Flower Boy – Episode 15


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( She smells like a Fish )

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Brian’s POV

I walked out feeling so guilty, I do not know why. I’m sad. Could Nancy be Donna. I could have asked her more questions to prove that she is Donna but I don’t want to ask

I’m scared that she may be Donna for real. I do not want her to be Donna. I want her to be Nancy.

Donna is for Anthony while Nancy is for me. But why is Anthony saying that I should not fall for Nancy. Does that mean he likes her? Maybe that is why I’m feeling guilty

What if Nancy is Donna? How about my own feelings for Nancy cus I love her so much already . I practically can’t do without her now.

My heart is aching and I’m really sad right now. But can Nancy Love me ? Her heart is deep, If she is Donna she will obviously like Anthony

Oh Lord! Please don’t let Nancy be Donna. She even said she remembered what I told her. No! Nancy, don’t be Donna

Donna is gone for good and we all know that.

I walked inside my room in deep thought

I intentionally volunteer to be teaching Nancy all that she misses in school so that the two of us can grow closer. How I fall In Love with a common baby sitter still surprises me.

I wish I can stop this feeling , I wish to return back to my old self. I wish I never fall In Love . i wish I can be the old Brian but No! My personality is changing fast now and I’m transforming into the Brian that falls in Love

I sunk to my bed and slept off with a heavy heart

Following Day

Anthony’s POV

I and my brothers arrived at school. We got to school quiet early and we walked as usual to our class

We met Patricia on our way to the class, she was coming opposite us . As soon as she saw us, she turned back and tried to walk away

“Patricia” Scot called

Patricia turned sullenly and looked at us, she bowed her head gently. I could see fear in her face. She is scared of us, of course, why won’t she ? With the way we treated her the last time she mistakenly collided with us

“Patricia, don’t be scared , we are not whom we use to be” Scot said and Patricia nodded fearfully

“Common Patricia, I like your hairstyle” Scot said

I watched Patricia raised her head and blushed. She smiled before she could know it and say a babyish thank you

Scot smiled at her. Scot had informed us that he had fallen in Love with Patricia so I’m not surprised with what I’m seeing

“Would you mind having lunch together?” Scot requested

“She will” Someone said from behind

We all turned and it was that boy that always come to play with Nancy, what’s his business and what did he want this time ?

I watched as he walked closer to Patricia

He caressed Patricia’s hair and smiled. He looked at us with that kind of smile that made Scot feel like chopping his head off

“Patricia, let’s go” Larry said and held Patricia by the wrist, they cat walked away

We watched them with so much fury, we exchanged glances without saying anything to one another

“Whom did this Larry think he is?” I asked in surprise cus no one had ever dared we the flower boys

Scot mouth was dropped in Shock. He was trying to recover from what had just happened

“I use to see him with Nancy , how has he grown a pleasant relationship with Patricia?” I asked no one in particular

Brian kept staring at the floor gently.

“Scot , what are you gonna do?” I asked him

“Are you still asking me what I’m gonna do? Call the principal right away and get him expelled ” Scot said

“Doing that right away” I said and brought out my phone

I put a call through to the principal

☎ Hi Flower boy” I heard his thick masculine voice sound from the other end

☎ I’m cool , I need you to expel a student for me right away” I said

☎ Tell me the name of the student, I’m doing that right away” He said

☎ Larry is his name” I said and he went mute. He was quiet for a while

☎ Hello” I said to see if it was a network issue

☎ There is only one Larry in this school and he is my son, I sent him on an errands most time including Dr. Nicholas.”The man said

☎ You mean Larry is your son?” I asked to confirm

☎ Yes” He said

I hung up

I rested on the wall frustratingly

” Anthony, what did he say?” Scot asked while Brian kept staring at the floor. I wonder what he is looking at on the floor

“Could you believe that Larry is the Principal’s son and worst of it all, Dad knows him well and send him errands always” I said

“What! Damn it!” Scot cursed and turned around

“Brian, what do we do?” I asked Brian since he is gentle and intelligent

“You mean Nancy?” Brian asked

Scot and I arched our brow and wondered what has gone wrong with Brian

We asked him a question and he is answering with a different answer . It’s obvious his mind is not here . I guess that is the reason why he had being staring at the floor obviously thinking about Nancy since he mentioned her name.

The guy is getting obsessed already

“What are you talking about?” I asked Brian irritatingly

He realized that he had said what is totally out of our current discussion

“I’m sorry guys” He said and exchanged glances with Scot and I

“I need to teach this Larry a lesson ” Scot said

I explained all that had just happen to Brian and asked for his advice

He sighed and lowered his head

“Let Larry have his way with Patricia , that way , Scot feelings for Patricia will die ” Brian said and I was stunned

“Do you wish that your feelings for Nancy dies too?” Scot asked

“No, I may hurt myself cus of the Love I have for Nancy ” Brian said

“So you expect me to let mine go, I’m just gonna know what to do” Scot said and entered the class

Brian followed

There is little to nothing as to what we can do to Larry now. He is the principal’s son. Expelling him is not even an option

But I need to think of a way of helping Scot

Patricia’s POV

I was stunned when I saw the flower boys, the previous occurrence has made my fear increased for them. I would have being expelled from school now

Only for me to see Scot calling me and telling me that my hair style is beautiful, that’s strange now, the flower boys hate ladies and we all know that. They dislike ladies with passion . Why will Scot suddenly start telling me about my beautiful hair and to top it all , he was asking if we could go for lunch together by break

I really do not understand what is happening

“Are you thinking about something?” Larry asked

I shook my head

“The flower boys can’t do anything to me, I’m the principal’s son and Dr. Nicholas likes me too” Larry said

“Oh really!” I asked surprisingly

I was wondering why he had so much courage to walk me out of the flower boys , I never knew he has his own power as the son of the principal

Larry had started visiting my class lately , always making my day with his jovial attitude , a times , if Nancy goes home alone, It’s always Larry and I. He had never said anything like he liked me or something but his actions proves it all

But I’d seen him with Nancy twice. What could he be doing with Nancy? Did he like Nancy too? I do not really understand Larry , all I know is that he is cute and romamtic. I can’t say if I really like him but since he makes my day, I like being around him

Just as we took more steps, the assembly bell rang and we walked like a couple to the assembly hall.

Karen’s POV

( Break Time)

Now I need to be smarter, I can’t imagine that I saved Anthony from killing himself yesterday yet he snubbed me while I was asking him questions

I walked to Dr. Nicholas office

“Good morning sir” i greeted

“Karen, how are you?” He asked

“Fine sir” I said still standing

“Have your sit” He said and gestured for me to sit

“Thanks” I replied and sat

“Sir, I’d tried all possible means to ensure that Anthony falls in Love with me yet he can’t . I sent some boys to bully Nancy, could you believe Anthony helped Nancy. Hope I would not be the loser at the end ?” I asked

“You won’t cus I had already decided that not only will he date you , he must also marry you in the future , it’s a deal between your dad and I , I’m not gonna break it” Dr. Nicholas said

“But, it seems he did not like me yet even though I pretends to be Donna” I said

Dr. Nicholas looked at me for a while and brought out his laptop. He did whatever on it and requested for my phone. He handed it over to me and I wondered what he had transferred this time

“I thought it will be easy deceiving Anthony that you are Donna by behaving like her but it seems you need to do more. He loves Donna, so if you can successfully prove to him that you are Donna , then he must like you. Now, you told him you lost your memory right? He asked

” yes I did” I replied

“Good. I’ve sent you some videos of their days together, watch it and master it. Tell him you are remembering your memories little by little, I’m sure that by the time you tell him few memories, he will be convinced” He said

“He definitely will cus he once asked me if I remember any of our memories , he will wonder how I got to know about those memories, in fact with this video, I’m sure that I’d convince him already” I said and smiled as I checked the video folder of my phone to confirm the videos he sent . I played few and I saw it . I closed it and stood up

“Thanks” I said and left

Nancy’s POV

(After school hour)

Staying all alone here during the day can be very boring, I sang and played for many hours but I got bored at some point . I miss Patricia , I miss school dramas. I hope that I’m gonna get restored back to school.

I sat tiredly at the sitting room when I noticed someone entered. It was Helen. The driver had gone to pick her from school and brought her home . I was happy that I would be able to play with Helen before Karen comes back

I walked to her gently and carried her lovingly

“How was school?” I asked

“Fine” She said and smiled

I played with her check and she giggled.

I carried her to the chair and placed her gently on it

“Gist me , did anything special happened at school today?” I asked

“Nancy , I feel sad that you are not going to school , can’t we do something to make you resume school?” She asked ignoring my question

“It’s quiet impossible now, cus If I resume school, that daddy that came to carry you the other day will also come to carry you again” I said it in a way that she will understand. I’m trying to tell her that she will be kidnapped again

She looked at me pathetically and looked away

She drew her bag closer and brought out a book.
“Come and help me with my assignment” she said

“Sure” I said and moved closer to her.

“Helen, are you getting along with Karen?” I asked

She shook her head

“I do not like her smell, she smells like fish. She also smiles like a goat. She doesn’t know how to smile. She will be smiling and I will still be seeing evil in her face. She is trying to be caring but I can never like her but I will sacrifice because of you. Her smell is what I think I can’t really take for long cus it makes me want to puke a times” Helen said and I watched her as I arced my brow , surprised at what she said

The door behind us opened. I turned and saw who it was. I sighed and feel sad. My boredom continues .

“Helen” Karen called as she approached us

Helen left what she was doing and ran to hug Karen, Karen hugged her and I looked away before she will smirk evilly at me again

“Karen put me down” I heard Helen say as she struggles to come down from Karen’s arms

“Why? I can carry you inside” Karen said

“I’ll walk inside myself” Helen said and I turned still watching why Helen is struggling to come down from the arms of Karen

I saw Karen put Helen down while Helen covered her nose fully with her hanky as Karen places her down.

Why will Helen be covering her nose? Could it be because of what she told me the other time

I watched Karen and Helen walk inside Karen’s room. I stood up to go inside and sleep since I’m gonna be bored all day again when I suddenly saw the flower boys entered

I bowed my head as usual, someone walked closer to me and raised my head up. Omg! Which of the flower boys touched me. I raised my head and it was Brian

My face met his smiling face. I saw another three guys at the back instead of two, I peep slightly and I saw Scot, Anthony and Bob

What’s Bob doing here ?

“Bob came here to guide us on the rehearsal we will be having Shortly at the musical room, since you are not permitted to come to school that means you can’t visit our studio for the main time, we decide to use this house instead for the rehearsals ” Anthony said as if he heard what I was thinking

I nodded gently and lowered my head. I thought Karen has being chosen. Maybe they had reconsidered their decisions

Brian held my wrist and we both walked to where the flower boys were standing, I looked at Anthony’s face and I can clearly see discomfort in his face. He kept looking at Brian’s hand on my wrist.

“Brian, leave Nancy, she can walk alone” Bob said

“Is she complaining?” Brian retorted

“She won’t be able to, just leave her” Bob said .

Brian sighed and left my wrist

“Oh flower boys!” Karen said and cat walk happily to where we all stood.

I guess she had perceived that the flower boys are around

She stood before Anthony and maintained a pathetic look

“I remembered one of our memories” Karen said

Everyone concentrated their attention on Karen, everyone was curious

“Say it” Anthony said with a serious look

“There was a time we attended an album lunch of Drake together, he called us out before the crowd and dared us to kiss but we refuse” Karen said while smiling

“Jeez! She’s Donna for real” Scot said

Brian stared at Karen intently and he didn’t say a word

“Omg! She’s Donna” Bob said

“But Donna does not smell like a fish” Anthony said and walked away

To be continued


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