Good Sin – Episode 6 – Karma


Eva rushed out to check who it was and there Dzifa stood right at her door step. 
She definitely didn’t see this coming but the very moment she has been waiting for was right at her door step. Dzifa stood there and watched Eva eye to eye. 
“Can I come in?” Dzifa asked. Eva was silent, she knew her friend had a lot of explanation to do, notwithstanding the pain and disappointed she already felt. Dzifa somehow knew her friend wouldn’t shut the door at her face and without waiting for Eva to welcome her, she just walked pass her and entered into the room. 
Eva was silent even after Dzifa entered the room, then suddenly Dzifa broke the silence. 
“I heard you are now working for my husband.” Dzifa asked. That even gave the shock of Eva’s life. 
“You came all the way here, just to ask me this? Then, I am sorry, I don’t have an answer to you.” Eva said. 
Dzifa giggled, as if there was nothing at stake. She walked about Eva’s room majestically, just trying to irritate Eva. 
“No need to worry, I know we have a lot of things to talk about but this is not the right time. I’m here for one thing” She said. Saying this, she walked towards where Eva stood.
“And that is? Eva quickly asked. 
Dzifa was getting stranger each passing second. Was this her true self all this while or something had actually made her changed and conform to this behavior. Her attitude kept amazing Eva even more. 
“Well, nothing really” She answered Eva “It’s about your new job, I know my husband very well and I know he can be a little bit touchy with his employees but I trust you respect our marriage and wouldn’t do anything that will jeopardize the relationship with my husband” She continued. 
It was as if Eva was dreaming when she heard those words coming out of Dzifa’s mouth. She was acting as if nothing had happened and that alone made Eva see the real person her so called friend is. She was stunned and had nothing to say than to just watch Dzifa. 
“Anyway congratulations and its getting late, I’m a married lady now and I have a responsibility to take care of, so if there is nothing else to be done, then I should be on my way” She said. 
Dzifa did all the talking while Eva kept on staring at her and just when she was done, she left Eva’s place. All Eva could do was to just smile on what had happened with all her intention hiding deep within her mind. She was the only one who knew what was going through her mind as at that moment. 
There was nothing she could do about the letter she received right before as she couldn’t trace the origin. Strangely, she knew Ben’s handwriting very well and it was different from that of the letter and that even made her more confused. Maybe she was wrong about Ben, she thought.
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After that night, was the last time Eva set her eyes on Dzifa. Day in and day out, she kept thinking how Dzifa could live with this. She knew she was alone now, but the pains in her heart couldn’t be healed by anything. 
Eva had begun her new work and fortunately, she was very productive and grew favor in the eyes of her manager, Dzifa’s husband. The manager found her even more attractive, it became more obvious that the other employees started noticing and suspecting them. 
It was the early hours of Monday morning and Eva had already gone to work but to her surprise; she met the manager already seated behind his desk. You could tell that he was looking very worried and this got Eva thinking. She wanted to find out what was really behind her boss down heartedness. That morning, the other employees had not reported yet, Eva and the manager were alone. 
Eva used this moment to find out what was really the problem. Apparently, Dzifa was behind her husband’s sadness. It wasn’t difficult to get him to tell Eva his problems since he found it easier to confide in her. 
“Can you imagine living under same roof with your wife, yet she doesn’t cook meals, you only go home and all you get is a ‘fast-food’ that has been bought.” He said. 
Eva was just surprise to hear that, for now it seems Eva is capable of anything. She moved across the office desk and went to stand right behind him. Then she placed her hand on his shoulders and began to massage him. That reminded him of what he did to Eva when she came for the job interview. 
“You see i thought you well” He said. 
“I am a quick learner” Eva responded and they began kissing deeply. The kiss didn’t last long enough and the door to the office suddenly opened and to their surprise, Dzifa caught them right in the act. 
“What the hell is going on here? Eva, you? Dzifa shouted out. 
Her husband tried to explain but Eva interrupted. “Are you surprised? well if you care to know, i’m carrying a seed for him”.
To be Continued. 
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