Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 54


The fighter jets were about three in numbers and were very fast. They are also equipped with deadly weapons that could bring down any jet in seconds.

The shadows flew their jet with great speed but the fighter jets that was after them was fast enough not to loose sight of the shadow agents.

“Common Idris let’s bring down those jets” konami said angrily.

“That won’t be the best idea for now. They thought we are bad guys, so we shouldn’t behave as one” Idris replied him.

“So then what do you want us to do?”

“Get me connected with their base”


“Sir” the young flight sergeant called out “I think we are connected to the pilot sir”

The Air commodore quickly walked towards her and collected a headphone device from her.

“Air force base, Daintree Queensland. Pilot can you identify yourself?” The Air commodore spoke out and waited for a while.

“We are from Canberra and we are undergoing some flight tutorial sir. Order your men to stand back” Idris’s voice came out from the headphone the Air commodore wore.

“But we tried communicating with you guys, why didn’t you answer us before?”

“I won’t deny it sir, the message came through but we were weren’t around to receive it sir. The jet was on autopilot mode then.”

“Alright, you can pass safely” The Air commodore said dropping the headphone. “Get me connected to our fighter jets”

“Over here Sir” A sergeant shouted and the Air commodore walked to his table.

“All fighter jets should abort current task and report to base. I repeat, abort current task and return to base”

The Air commodore’s voice was heard in all the jets. However the captain was less interested in the new command and more interested in bringing down the intruder’s jet.

“D–n, I don’t like this command. I say we throw caution into the wind and bring down the intruders” The captain said to the two other jets.

“I don’t agree with you” the pilot at the left said. “A command is always a command and I am retiring to base”

“Retreating is for weakling. I am with you on this captain” the pilot at the right said.

“Roger that, let’s bring down that jet”

“Sir, just one jet is coming back. The rest are preparing for attack”

“D–n, get me connected with the pilot” the Air commodore shouted.

“Negative sir, their radios are switched off. Should we send another jets after them?” A pilot asked from the corner.

“Wait, get me connected with the target first”

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“You see” Konami shouted “they are still after us”

“Two of my men are disobeying orders to retreat. Don’t worry, I am sending another jets to take them down” The Air commodore spoke out from the radio.

“Don’t bother yourself sir, we can take them down” Idris replied.

“Go ahead” The Air commodore said and went off.

“Take over the weapons” Idris replied as he was in control of the jet, Konami quickly took over the weapon control.

Just then, the fighter jets released four set of missiles. The missiles were coming directly to the Shadows jet. Konami quickly targeted all four missiles and fired at them.

The four missiles he released got all the missiles that were after them.

The fighter jets still sent four missiles towards their jet. Konami was about to launch his missile in defence when an alert came out.