The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 79


“How many minutes Teca? ”
“Two minutes out. Chopper? Can you zoom in on the peremeter? ” Teca speaks into the receiver.
“Oh I am doing more than that. I am brining the lights. The sirens are blaring. If there are in there. They can’t run . We are coming in from all fours. Noo leaving ..not even a fly can brake through the barricade we have coming.”
“Good.” Teca says.
They are nearing the ware house.
Teca tries to call Ikena.
God., I hope he isn’t about to do what I think he is about to do.
Vampire throws the first punch..Ikena jumps out of the way and lands him one across his mouth.
Vampire staggers back.
“Oh nice..nice. your punch stings like a girl”
Ikena smiles. His eyes darting to Chike and Mikel making sure to dance about, so they are not tempted to shot at him just incase he is giving their boss a bad face.
Vampire throws a punch again. Ikena sidesteps and lands him a upper cut causing him to fall backwards.
He staggers up.
“Come on Vampire. I hear a lot about you. You are letting me become a doubting thomas”
Vampire laughs “oh really. ?” He folds his fist again..
This time he rushes for Ikena and hits him hard in the gut,lifts him and slams him hard on the hard wooden table.
“Shit! !” Brian curses.
“You talk too much !” Vampire laughs. He grabs him by his caller and then nods him. Ikena falls backwards.
Vampire steps away laughing and spreading his arms wide as be turns to Brian.
“See…see..Ikena the terrible my fxxking deflated balls.”
Vampire turns.. before he could tell what is happening. Ikena grabs him by the neck.. and flings him over his shoulders. He slams him into the wall and falling on the ground. Vampire hits his head and groans in pain.
Mikel points the gun to Ikena and fires. It hits his shoulders. The next one misses him by a second as he flies away to hide behind the container. The third bullet skittles off.
Brian angrily pushes himself off with all his might off the floor and rams hard into Mikel close to him which causes him to fall backward. They fall together. .
Brian is pinning him to the ground with his weight, Mikel tries to push him off, Brian nods him. Mikel curses as his nose begins to bleed.
Vampire leaves the ground and heads for Ikena as he gains himself,locking him with both hands when he reaches him.
He pushes Ikena back towards the wall where there is a broken iron protruding out of the wall.
Ikena grabs his leg, pushing him backwards too from his end instead. Vampire hits his hands away and then punches Ikena’s shoulders where he is injured. He jabs him again and again.
Ikena groans in pain, he manages to block the fifth punch at thesame time trying to make numb the pain to his wounded shoulders.
In quick reflexes he gives Vampire a roundabout kick, Vampire flies to the corner. Ikena rushes to him, grabs Vampire by his collar and begin to punch his face in many times.
Chike is indecisive. who should he shot first? Ikena who seems to be over powering Vampire or Brian who is still pinning Mikel down with his weight?.
He hears the siren again. This time he can see the lights from the window over head.
A chopper..

The police are here. The red and blue lights are brighter . Really close.
He..he can’t let them catch him. No he can’t .
He drops the gun. Rushes to the door and scurries away.
John seeing the opportunity runs after him.
I see the gun,I painfully stand up and run to it grabbing it with both my hands tied in front of me . I try to steady it.
My hands are shaking..I point to Mikel who is under Brian.
I point to Vampire who is under Ikena.. my hands are shaking.
They are safe. They..they are putting the bad guys in their places..
Oh God!! I am shaking
Vampire grabs Ikena again from the legs kicking him off, as soon as Ikena lands on the floor Vampire climbs him pinning him with his legs is, punching Ikena’s face in quick successions.
Ikena gets the upper hand again. But soon they are rolling over each other. .hitting. kicking. .punching..slamming each other into wooden tables. Iron. .walls.
I hear bones crack. I hear them groan in pain.
I scream and move back.
Mikel kicks Brian away from him and rolls away, he cowers to me…”give me the gun” he has his hands out to me.
I shake my head “Stay away. I will shot”
He reaches for me, grabs the gun and pulls it aways slapping me to the floor.
Brian pushes himself off and rams into Mikel again before he could steady himself and point the gun to anyone again..
The gun falls away under the table. Away from everyone.
I groan in pain touching my face, I crawl to search for it.
I can’t find it.
I begin to cry.
Brian is still chained and yet..he was still struggling with Mikel. If his hands were free, I am sure he would have put him down by now.
I turn to look at Ikena.
Vampire is kicking him in the gut. He grabs a stone and flings it. It hits Ikena’s head.
Ikena staggers holding it.
Vampire uses the opportunity to runs into him again, breaking through the wooden wall to the other side.
They continue to fight. In another minute I see Vampire been flung to the other side falling over containers.
Ikena holds on to his wounded shoulders. Then he touches his head, he staggers groaning in pain.
Vampire attacks him again as he sees Ikena staggering, a punch in the stomach, a kick to his head. But before Vampire could reach the ground, Ikena grabs Vampire by the waist as he jumps holding him tight, he lifts him and then Ikena bends his knee..causing Vampire to land with his waist.
There was crack sound. A broken bone.
Vampire rolls away in pain.
Ikena wipes his head , he is bleeding. He drags Vampire by his collar and slams him to the table. He lifts him again and slams him again.
He touches his bleeding. He looks at Vampire.
Vampire isn’t moving.
Ikena leaves him and staggers to me..
“Are you okay?” He grabs my hand .I nod my head ..I suddenly scream seeing that Mikel is kicking Brian nonstop.
Ikena reaches for him in quick steps and flings Mikel away with a force. Mikel hits the wall with his head with the force. He drops to the ground, dead.
Ikena pulls the chains away from Brian’s body. He cuts the rope that binds my hands and removes the blinds from my neck.
I am still crying.
Ikena grabs Brian’s face.. “You are okay? You are bleeding. but You are okay?”
“Yes..I am okay” he struggles out of the chains. Brian rushes to me as Ikena looks around.
“Hey?” Three of us turn to see Vampire stagger up with a gun in his hand.. a smile on his face.
Ikena is behind us. I and Brian are standings side by side.
My heart catches in my chest.
‘Mini” he points to Ikena “Mani ” he points to Brian. “Mo!!” He points the gun to me.
He blew a kiss ..
I thought the bullet was coming for me.
He turns his hand backwards, away from me and fires.
I scream.
Ikena jumps pushing me and Brian away separating us.
It was too late.
Brian drops first. Face down.
I scream and keep screaming.
Ikena seeing who the bullet hits screams like a mad man as he charges after Vampire.
Vampire pulls the trigger again.
It hits Ikena’s shoulders .
But Ikena didn’t stop charging towards him his eyes dark. His anger tangible.
Vampire pulls the trigger again.
It misses Ikena’s heart as it hits his shoulders again.
But he didn’t stop running towards him again.
Vampire pulls the trigger again.
He clicks. Clicks again.
The bullets had finished
Ikena nears him punching him to the ground.
His hand touches a rock. With his good hand he uses it continuous on Vampire’s face. ..
Rock. To flesh.

More rock to flesh.
Broken skulls.
More blood.
Torn flesh.
He kept screaming and hitting him.
Vampire’s screams couldn’t be heard in Ikena’s.
Then he drops the rock. He places both hands on Vampire’s eyes. ..he presses it inside with all the strength he could muster..even if it injured his hand.
Vampire is screaming loudly now.

Struggling. ..screaming.. jerking.
Ikena doesn’t stop until he hears a pop.
Warm blood sprouting out of his eyes.
This is for Juliet.
This is for all this people you have killed.
This is for Brian.. my brother.
He didn’t stop until Vampire stops moving. .
At that moment Teca and the rest of the team rush inside with guns and torches.
Chike and John are handcuffed dragged in, they are pushed to the ground.
I turn seeing them. My screaming didn’t stop.
Teca comes to me, he pulls me up and shakes me..
“Hey.. hey..stop screaming. Stop screaming. ”
I am still screaming.
He shakes me, I don’t stop. He holds me to him, tight..calming me down.
“Madam..stop screaming ” he beckons to someone. “She is in shock. . Take her outside. ”
I come back to my sense. I shake my head crying silently. Now. I fall to my knees and grab Brian pulling him to me..
“They- they killed him. They. .he ..he killed him” I cry.
Teca bends turning the man who is face done on the floor.
“Brian Andrews.” He gasps.
Someone else’s comes to him..
“Fxxk. We got her late Teca. We got to the Andrew boy late”
I gather him in my arms and weep on his face.
“Oh God no no no” I cry shaking my head and touching his face.
Teca gets up rubbing his face. The Brigadier General is hovering over us.
“what are we going to tell the parents? ”
“Where his Vampire ?” Igbonna asks.
Teca looks to the fire left.. he sees Ikena “Shit! !” He runs to where Ikena is. He is resting on the wall..
His head bowed.
When Teca nears him.. he sees a man lying on the floor. His head smashed in, blood everywhere. His skull is broken in different places and his eyes pressed it till it popped.
“Jeuse Ikena!!” He covers his mouth.
Ikena looks up,tears in his eyes “I …I couldn’t save him. Just like them Teca..I couldn’t save him..I couldn’t save Brian…I …” the tears roll down his face. “I failed him. I failed Juliet. I failed my brother and father..I failed everyone I was ever supposed to protect. I always fail. He died…he died Teca..I got here too late and..I. ..I couldn’t safe him. He was alife one minute I should have put Vampire down but…God..!!” He cries into his hands.
Teca had never seen him this broken since his brother and father.
Igbonna and the others come to him.
“The Fxxk. !!” They exclaim as they see the state of Vampire.
“Is that Vampire ?”
“Yes” Teca answers.
“You did this?” Igbonna asks Ikena
Ikena nods.
“You know what this means? ”
He knows. He nods
“Boss?” Teca began
“Teca…he is military. He knows what this means ” the Brigadier General says.
“But for now, can the man get some medical attention. He has been shot. it is a miracle he is still alive. At least give him credit for taking down the most dangerous man this side of the city. Not you.” He points to the police ” Not you. Not the Military could find him and take him down. One man what if he is on probation?. He got here on time. We may have lost The Andrew’s boy but..he put a bad man down. At least give him fxxking credit for that. Let the man get some medical attention. And her.. she is in shock. Help me get the Andrew boy’s body up. And someone help Ikena up too.”
They come to me, “Madam, we need to take him”
“No. you are not taking him anywhere . no” I hold on to him , my face in his as I cry.
My hand roam over his face, his chest. Back to his face.
“Oh God Brian..I am so so sorry..I am so so sorry . I don’t care if you are the boss’s son..I don’t care if you are the son of some warlord. I just want you. You. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have fought with you I am so stupid. I..I can’t live without you. What am i supposed to do without you? Who would grab my food and run. .who would kiss me and hold me when I am asleep like you do every night. Who..who would fight with me?? Who would be my Brian. .my baby. .my man. Who would I share all my feelings with. Who would I tell how I truly feel to?
Oh God. I love you I love you, I love you. I- oh Brian. . You can’t live me alone Brian. No you can’t. Why..why..oh God. I love you I am sorry I didn’t tell you. I…oh God. BRIAN!!!!” I wail
“There is no blood!” Someone says bending over him
“What?” I wipe my drooling nose.
‘”I mean. .he was shot yes. I don’t see any blood”
“I don’t understand .” I repeat
“No blood ma’am. A man who was shot should be bleeding but there is no blood.” He replies..
I begin to run my hand over his body again.
“But there is blood” I show them my hands
“That is from his head injury. But there is none on his body”
I touch his chest and body. Truly. There was no blood.
“Brian. Brian Andrews. !!! ” I shake him, my heart pounding in my chest. “Is he alife? Is alife? Why isn’t he waking up then? ”
Someone nods touching his wrist and placing two fingers to his neck to feel the pulse.
“Yes. Either is he one lucky mudafxxker or God is actually watching over him.”
I begin hitting him harder…”Brian Andrews!! Brian wake up please ”
Brian suddenly groans painfully.
Shock vibrates through my body. I didn’t realise when I began to laugh and cry again. I throw my self on him and grab him tight. Blaring my lungs out.
He coughs..
“Babe…I can’t breathe ” he chokes
“I am sorry” I wipe my eyes pulling away. “You….you. ..I hate you” I hit him a couple of times.
“Owww!!! ” he laughs rubbing his chest.
“I hate you I hate you!”‘ I repeat hitting his chest, my hand hits something hard. I exclaim in pain holding my hand ..
“Shit sorry babe” he manage to hold my hand with one hand and pulls his hands into his breast pocket and brings out a small velvet golden box. It is dented in the middle.
“Saved by the golden box” he chuckles .
He pulls the bullet away from it. “Hmm this tiny little thing could take a life. ” he takes it and puts it into his pocket. ” a souvenir ” he smiles.
“What is that?” I ask at the box.
“Oh… well, I was going to do this later tonigh but..hell. . There is no right time is there? ” he winces in pain. .
“Open it”
“Open it.”
I open the box.
“It’s a diamond ring?” I gasp
“Yes. Girl’s bestfriend. I would go on my knees but right now.. I doubt I can do that with my head bleeding nonstop but this could work.
Adora Chime. Would you do me the honour of marrying me? I know I look like crap at the moment. All bloodied and worse for wear but I promise you I can be absolutely smashing handsome on a good day. I know i didn’t tell you who I really am but I am sorry. I wouldn’t lie to you consciously. I wanted to tell to you about it all, my family, the issues.. goes for starters ..I am Brian Andrew. .son of Jonathan Kenekan Andrew .. and yes he is rich but that doesn’t define me. I want you alone..that is all that matters and you have made me realise that….there is more to life than riches and luxury. I want you alone and I cannot imagine my life anyway without you. Marry me..make this poor man happy. And before you say no…remember I am all bloodied and my heart is fragile”
I laugh. “You are crazy” sniffing.
“And you are beautiful. Will you marry me?”
I stare at the ring. . “But we have just known for a few weeks. What if..what if you get tired of me..what if you find someone else? What if you …fall out of love for me? What if your father hates me. What if-”
“Adora .?”
‘You are doing that thing again ”
I thin my lips and smile. ” what thing?”
“When you think too much and your brows become a conflicted mess. I love you. I am madly in love with you and tonight I thought I was going to loose you . Life is too short. Anything can happen. I rather spend my few short moments with you than not at all. Marry me princess. make my miserable life worth it.”
I laugh nodding my head, placeing a thousand kisses to his face. “Yes. Yes. I will marry you”
He laughs painfully.. “He’ll yeah! !!” He kisses me back.
Everyone turn towards us.
Ikena pushes them away from him who were helping him up and rushes to Brian and me.
He knees down close to me. A happy smile on his face.
I notice he had been crying.
“You are okay. You are alife. You are okay” he laughs in his tears touching Brian.
Teca the others are behind him. Suprised and relief on their faces.
Brian coughs as he tries to sjt up.. “if I didn’t know better. I would say you loved me Ikena, not like a woman loves a man and not like a man loves a man but like…platonic love yes?”
Ikena shakes his head

“never . You are a Fxxking pain in the ass” he sniffs. He grabs Brian’s face “you are a pain in the ass” he repeats laughing.
Brian grabs his face too nodding. . A smile spreading across his face. He places his head to Ikena’s.
“Yes. I love you too Ikena. … brother.”
They hug.
“Thank you for showing up..always “Brian mutters
“Stubborn kid”. Ikena holds him tight. Just the way he would hold his brother.
Brian laughs “just say you are welcome stupid. ”
“Crazy kid”
They laugh again.
I hug them both.
“He asked me to marry him. ” I show Ikena the ring.
“Yeah. That was the plan”
“You knew?”
“I know everything ”
Brian kisses my forehead. He and Ikena help each other up. He has a hand around me as we leave the ware house .
“Alright ladies. Clear this place up. Mikel is dead in the corner there. Grab the bodies and take them to the mother. Chike and John…book them”
“Aye Sir.”
“Sure you don’t want to go home Sir? ”
“No. Take us to the hospital. I need to see my son. I need to make sure he is okay” Jonathan thunders.
“Very well Sir. ”
He turns to Damilolo, holding her close.
“He is okay. Our son is safe..we would be with him in five minutes ”
She nods her head, wiping her tears. “God heard me. He heard me”
“He heard us Lolo, he heard both of us”
They squeeze each other’s hands.

Hours later..
Hospital. .
I lay on the bed next to him. .
He has a bandage over his head. stitches was done to his nose and mouth. I touch his face..
“Hey scarface ”
he smiles. “Hey ”
“You know… you shouldn’t be making an habit out of ending up in the hospitals.”
“I know right. But the good side is that I get to have my own personal nurse with me.”
“True . And now that I would be Mrs soon…you would get double dozen of TLC”
‘Tender love and care?”
” I like the sound of that” he kisses my hand
We turn when we hear someone come in. Ikena walks to us,his shoulders in a cast.
“You should be resting. You aren’t a super hero you know. Even if you were, they too deserve rest.” Brian shakes Ikena.
“I just wanted to make sure you are okay” Ikena nudges his jaw.
‘Dude. There are like over a hundred police men and Military people in this hospital. You think I am not safe? Relax. Rest . I am fine. ”
‘Well…you are my responsibility. You are safe when I am sure you are safe. ”
Brian nods “see why I hate him. Always in my face” he looks to me, I smile.
“For good reason. ”
The doctor walks in…” Mr Brain Andrews ” she smiles at Brian…
Ikena turns and looks at her.
“Ofcourse. It had to be you. Now I see the secrecy about his identify the first time you brought him here. He is some big shot’s son. Remember me? Doctor Deborah? I treated you when you had the knife cut weeks ago. He brought you when you were attacked by robbers?”
“Oh..hi. ” Brian tries to recollect. “Oh…I remember. Sorry about that. It was an all you need to know basis. ”
“It’s fine. Now I understand. So you are looking good. Your head injuries would heal ..but try not to get another. Two injuries to the head is very delicate you don’t want a third. But we would keep you for a few hours to make sure there is no complication . And then you are free to go. And erm Mr Ikechukwu ..”
“Please call him Ikena. we like Ikena better” Brian tells her “I gave him that name. Sounds befitting. ”
She smiles. “Ikena.. you should be on bed rest.”
“I am fine.” He tells her
“Sit.” She points .
“Really…it’s just a bruise. I am fine.”
“Oh listen to the woman Ikena. Stop being all macho and shit. listen to the good doctor man.” Brain frowns.
“Leave the man alone.” I nudge Brian but he shakes his head laughing.
Deborah touches the cast round Ikena’s shoulders. . “Leave the cast on. You need to come in every day to take some injections and then we change it twice a week. You need to take it easy at macho king, three bullets like that,lost a lot of blood and still standing? Even super heros can get weak and die. You need to be careful. ”
‘I told him so”
I hit Brian’s shoulders “hey,stop butting in”
“Sorry baby. Give us a kiss” he pulls my face up .
We kiss.
Deborah and Ikena turn away after smiling at us
“Young love. It is beautiful ”
‘” is ” Ikena replies.
“That girl who died. ..was she your?”
He winces “No. Some girl who I promised to helped. But I showed up too late.”
“I am sorry”
“Not your fault”
“Married ?”
“Uhhhhhh! No he isn’t !” Brian says from the bed. I try to close his mouth. He is laughing
Ikena shakes his head “crazy kid.”
“Single? ”
“He is-”
“Shut up Brian I can talk” He points to Brian who is laughing.
I laugh. In fact everyone does.
“You want to grab dinner one of those days?” Ikena asks her
She blushes ” I would love to”
“Yes!!! Finally…finally my boy gets to go out on a date and give me a day of peace. Yes!!” Brian raises his hands up to the heavens.
We laugh.
The door bursts open and they rush in with some officers.
I jump off from his bed, Ikena stands up quickly albeit painfully.
“Mother” Brian breaths as his mother rushes to him,flogging her self on him crying.
“My son” Andrews goes to them..he hugs them and he kisses Brian’s head. He has tears in his eyes. .
“I am fine..mother. father I am fine”
But she doesnt stop crying.
They stay like that for a while. Everyone leaves.
I go outside and I wait.
“Miss Adora, The Andrews is asking for you” a police officer taps me.
“Okay” I nervously step into the room
Brian has a huge smile on his face.
“There she is” he smiles at me.
I can’t read his father’s expression. I can only remember the way his rich baritone voice sounded over the phone when he spoke.
“Mr Andrew. .Mrs Andrews ”
Brian stretches out his hand,I don’t take it.
I don’t know what he would say.
“Don’t mind the look on Mr Grumpy’s face. .he don’t bite. .well..not anymore.”
I take his hand. He pulls me closer to him.
Damilolo places her hands on ours… “Welcome to the family Adora. I believe our son made a fine choice.”
I released the breath I had been holding in
“Thank you”.
I risk a glance at Andrews himself.
“Thank you for taking care of our son. I don’t know why this happened between both of you. When it happened between the fights and bickering…but…I am glad that for what it’s worth… my son found someone worthy enough to tame him”
“Oh come on father”
‘It is true.. thank you. And … the family Adora. ” he smiles at me.
I see Brian in that warms me up.
“Thank you ”
“Come here. .at least I can give my daughter- inlaw a hug right?. .I never thought I would see this day anytime soon”
“Just keep pissing on my parade mother you hear?”
Everyone laughs as I hug his mother. She squeezes me. The Andrew men are talking and smiling.
Mr Kenekan seems to love his son a lot. I must have counted a few kisses to his forehead more than five.
Brian is all smiles. Our eyes meet.
He mouths an “I love you”
“I love you too” I mouth it back to him.
Airport ..
“I am sorry Sir. This bounced too. ” the front desk lady told him at the airport.
“I don’t understand I have been here for the past couple of hours. .my flight was delayed. You searched my luggage for another couple of minutes delaying me for no reason. . You keep bringing me out and delaying me, is there a problem?”
“Sir, I am just following instructions”
“Whose? ”
He turns to find Teca there with handcuffs “I did say you shouldn’ty leave your house did I not?” .
“What…like I can’t travel? My family is waiting for me to take the holiday trip. I was..-”
Mr Emeka.. would you mind following me please ”
“To where? ” he eyes him. “I have a flight to catch. You telling me to follow you right now doesn’t make sense. Unless you have something against me you should tell me..I am a free citizen who knows his right. You have no right to stop a free citizen from travellijg and-”
Teca shows him the cuffs. “We can either do this the easy way or the hard way. You can follow me and we can have a talk or I can cuff you and drag you off like a common criminal.”
“I am not a criminal. I have not done anything”
‘ would leave that for me to decide. Shall we or you don’t mind everyone seeing you being cuffed away”
Emekea looks around..for the nearest exit. He licks his lips.
Did they find Brian. Is that why he is here? Was he dead. Or did he survive?
Or did they catch John? Did John mention his name?
They have nothing on him right. He..even if John mentions his name he can always prove that John is lying.
Wait. They have actually never have any written down agreement of any sort. Just word of mouth. He can always say that John was lying if he mentioned his name as per wanting something to be done to Brian.
He had nothing to be scared off. What ever suspicion this officer has means nothing.
Everyone was innocent unless proven guilty. And there was nothing to prove that he had done anything against Brian.
Yes. There was nothing to be afraid off. In fact he can sue their officer for dafamation of character.
He grabs his bag , raises up his head and bounces towards him.
“Lead the way officer. But know you would be sorry..know you would be sorry”
Teca smiles “of course. I look forward to that”
“Sir?” The brigadier in charge of Ikena’s unit is standing in front of Mr Kenekan.
“I wanted to know what would be done against him” Jonathan enquires.
He looks at Ikena seated down the hall. “Sir, as you well know, he was assigned to you because you asked for a security personell to guard your son. But we also told you that he was on probation and he has to stay away from everything security per see.. meaning he had to stay away from police and military business. He had no right to carry any weapon and even if there is an issue with who is protecting . .all he has to do is inform security agents and it would be taken care off because his badge was temporary removed for the period of his one year probation. Undoubtedly he is a very unique officer and he rose to the level he is because of how good he was. But..losing your brother and family like that and people he was meant to care for and protect did a number on him..and for the sake of people around him and himself. He was granted a temporary relief of military services. But he went against the code of conduct and that gets him to be court Marshalled Sir”
“Yet… he was protecting lives while he is at it. Let me ask you a question, if you were in his shoes and some harmful came to attack your family.. would you say because you aren’t licenced to carry a gun because you are under probation you wouldn’t pick a gun and shot the man who is trying to rape your wife or daughter or cripple your son?”
“That isn’t the same thing Sir”
‘It is. He had a duty to protect my son. Even as a driver even as a friend and even as a military man. And besides. . He didn’t use a gun. He used his bare hands. .”
“Doesn’t it scare you. To have a man like that close to your son?”
Jonathan smiles “that man…is the man that kept my son alife. Twice. He shows up.

Twice, he saved him twice. He figured out the monster Vampire. .while you lot where doing nothing. That man..found them…before you lot with all your tech and what not. That same man took two bullets for my son. And you think I am scared because he killed a man by breaking his skull with stones and pressing his eyeballs inside unti it popped? You think I would be scared off him protecting my son? No I wouldn’t. In fact. . I feel safer with him being with my son than the lot of you.”
“Sir?” The man rubs his jaw. ” I mean no offence.”
“Then don’t mean it.”
“What do you want me to do?
“I want you to do the right thing. He has served his country. So what if he slipped?. You would have too. At the end of the day…he did not ever hurt an innocent. Just the bad guys. Same bad guys you guys couldn’t put down. He did. He deserves a medal. He deserves an award. For five years Vampire evaded you all. Within a month…he found him..and put him down. That man doesn’t deserve to be court marshalled damnit.. he deserves a medal with gold stars”
The Brigadier looks at Jonathan and then at Ikena.
“I will see what I can do Sir”
“Don’t see, do.”
Jonathan nods and steps away from him walking down the hall, the Brigadier General walks into a room full with other Military personnel..
Jonathan walks to Ikena, who stands up seeing him.
“Sir…i am sorry that your son was hurt and-”
Jonathan shakes bis head “Thank you Ikechukwu.. I hope my words spoken to him would be enough thank you ”
Ikena gives a half smile “I knew the consequences of my actions Sir. For what its worth . I don’t regret it. ”
Jonathan nods.
The door opens “Ikechukwu Itodo?..they would see you now’” The Brigadier calls his name.
Ikena nods and then takes his leave disappearing into the room.
Jonathan leaves the military barracks and enters his car.
“Where to sir?”
“The station”
Hospital. .
“Mother,i am full and you keep feeding me like I am a two year old.”
“Aren’t you?”
“Ha,very funny” Brian smirks
Damilola uses the napkin and wipes his mouth.
“Oh now you are fuzzing, don’t worry, by the time my grand children come I wouldn’t need to trouble you with feeding. They would love me”
“Hey hey woman, hold your horses… we just got a yes.. there is a long way to go before that happens. Right baby?” He winks at me. I blush as I set down the flask of hot water for her tea.
“See now you made her shy mother, this witch is a talkative and she knows how to give a mean yab”
“I am not… I just..” I smile trailing off.
“So when would the wedding be?” His mother throws in.
“Is it just me or you seem more excited about the wedding than we are?” He raises an eyebrow to his mother.
“Well, you are my only son. I would love to go plan a grand wedding. Ofcourse I am excited.”
“No…I don’t want a grand wedding ” I tell her. “Something simple”
“Me two” Brian says
“Nonsense. . Your father wouldn’t hear of it. He is going to go all out. The whole city would be invited..governors and-‘”
“Mother…no..nah. it’s my wedding and I want to do it my way. No flashy nonsense. No extravagance extraganza. Just my family. . Hers..a few friends and that’s it”
She pouts “You only get married once my love”
He smiles “you are doing that thing again mother”
“What thing ” she pouts even more pinching the inside of her palm

I smile.. she was a sweet woman his mother.
“That thing when you make that face to manipulate me to do what you want. You know that doesn’t work on me anymore. . Anymore I think”
“I am not doing it. Besides.. you can have your simple small wedding. It’s finer. I would just be in the background and be irrelevant. I can’t do what I want for my first and only son. So i can’t even famz him and stuff”
He laughs “Famz? Lol who have you been hanging around with mother?”
“Jonathan. He comes up with this weird slang these days.”
“Oh Mr Grumpy is a happening man na. Didn’t you see his papa’s cap he wore to see me this morning? Man’s not Hot mother”
“ man is hot.” She frowns.
I laughs “It’s a slang Mrs Andrews..Man’s Not Hot. It’s saying he is kinda hot.”
“Oh….I see. I really don’t get this youngsters and their talks. So can I at least make it a simi grand wedding..

Please please pleaseeeee”
“Come here. You are just something mother” he pulls her to himself and kisses her forehead.
“Is that a yes? ”
“That’s a semi Yes but you run everything by me. I don’t want no jets flying around the place and limousines and whatnot and tower cakes”
“Well… we can work something out.” She laughs clapping excitedly.
Brian shakes his head.
“Where is father?”
She pulls away, her smile leaving her face “Emeke was found almost leaving the country. He sent someone to get him from the airport. You know he was smuggling money out of the country to an offshore account for years? He was going to transfer about about a billion naira. He couldn’t get that instantly so he told the accountant to make it half that. But as soon as this happened .. the red flag went off. The authorities pinpointed him to an airport and they notified your father and he told Teca, the officer in charge to go pick him up. Your father is on his way to the station. You know, John .. your colleague at the office according to the police said that he and Emeka were in cohorts also to have you killed? ”
“Yes.. he played the recording he had with him”
“It a wicked world we leave in my son. You can’t trust any body. Just because he what hated you ? What was his reasons exactly. Why did he hate you so?”
“I don’t know mother..I was suprised too. I wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t play back the conversation they both had. Maybe…maybe he felt threatened by me. I don’t know. I don’t know. But…I am glad all this is over. I am glad”
“I am glad you are safe” I say coming to sit beside him. He pulls me to himself.
“Me three” Damilola says. Then she stares at us. .. “Oh you both would make beautiful. Kids I can wait.”
“Oh mother. !!” Brian groans
We all laughs
Emeka is ushered to a room, he enters seeing someone backing the door and staring out of the only window.
Teca walks in with him and tells him to sjt.
He does. “Please can you hurry up with what you want to ask me so i can be able to catch my flight. ?”
“Oh… you don’t have to worry about that Emeka. . You are going nowhere ” Jonathan turns
“”Mr Andrews!!” Emeka chokes
“Yes. In flesh. I have just one question..or two to ask you and I wanted to do it in person . Why did you hate my son so much that you planned with some ungratefuls to have him killed?”
“Me?hate your son. I love that boy ”
Jonathan fisted his arm. “Emeka, don’t toil with my intelligence ”
“Why would you hate a boy I practically watched grow up? Same age with mine. Why? Brian can be annoying but we all know that. But…hate him?No Sir. You have it wrong. I cannot even hate him, talk less to have him killed. That is preposterous. Who put this in your head? Officer Teca? Was it about that incident when he thought I lied to him about the whereabouts of your son? No was a misunderstanding but I eventually gave him the address of the hotel. In fact. .. if it weren’t for me. And-”
Jonathan wasn’t listening as he nods to Teca. He placed a recorder on the table and presses play.
“We have called the network services to send us a note conversation of you and John.. because his phone had been damaged. Is that not your voice or that too was a misunderstanding ?”
Emeka who had been talking suddenly keeps quiet, “Sir.. I. is it not what you think. I was …i was angry and infact it was the devil. You have to believe me. I love that man. I do.”
“Oh ofcourse. The Devil. Man’s favourite fall guy for shits right? No Emeke…see where the mistake was. It was that i trusted you with my son. My business and this is how you repay me. I practically take care of you and your family and i have been doing that for years. We have known each other for over 34 years Emeka. Thirty of that we have been fiends. You had no life after you lost your last two jobs. I literally picked you out of the gutter and took care of you. When I began making money I lifted you higher. I gave you this company to manage in my stead as I began to open branches in other states and then abroad. You were entitled to houses worth over millions of naira. Your children go to the best schools. Your wife own a secondary school because i bought the property for her and gave her the start up money. You… you own like two to three cars a year you change. I make that happen. This trip your family is on right now abroad? I am paying for it. It is the same one you were going on now. But anymore.
For 20 years Emeka. .. I have done more than what a friend would have done for another and because I sent my son to you to help me train for a year you try to have him killed. Why? What did he ever do to you. What? Why did you hate him so? I want to know. Really.
Because I can understand why that soo called Vampire wanted him dead. He made the police aware of him. I can not exactly understand Why John wanted him dead but in some twisted way… he was jealous of him, his love for a woman and God knows what else. That man is twisted. But…with all that I have done for you. I mean…Brian is my son and yet the privilege you have is like you are part of the family. And yet…yet…you wanted him dead. Why?” Why dammit! !!” Jonathan thunders.
Emeka raises his head rising

“Because I deserve it all. I was with you when you started the business. . I may not have been the brightest or contributed to anything. But I was the only one who stood with you when all others left. I was the one who you shared your pains and ideas with. I was the one who supervised this commissioning of the company with you. I was the one …the only one who knows how to run this business like you. I deserve to be at your right the top with you. Not your stupid arrogant son who did nothing but spend your money stupidly and didn’t want any part of it. Me Jonathan Kenekan Andrews. Me!
I deserve to be president and if you hadn’t sent your son..if you hadn’t forced him…you would have picked me. Me!!! At the Abuja office. At the helm of things. Under you directly but still be the one pulling the shot. When you are busy away from the country it is I that is the boss and everyone takes orders from me. I have always wanted what you had…all of it but even if I couldn’t was content in being president. That is what i want. .but to realise that the reason you sent him here was because you wanted him to be your right hand man? How the hell was I supposed to feel.? For him to be the President. And I have to serve under him? a small rat like Brian Andrews?Never!.
And to worsen it he was arrogant and such a brat. What was there not to hate. What?I try to make him fail in all that he does but all he does is to succeed. From being the bad boy that he is he suddenly turns a good leaf. It was all easy because of you and that stupid Media manager that you hired. Everything Everything went to shits. He should have died the first time John tried do have him killed. But he didn’t. And now…did he die? I hope he did because that would be the only thing that would give me joy in all this. Now that i have been found out.. there is no need pretending. I lost my dream but you lost your son. I have no regrets.”
Jonathan smiles sadly. .”And to think I thought you as family. And to think I had plans for you even after I make My son president. You forget that he is the heir to all this.
Do you actually think that I would give all that I have to a stranger? . .you are the fool. To think that a man has no plans…oh Emeka. Even despite my son getting his inheritances .I had such great plans for were my friend.. .the only one who stood by me…but like the impatient dog you cut through narrow ends… when. .you would have gotten what you deserves albeit different without all this. Because I intended to do much more than all this. But you lost it all..all because you choose to hurt the second most important thing in my life. My son. I only pity your family Emeka. .. the shame to have a father and husband like this. I only pity your sons, the stigma that would follow them. And your wife. But you…I have no remorse for the life you are going going to have from now on. You will face the music for as long as it takes Emeka. will dance to your tunes alone.
And by the time you are out of this prison. . Maybe your children and your family would have forgotten you ever existed. Maybe you will learn. .to never bite the hand that feeds you and never touch the cub of a lion because he would roar. Have a nice life Emeka, whatever it is left of it.” Jonathan walks to the gate,Teca opens the door for him.
“ will leave me here Jonathan? You…you will have me arrested. After all i did and suffered for your the company?”
He doesn’t answer him
“Jonathan. Jonathan Kenekan Andrews.!! Jonathan !!”
“Let him face the full extent of the law Teca . Him, John and the other survivors. ”
“Yes Sir. The police are making the arrests of Co -conspirators. The Tony Emelu person, the Artist who had Alex’s face done. The hacker who tried hacking into the police system for Brian’s identity. Basically everyone in connection are going to do the time for their crimes.”
“That is lovely news.”
‘Yes Sir. If you ever need us for anything. Please…kindly inform us and we would be at your service.”
“Thank you”
“An erm.sir….I wanted to ask…about Ikena… I don’t know if you can be able to help..i know-”
“You are a good friend.” Jonathan tells him.
Teca keeps quiet.
”I have done my bit. Be optimistc”
“Okay Sir. Thank you.”
Jonathan leaves to join his family in the hospital.
Brian was discharged and was sent home.
Refusing to go in the hotel with his family he decided to stay home.
I had officially become his stay-at -home-nurse for the weekend.
Imagine taking care of a big baby who wasn’t bed ridden but who was enjoying being pampered.
And he got pampered.
And then every moment I got the chance I stared at at my ringed finger.
It was a beautiful diamond rock.
I still couldn’t believe it.
“Too much?” He leans in placing his jaw on my shoulders. I smile.
“Too surprising ” I mutter.
‘Why.. you didn’t think someone could ever buy a rock as beautiful as you?”
‘”Well… No”
“Well. …I am glad no one beat me to it”
I smile.”so we are really doing this?”
He turns me to face him “why?, you got some other dude you liking? Did I tell you I know martial arts and that my father can send in military troupes in less than an hour to bundle the dude up and send him into oblivion and Ikena can cut off his balls too and fed it to him. Did I also tell you I have the coolest meanest bodyguard whose name scares people alone? You think he want to come up and compete against me with the cutest smile. ..come on woman…. ”
“Oh i do know Crazy person. ” I wrap my hands around his neck.
“And you my love are beautiful. That works for me”
“So what if I am ugly …you wouldn’t be loving me abi? ”
He screws up his face…..”Nah!!”
I nudge him, he laughs “Look, I would love you even if you are old and grey,no teeth and all feeble bones you can hardly walk straight . I would love you even if you have the worse cricket laughter and your eyes don’t match.”
I laugh “for real though. What love Adora isn’t your face . Not your body. No. What I love is your heart. That is what pulled me to you. Well…your craziness too and your witchy attributes”
I nudge him again. “Silly.”
He grabs my hands and pulls me tighter to him “What I love is you my princes. My favourite witch. I love you…in your imperfections. In your limitations. In your flaws..In your mistakes. I love what I see when I look beyond this insanely breathtaking beauty you posses and i love the view. You are my heart and my body. You…all of me loves all of you. And I would give anything- anything at all to always have you in my life and this ring’s kinda like a chain for dudes like “Keep the Fxxk off..she is take ”
I smile and blush and smile again. …”it’s swear you make love so beautiful. ”
“Yes. I am cool like that”
“I love you Brian Andrews. ”
“And to answer you my princes… Yes. We are doing this.. pick a day. A time. Whenever. ..we are doing this. I cannot wait to be yours and you would be mine and I can’t wait to…damn…kiss those lips till it becomes fluffyy than they already are.”
I blush.
He bends and kisses my lips…”You literally make me go crazy thinking about you. ..about things I am going to do to you”
“Why don’t you do themnow?”
He smiles in my mouth ‘Satan,get thee behind me”
I laugh and kiss him.
“Oh baby, when that day comes..I won’t hold back. Trust me..but…this would be perfect as you have always imagined it to be babe.” He kisses me and let’s me go.
“Hey..fiance where you going to?” I stop him.
“To the office. ”
‘”Pop wanst to make some changes. ”
‘”Oh. ”
“That means I have to be there too?” I scratch my head.
“See…see how you forget that today is Monday because you are thinking of man. See your life Miss adora”
I throw my head back in laughter “Hey..I am still your boss Brian Andrews… even if your father is like the second richest close to Dangote. You will not disrespect me” I say walking to him.
“Oh..fiery. I like. ” he bends and kiss me again. “You want to shower together. Showering together saves water..have you heard?”
I blush…”yes many times. .
We walk to the bathroom together. ..
Monday morning..
J.K Andrew’s Construction company…
‘”Na wah oh, Ruth are you serious. Tell us something? ”
It is 8:15 on Monday morning.
They are all gathered in the conference room. Ruth is seated as they seat about her.
“Look, as I was saying na..the officers came at first..looking for Brian and they barged into Mr Emeka’s office and next thing I know they are shouting and stuff..I came and see that one of the officers had Mr Emeka dangling . I was so scared and asked if I should call the police. You see because-”
‘”Are you a fool. You are seeing police there and you are thinking of calling the police?. Are you sure that is what happened sef? In fact where is John? he is the one who can give us the real jist” Temi says tolling her eyes.
“Shut up jor. See this one one oh. Someone that was there is giving us details yoi are there talking trash and looking for John. Is it not the same one you always quarrel with? calling him names, now you seriously looking for him. Just say you like the man jor”
“Ehen Tomiwa…hold your own there..i wasn’t talking to you” Temi warns Tomiwa
“Hold your own too. Let the girl talk . If you don’t want to listen close your hear? ..busy body” Tomiwa spat.
Tombra laughs “No mind her..ehen Ruth continue jist jor.”
Ruth nods her head and continues to talks.
“So what did they want from the Brian n? ” Peter,John’s friend asks
“If you ask me e no good?” Ruth answers him in pidgin.
“I hope he isn’t in some kind of trouble sha Oh my Brian” Tombra has a worried look on her face.
“Oh my Brian..look at her. A man who isn’t in the least interested in her you are doing oh my Brian ” Temi shakes her head.
‘Temi…your obviously a bitter lonely woman..go and get laid”
‘I don’t need to get laid and besides I am not the one chasing after a man who obviously has eyes for another. ”
“Who?” Tombra and Tomiwa turn yo her “Do you know the girl he likes ?”
“Oh you want jist. Jist go fly una. Biko swerve. Love starved chicken you both need to get laid. Nonsense! !”
“But no one knows what is it they want from Brian? ” Boma joins in. Everyone is muttering in between.
“No oh. They said they wanted to ask him some questions concerning a thief but..I don’t know. But Mr Ekema was angry and when i asked if there was anything i can do, he screamed at me to get out. Then he called the accountant and ..that’s it. Later the accountant told me that Mr Emeka had him to make some transfers and he was suspicious but he sha told him it was from the Boss” she sighs
“..I don’t know again..I left that Saturday and left him because I was already tired..I don’t know what’s up since then. But see now,Mr Emeka haven’t shown up..Brian too. Even Miss Adora. ”
“I don’t see John anywhere ” Temi bites her nails . Everyone ignores her.
“So who asked us to all gather here this morning in the conference room for an important briefing. Who sent the mail?”
“I did”
They turn to see the human resources officer, and someone else with her.
“Goodmorning everyone. Sorry for the delay but I was waiting for his arrival. Mr Emeka’s isn’t available and wouldnt be available for today. Please. .for those who don’t know and haven’t met him in person. ..this is Mr Jonathan Kenekan Andrews. The J.K Andrews you all workd for. He would be handling the briefing.

“The Boss? ” the gasp went off in the road.
“Oh Goodmorning Sir.”
“Welcome Sir.
“Welcome Sir.”
Everyone is greeting . They are muttering
“Thank you everyone. I know none of you have met me before and there wouldn’t have been need to . There have been some issues that resulted during the weekend and it had warranted me cutting my trip short and coming here in person. It is just to make sure everything continues to run as smoothly as it should be..even if Mr Emeka’s would no longer be working here as the acting director of this company. ”
“Why is that Sir?” Boma asks
“And you are?”
“Boma Sir, departmental team lead.”
“okay I am sure you all have questions. And l rather not delve into it but just to make sure you hear it from me and not anywhere else. Emeka has been arrested and he would be put away for a long time.”
That gasp and sharp intake of breaths.
“What did he do?”
“Oh God!!” Ruth exclaims. “Shei I was saying something was happening. Hay God! ” she touches her head. “What did he do Sir?”
He wonders if he should tell them.
“He was smuggling money from my company. Aside that… he had conspired with a colleague of yours to have my son killed. But good thing that it didn’t work out,the police stepped in and both him and the staff of this company and others involved have been arrested and would do the time. ”
“A colleague of ours?”
‘”Your son?”
They are back to muttering.
“Sir, I don’t understand. .please.. who is your son? How did they get to your son and which colleague? Sir..please help us understand. ”
“John Efegor and Mr Emeka’s had planned together with a viscious criminal. But their plans came to naught. ”
“Hey its a lie !!” Temi exclaims “My John? So he is arrested, in prison now?”
“”Yes, with others”
“Hay God. It’s a lie !!” She wails.
The shock is registered in everyone’s face.
“You have got to be kidding me ” Peter, John’s friend fold his arms “God!! John..oh God!!
“And your son?” Tombra asks curiosity.
“My all know him. He has been working with you for a while. Only Mr Emeka’s knew his identify..but that that is all over. I would let you know so that you will give him the same respect as you would accord to me or you have given to Mr Emeka. Because he would be in charge now.”
They are begin to mutter. .
“Who is your son sir?”
I and Brian walk into the conference room at that moment the question was repeated.
“It’s a full house ” I mutter stepping in. “Good morning Sir” I greet him
“Adora, Brian, glad for you both to join us. I was just briefing them.”
“On what?” Brian asks with a raised eyebrow.
“On how you would be in charge from now on”
The gasp that vibrates in the room was enough to cause a silent earthquake.
“Me,in charge”
‘”Yes’s time. ”
“Brian Andrews is your son Sir?” It was Tombra who exclaims breathlessly.
“Yes. He is.”
“Fxxk me..I mean..excuse my language. For real?”
“Yes!!” Jonathan nods .
“I knew there was something cool about him” someone says from the back.
“Me too. Especially that time he came..they aura he exudes..oh crap! The boss’s son? Wow!!”
“Now it makes sense!!”
“Oh…I knew he had to be some rich chap with his expensive cloths and shoes. ”
“He even smelt rich”
Everyone laughs. But they continued awning and awning after the shock diminishes..
“Sir Brian… we didn’t know. And if there was any time we offended you and stuff. We are sorry. I am sorry” someone comes forward saying besides Boma.
“Me too.”Boma nods.
“Me too sir Brian. ..Sir…it was never our intent we didn’t know.

Everyone is talking. Apologising..
“Hey everyone, relax okay” he turns to his father “Father. A word ”
He steps to the corner.
“I don’t want this.”
‘Because I want to be my own man”
“Son. This would be all yours eventually. I hope you noticed I unfreezed your accounts and have returned all I took away to you. Your cars etc. You are a man now and yes I won’t enforce nothing on you but you just understand that I have all this for you. You i work for you. I live for you and I make all this happen for you because you are my son. If I die today. .you take over. You might as well step into those shoes now. You were going to do it at the end of the year the situation of things.. you can handle it from now”
“But I have another dream”
“Which is…”
‘I want to build my own company. Mine.”
“What is it going to be…?”
“Tech and designing.”
“This company is contruction and designing. It is not far fetched.”
“Mine father.. not yours. Mine.”
Jonathan is quiet. ” You can do what you want son. But…this is your legacy. Yours. My father and fathers father left this for their children and each father built on it. Expanded it. Made it their own and then left it for their children and each did the same . And I have done mine. Now it is your turn”
‘”But father”
“This is my legacy. You make it yours now..i am getting old son. All this would be left to you and you will give it to your son and your son to his son. You have a good woman by your side son. But you need to assume the mantle .”
‘”If I do that I would do things my way?”
“Your way!! ” he agrees ” You…have learnt a valuable lesson in this short period of time. Use it. Apply it. You can own your own company. Fine. You don’t have to run this yourself. IF you want you can put capable hands. But….you are taking over this while you put plans in motion for your company. And by the end of the day, you are coming to assume the president seat at the cpatial ”
“That is not me being my own man father”
“No..that is you taking your heritage. But what to do with it is entirely up to you. I would just be at the helm of things.. I would retire soon. This is all in your hands. You are in charge now Son. Just like my father helped me achieve my dreams and put me in charge. Start your company. I will support you. But you will also make this legacy happen for your own children as I have done for you. I will be here for a few days managing things… once I leave…you will handle this.”
“Okay Father ” Brian sighs.
He grabs his face and places a kiss to his forehead. Turning he says..
“HR, directs me to Emeka’s office. I need to make some changes ”
“Yes Sir”
Both of them leave.
Brian walks to the spot his father was standing. .. everyone is looking at him.
‘Sir?” Boma began “from all of us we want to offcially apologise for’-”
“No no Boma, don’t do that. Please don’t. Nothing changes. I am still Brian to you guys okay. Don’t do the sir. Please. .it makes me feel old. work continues as before. For now my father would be around so you all can meet him incase of any issues. But in the interim … I would be in my office, in the same position i was in before today”
“As a PA?” Tombra asks
He smiles turning to me “Well, only for a I said. .call me Brian. I am your colleague. Your friend and stuff. We are here to work so let’s work. And…can I use this opportunity to offcially announce my engagement to Miss Adora?” He reaches for me and pulls me to him
Another gasp.
Tombra and Tomiwa hold their chest, literally as their mouth drop to the floor.
“Yes… so please everyone, my wife-to-be? Please be nice to her because she can rub my tummy and give me a sweet pounced yam and soup with plenty meat and I will fire your asses”
Now everyone laughs.
Soon, congratulations fills the room.
“So..since you see we are all cool Sir..i mean Brian..can we ask you like a billion questions? ”
‘Go head” Brian says perching on a table.
“So…how does it feel like being the son of one of the richest men in the country?”
Brian smiles “heh…my dear, e no easy oh” he rubs his jaw.
They all laugh
‘Why are you worried ?” I ask him as we make our way downstairs later that evening.
“I haven’t seen or heard from Ikena. Number isn’t connecting. Even Teca hasn’t heard from him too.”
“I guess he would be fine”
“I hope. As another car came to pick us up this minting I have been worried. I am used to seeing Ikena waiting for me every morning but…I just hope he hasn’t been arrested and thrown into some dungeon.”
‘” Have you asked your father? ”
“He has already left. Let me try his number again”
He does..
We both turn when we hear the phone ring.
Ikena was resting on his car.. wearing darks Shades and in full regalia of the military uniform. A huge smile on his face.
“Miss me son? ”
Brian walks to him..
“Nope. Where the fxx have you been? Don’t you know you were supposed to pick me up this morning and be here waiting for me this evening?. Have you no nack for puntuality. ? Imagine. . !!”
Ikena smiles “yeah . I miss you too. Come here scruffy kid”
They hug.
“Aww looking you both looking cute. ” I awning quickly taking out my phone and snapping them.
“Hey stop stop it. ” Brian nudges me

He stares at Ikena ,placing both hands on his shoulders “You okay. Your shoulders. What did they say at the baracks? ”
“Well..I am a free man son. Given me back my badge. Your father pulled some weight. The military court got a little bit of conscience. I got raised to another star rank.”
“Damn!!! Congrats” Brian taps his shoulders. “So what next?”
‘”They sending me back to Base. ”
I see Brian contennace drop.
‘”Wow. So you leaving. When?”
“Now. Came to say goodbye”
‘Oh!!” Brian smiles sadly.
I can see the hurt in his eyes,I step closer and hug him.
“But you would be back yes?” I ask Ikena .
“Yes I would be”
‘”Okay” I smile “Congrats! ‘ he nods.
“Sad Brian? ”
‘Ofcourse not. You- .you were going to leave anyways at the end of the year”
“Yes I was but… would you be okay?”
‘I have a father who can bring down the whole. ….” he smiles ” ofcourse not. Who would be here for me like you. Who would listen to me rant about a girl i love ” he smiles ” who would be Ikena?”
“You have another driver”
“He is no fun”
They laughs.
“I would see you when I get back.”
“Be safe ?” Brian nudges him with his fist. He sniffs.
“ too. Take care of him Miss Adora”
‘I will..”
He straightens up. Salutes and then enters his car. .
“By the way, Doctor Deborah is really a good catch. Maybe when I get back..we can continue from here we left off… you won’t be the only one with a good woman by his side.” He winks
Brian laughs…
We wave as he drives off.
“Sad. He really was a good man” I mutter missing Ikena already.
“The best. ” Brian nods.
He turns to me. I see him wipe his eyes.
He nods smiling. “So where to My princess? ”
“Wherever with you by my side.” I wipe his eyes again.. “to forever babe. ”

I smile into his eyes, knowing he missed his friend.

“Hey… sometimes love and bonds are formed by blood,you both are brother not by blood but brothers by circumstances. . ”
‘” yeah. I would miss the sucker. ”
“He knows.”
I grab his arm..

‘You want me to cheer you up baby?”
“Yes. With what though?” He taps his jaw.
‘Breakfast in bed. A massage.. a thousand kisses ?”
‘Hmm..sounds like a treat.”
We walk hands in hands.
“It is a treat. Thank you for loving me Brian..”
“No.. thank you for saying yes to me.” He stops and turns me to him.
“I love you Adora..”
“And I love you too Brian”.
“Always and forever?” He asks me
I nod.. “Yes..Always and forever ”
We wrap our hands around each other and kiss passionately. life may not have made a lot of sense before now..
But right now… it was everything I always dreamed off..
A good man who loved me. A good life… and a start to forever in happiness.
A new life begins for us…
And God knows I was loving it already.

Final episode coming up soon