my right hand as the fingertips on my left hand trailed down his cock following the path of the zipper. I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Dayo seemed like he was prepared for something to happen with someone tonight.
His cock didn’t require much help escaping the confines of his trousers. It had been standing at attention for a while now, pressing against the zipper waiting for its release. Once the barrier was taken away it leap forward into my face and I lowered my mouth to greet it with a light kiss on the head.
I loved giving blow jobs. I truly did. Having a man at my mercy that way always turned me on almost as much as having a good, thick cock drilling into my pussy.
I brought out my tongue, licking the pre-cum that had already escaped. He gasped as I began my assault on his cock. I started licking at the base, long, hot, wet licks from top to bottom. I moved deeper to give his balls some attention. I gently took one then the other into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue, bathing it in my saliva.
He moaned loudly and this just excited me even more. I licked up from the base and when I reached the tip I slowly sucked on just the head, my right hand tightly gripping the base of his throbbing cock.
All 8 inches of this thick, throbbing cock was sliding in and out of my hot, wet mouth. I took it all deep into my mouth, my throat. My lips pressing against him left smeared, red lipstick rings. He soon began to fuck my face as his hands pressed down on the back of my head. His grunts got louder and I knew he was about to cum. I sucked harder, faster, my cheeks burning from the exertion.
Streams of hot, sticky cum shot into my waiting mouth. I swallowed. He tasted wonderful. I tried to keep his juices in but some dribbled down the corners of my mouth. I stood up and saw that he had leant his head against the car behind him.
“Again, congrats on the wedding. Your wife is one lucky woman,” I said with a chuckled as I turned to head back to the bar.