The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 80 Final


A few weeks later …
Brian is standing in front of the mirror, his father who is in the room with him comes to him and adjusts his tie.
“Looking sharp son.” He taps his shoulders and steps away.
Brian has that smile on his face that gets from one ear to the other.
“I know right. I have to look sharp for the lady. How is it going on out there. Is he here?”
Jonathan shakes his head sadly… “No, he isn’t son. Maybe he couldn’t get a permit to leave. But..hey its your day, no sad faces. He wouldn’t want you to have that face on your big day.”
“I know father I know. ” Brian turns to the mirror and then he blows out air. “But he was supposed to be my best man”
‘”You were too stubborn to pick another to take his place ”
“Because he was supposed to be here father”
“Hey.. happy thoughts. I can be your ring bearer for you”
Brian smiles… “Nah it’s fine. We have little page boys. They can be handle it. ”

“Yes father. ”
“Okay Son. ”
“This is it father.. I am getting married to the woman of my dreams after all these weeks. I can’t contain my happiness ”
“You aren’t meant to son. You are supposed to express it. ”
The knock on the door causes them to turn..
“It’s time..”
They nod.
“Shall we son?”
‘”Yes father, let’s go get my bride”
‘”Isn’t she the most beautiful bride?” Brian whispers to the priest as they stand watching her walk down to him.
“Indeed son, she is” the priest smiles.
“Gosh I can’t stop my heart from beating fast. Finally. ..finally she would be my wife. ” he touches his chest and rubs it.
The priest smiles “love is a beautiful thing son… may your home be blessed with this happiness forever ”
“Oh amen..amen”
He turns back and stares at her …
“Here comes the bride. . All dressed in white. ..” the choir sings..
If I tell you I had a picture of what my day would be..
I knew it would be breathtaking beautiful. .
But I never imagined it to be as beautiful as this.
There..right there was my man, my friend , my everything and the smile on his face was all I needed to know that this journey I was taking with him would be the most amazing thing I have done in my life.
I am getting married to Brain Andrews…
Can life be more perfect than this?..
I smile in happiness.
Close to him he gives me his hand and pulls me up to step up and then stand in front of him.
I cannot stop smiling…
“Hey beautiful ” he whispers to me.
“Hey…handsome ” I whisper back.
The priest clears his throat…
“We are gathered here to witness the holy matrimony of these two, Mr Brian Andrews and Miss Adora Chime. They are standing in front of their family and friends, in front of the whole congregation, and in front of God to share their wedding vows… if anyone who is seated in this congregation or outside it and desires that these two people should not be joined for any reason whatsoever please stand up now or forever hold your peace. Anyone? ”
“Good. Since no one has anything against these two and no grievance to their wedding, we may now process with the wedding vows…. ”
Suddenly the doors of the church bursts open..
“I object..”
We all turn..
I gasp..
He walks into the church in his full regala of a military man.. a team of six people with him.
Brian has the hugest smile on his face..
In fact everyone had a smile on their face as he walks towards us.
Pausing when he got to us…
“A wedding who doesn’t have the best man has no right to commence. Now, without further ado, I would like to have the ring of my brother here so I can commenced my duties as originally planned if not I would arrest both bride and groom and whisk them away to an earlier honeymoon …you see my boys here?” He points to the men behind him. .. “they are happy to be your ride, their shoulders are comfortable.
Brian laughs..
They hug..
“I thought you couldn’t make it.. I thought you weren’t going to show Ikena..really..I was going to hate you man”
“Nah!! I got a little delayed and I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to make it but…your father sent the jet when our flight got cancelled.”
Brian turns back and looks at his father… “really? And he said nothing in the room with me” his father smiles at him, his mother two. “Ha, those two scalawargs. They are amazing aren’t they,making my day complete. ” he returns the smiles and mouths a thank you to them.
His mother blows him a kiss, his father nods.
“Hey.. it was supposed to be a surprise. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world . If I had to run down here I would. ”
They hug again.
Then Ikena turns to me..”Ma’am, you look beautiful. ..a happy bride and even a happier wife you would be”
“That is all I want.”
“Rings?” He turns to Brian.. Brian nods to the page boy who hands it to him.
“Great so priest. . I am here, now the show can start. ..” he turns to his boys.. “just incase anyone wants to stop this wedding of the century. .. bundle them up and send them to Sambisa forest..”
Everyone laughs.
“Shall we continue…. now, the wedding vows. .”
“I take thee..” Brian began looking at me…
“I take thee” I began when he was done…. “i will love you always . ” I complete.
“With the powers vested in me…i now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the Bride.”
Brian pulls me to him..
“Come on baby, gimme some sugar wife..”
“Gladly husband ”
Out first kiss as man and wife.
The church stand up cheering and clapping.
The place was filled with family and friends,colleagues..
It was a happy moment for us…

Reception. ..
“Dance with me?” He reaches for me pulls me to him as the song comes up. We are at the center stage while everyone is watching.
“It is like a dream..” I say resting my head to his chest as we swayed to the music.
“No, dreams aren’t this beautiful” he whispers.
Pushing me away slightly he twirls me and then bring me back to him.
We danced until my leg ached..
He twirls me one last time and then dips me, placing a wet kiss to my lips.
The claps pulls us away from our world and into reality.
Ikena comes to us and there is a woman on his arm.
Dr Deborah. She glowed.
“Ah, I see you found your missing rib?” Brian smiles at him and then kisses her knuckles.
“Oh… maybe. Who knows right? I may just be next in line” Ikena smiles, Dr Deborah blushes.
“It was a beautiful wedding. I wish you both happiness”
“Thank you Dr. Deborah” I tell her
“No, call me Deborah ”
We smile.
Brian kisses my forehead and then steps away with Ikena.
Damilolo comes to us,enveloping me in a hug and we get to talking about life henceforth and what not.
I see Mr Kenekan around, talking and pointing to his son.
He is a proud father. In a few months Brian had achieved so much in a short time.
He had not only designed and gotten his company underway .. he had also made designs and supervised first hand schools, malls and libraries.
He was a consultant for the Alkada company, as well as a tech trainee for a few other companies.
His company is set to be commissioned by the end of the year. But for the J.K Andrews Construction company?
He made it into something his father was proud off…
The management system was organised, the staffs well placed and then he made it a point of duty to always task himself to be useful in every department so he is apprised of things.
Within a month, he had moved to Abuja to assume president of his father’s company.
Boma had been risen to the post of manager in the port Harcourt office and Peter had taken John’s position.
There were different restructuring to help promote the company.
And it turned out great.
Yes, Mr Kenekan was proud of his son. Prouder of the man he had become.
I nod and wave when I see a friend waving at me..
“So how long you staying ?”
Ikena sips his wine.., a mischievous smile on his face. .
“A while.”
“Like a few days? ”
“A month?”
“I did a transfer to be closer home. That means that here is my Base for now. ”
“For real? So when I get back from the honeymoon you would be here?”
“Yes. Not as your driver though . ” he smiles ruefully. “Done all the babysitting that would last a life time”
Brian laughs. “Very funny. Maybe to be my shadow that would work”
“You just cant get enough of me can you?”
“Nope. I need someone I can yab and make trouble with. You are like my A-team guy. We look good together, no homo”
Ikena laughs “crazy kid”
“Hey I am married now. ”
“Okay, crazy man”
Brian smiles…”So Dr Deborah huh? ” they both turn to her, she hides her blush when her eyes meets Ikena. “You are one lucky fella. She seems to be taken with you.
“I know right. And i her. Its kinda weired ”
“How so.?”
“A while ago i was giving you advices with Miss Adora and now… i am speechless when it comes to her”
Brian laughs “”You know you should just tell her how you feel”
Ikena scratches his head “i should right?i mean she knows i like her already. And now that i am back here, i need to make what we have more concrete ”
“You should, you don’t see good women hanging around this days so when you see one, grab her”
“Look at who is talking “Ikena eyes him
“Heh” Brian shrugs. ” but seriously though”
“We’ve never even kissed.”
Brian whistles “Why the hell not’
“I don’t know. I have just always been reluctant , not sure if she would appreciate the gesture of a kiss”
“dude, for a man who seemed to deep, you are a chicken. What you think she would slap you?”
“Okay. She either wants it or she doesn’t. If she slaps you then don’t do it again if she doesn’t. she being wanting that kiss and how come you guys know you both like each other and yet no kisses? The first day I kissed Adora was the first day I told her I liked it. It was breathtaking. ”
“Nah… I wouldn’t want to kiss a woman who doesn’t permit me.”
“So you are waiting for her to ask you? ”
“Yea. Shouldn’t that be it.?” Ikena frowns.
“Most girls are shy Ikena and others would rather the guy make the move and they follow. Most girls are bold yes but..they are few. The only way to know if she wants it is if you try. There is no harm there. Chase what you want Ikena. ”
“So what’s your advice? ”
Brian has a mischievous glint in his eyes..
“Kiss her. You would know what next from there.”
“No. Can’t. Won’t. ”
“You should and stop being a chicken”
“I like chickens”
They laugh.
“So, where are you guys going to?” Ikena wants to know.
“The Bahamas” Brian winks at him
“Beautiful. ”
“Kidding. Mother says the Maldives is a good spot and my wife didn’t want to do anything too much. So we settling for that. ”
“Okay. Good to see you too Sir Brian”
“Brian..Ikena, just call me Brian. We have passed all that. And for what it’s worth, glad you are here ”
“Me too.” Ikena nods to Brian.. “your bride waits”
“By the way, did you notice me say my wife?”
Ikena laughs “yes I did. ”
‘”Just wanted to make sure”
Brian taps Ikena’s shoulders and goes to his wife Adora who had her arms stretched out towards him , he swings her twirling her around and around with a few hundred kisses in between.
Deborah closes the distance between she and Ikena…
“So ..what were you both gossiping about me?”
“You. ..we weren’t ”
“Liar. I saw you both look my way. Tell me, I won’t bite”
“I know you won’t. Actually I was just…. hell” he pulls her to him and then crushes her lips with a deep kiss.
Brian turns at that moment and then nudges me..
“See my boy is making me proud”
“Awwnnnnn” I mutter “see how cute they look together. I am happy for him.”
“Let’s show them that we too love to kiss ” he winks at me continuously that got me laughing.. then he dips me and covers his lips with my own, causing my laugher to seize in my throat.
“You are just something else Brian”
“I know..yet you love me that way.”
“Yes I do. Yes I do”
We kiss more again.
She smiles into his mouth wrapping her arms around him.
Once they come up for air she breathes ..
“Gosh!! I thought I would have to literally beg you for a kiss. It’s been too long coming…”
Ikena smiles “sorry it came late.”
“Better late than sorry”
“Deborah, would you date me?”
“Do you even have to ask…okay you did need to ask but…yes I would. Yes..i would date you Ikechukwu Itodo .”..
He pulls her back into his embrace.

“That is all I needed to hear.” …their lips meet again.
Two hours later we say our goodbyes and exit the reception heading out to fly out of the country for our honeymoon.
Something I was looking forward to.
Been looking forward to it for weeks now.

I bite my lips and stare at him . I see his eyes follow my lips, I see the desires in his eyes..I see him fold his fist..
I smile.
There would be no holding back Brian, oh there wouldn’t be.

Somewhere in Maldives…
The Honeymoon suite.

We came up to our room after having dinner downstairs at the restaurant in the hotel.
We walk hand in hand to out room and I wait for him to open the door.
Counting the minutes or moments when we would be finally our room and no distractions.
My heart begins to palate beneath .let chest and I suddenly my grow warm.
Brian opens the door and then ushers us in.
I sit on the bed and watch him move around the room doing what could be left for later.
“You know you can do all those later right? ”
He pauses and stares at me. “Why, you want me to be doing something else?”
‘Yes. .”
“Like? ”
”Gee, I don’t know. Let me think” I tap my jaw tentatively with my well manicured nails .. “like make love to your wife who is dying to have you ”
He chuckles coming to me … “patience sweat heart. ” he kisses me and then turns away, I hold him back.
“Being patient too long gets you nothing ” I bite my lips.
I hear him moan.
I get up ..
Letting him watch me as I undress…
“Someone I know used to say bathing together saves water… I wonder if he would join me’”
I knew he was watching me walk naked into the bathroom. .
I let the water course through my body as I wait to hear him slid in behind me.
And he did. Barely a few seconds later.
I feel his arms around me first and then his lips to my skin.

I shudder, because his lips always causes me to shudder in excitement every time it touches my skin.
Reaching for the sponge and the soap he helps me to scrub my body , I help him too as well.
Letting the water wash away the latter I spread my arms over his chest, his tummy…trialing my fingers up and down his shoulder blades,letting my mind remember ever contour that marks his body.
Talking my hand lower ..and lower nm until encircle him.
He usually would remove my hand after a while..
But that was when he was still trying to control his sexual urges and treating me like a queen. Never over stepping..telling me he wanted it to be as perfect as I have always imagined. ..
Yes. I have always wanted my first time to be perfect and within the confirms of a legal home.
And…he made sure I achieved that.
But tonight , I wanted no more hold backs.
Tonight I wanted him to lose control. Tonight I want him to give in and make love to me the way he had never

Been with another woman.
Tonight,ow wanted to become a woman. His woman..
I wanted to feel him,all of him and cling to him so tight that he would hear me shatter.
Yes.. tonight..
I wanted my husband to love to me the way I imagined.
I roll my fingers around him, I feel it quicken, and then kicking as it suddenly begin to gain life,momentum in size and in height.
I hear his his breathing changing, I feel the warmth of his body as I continue to use my hands over Jim, encircling, pulling and then slipping it round down over him again..
I feel warm, tingling as I do this to him, watching him close his eyes and then put his head backwards.
I bite my lips,…
My lips wanted his.
Standing on tiptoe I pull his head back and then I kiss him.
Tiny kisses. Deep kisses. Sensual kisses.
I encircle him, squeeze a little.. pull out reaching his cap… using my thumb I make circles at the tip..where that tiny hole is..
He groans..
I make circles faster,faster, encircling him and move my hands up and done..
I feel him get harder..
Much harder..
His arms makes their way to my bosom, touching a perky breast one after the other..
Caressing the folds, circling the tips where my nipples are..
He takes his head there, kissing them one after the other.. flicking his tongue over them..
I squeeze him again a little tighter..
“Oh fxxk!” He mutters before he pushes me to the wall of the shower room..
He is kissing my lips, my neck,my face. .
Grabbing one breast at a time he takes it into his mouth, bedding to be able to accommodate it.
Suddenly he takes both of my hands and pins it over my head…
“My turn” he breathes over my lips.
I close my eyes.
I feel his fingers trail from my neck, the center of my breast, my ribs..
I squirm.
It tickles..
He bends and kisses that spot. Letting his finger trail lower until he rests at my core.
He parts my lower lips with two fingers, touching my clit. Tapping it gently..
Tap tap..


Slowly rubbing it ..applying pleasure little my little. Then he pulls it…and then flicks it gently..
“Oh..!” I moan biting my lips..
Straightening up he lifts me, wrapping my legs around him he kisses me all the way out of the shower and into the room,pulling a towel with us and wrapping me and him with it and then lays me on the bed.

He smiles down at me. He wipes me dry and then tosses the towel away as soon as he wipes himself dry.
I see him in all his glory and I can’t contain my need.
I seat up and reach for him again. .
Encircling, rubbing, up and down movement with my hand… loving the feel of his hardness to my palm.
I watch him close his eyes.. his hand on his waist as he stood akimbo.
He looks down.
Watching me touch him..watching me smile at him.
I go on my knees and before he could stop me I have him in my mouth.
He is big. .

He is beautiful. .

And he is hard.
Those three was enough to cause the warmth between my legs to burn a little hotter.
He likes it, what I am doing.
He has his hands to my head, directly me as I have him in my mouth…
I let my tongue trail it’s height, I use my hands to still make circles around him..

I kiss his tips, sucking briefly on his mushroom head.
He aches towards me,groaning. ..
I do it again..and again and again..
I move my head and mouth, letting him fill my mouth, rubbing the two friends below,caressing and massaging them sweetly …
I squeeze. I pull. .gently..lovingly..treating it to kissing, blowing tiny air around his cap and then encircling it with my tongue.
I think there is senstivitity there.. they way he grabs my head,the way h moans.. the way he throws back his head and then bite his own lips.
I watch him.
And I love his reaction..
He bends to kiss me, lifting me up and placing me on the bed.
We kiss for a long time..he is fingers replacing kissing when he begins to kiss all over my body.
I ache.

I desire..

I want him all.
Soon he his parting myegs and doing that magic he knows so well with his tongue..
I hold on to the sheets of the bed..
He kisses my thighs , both thighs trailing his own tongue down my waist.
He turns me around, kissing my divide… kissing the dimples behind my back.. my cheeks…making his way up my spin and then to my neck.
I feel him lie on top of me.. I feel his hardness more settling himself between my but cheeks.
Turning my face to him we kiss. Slipping his hand beneath me he grabs one of my breast with one and the other he tickles my core Still , running his hardness to me as he grinds me from behind.
Everything he did was shooting excitement over my body.
I wanted him all and I wanted him now.
He turns me again,he goes down on me again until I can no longer bare it.
“Make love to me babe..make love to me now”
Climbing fully on top of me he parts my legs with his legs and pauses..
“When it hurts,let me know so I stop, okay baby?”
I nod.
Kissing me again I feel him on my thighs and then at the entrance of my core as his fingers parts my lower lips.
I feel him there., hard..
He is back to kissing me..i feel him knock gently.


I groan in pain…

“Should i-”
‘No don’t ..” I bite my lips.. “Don’t ”
For every knock I feel him closer to my warmth..
“Hold me” he whispers.
I do…
Then I feel him inside of me with one quick thrust and then pain sweeps through me.
I dig my nails into his shoulders closing my eyes , biting my lips to stop from screaming out.
He stops. “Are you okay?”
I shake my head.. “I think so”
‘Should I pull out?”
“Don’t you dare ” I tell him.
I let the pain simmer. I bask in it..
I move my waist.. feeling both the sweetness and bitterness…
He is staring at me “Babe really I can stop”
‘”i want you. I want you. Kiss me. Don’t stop”
He kisses me, we linger.
I feel his hand on my breast again and his lips there..
Every passing moment decreases the pain and replaces it with excitement. .
Soon, I begin to move my waist..

Slowly, tentatively..
Rolling my waist and feeling him complete me . Full me up.
I wrap my legs around him and push him deeper inside of me.
The groan that escapes from his mouth had him squeezing me tighter.
Soon his movement is more certain, in rythmn and the beating of his heart rising.
He holds my waist with both hands, pulling me higher towards him as he continues to thrust in and and out..
Gently. Fast. Slow…slow and fast..slow .
He would roll his waist, making movements that have me curling my toes and groaning in helpless desire.
Kissing me, caressing me and loving me.
Bare skin against bare skin. Hardness to softness. Heat, warmth..need, desire and pleasure.
Brian makes love to me and takes me to heights I have never been.
Grabbing me from below he turns us on the bed with me on top. He places my hands to his chest and takes back his hand to my buttom.
Staring at each other I follow the movement which his hands directs me.
Soon I am gently bouncing off head thrown back, my hands steading myself on his chest, my lips bitten by my teeth.
“Oh God!!” I exclaim
Up and down..

Up and down…
This feeling takes me so high that I begin to feel the tightening of my walls…
He squeezes me tighter, lifting me higher nd he begins to make more movements under me..hitting me with sweet thrusts from below.
Fast and slow… .fast..
“Oh Brian…I. .- feel. ..oh..Brian..” I moan
Turning me again to lay beneath me he closes this space between us, sinking even deeper between my legs.
My hands tighten over his neck,my legs around his waist ..
His hands lifting my buttom higher …
I feel his thrust gaining intensity, and the warmth of his skin even warmer.
Even his heart changes pace as he captures my lips in his..
Soon all I feel is some sensation curling up from my toes, rising to my thighs and centering around my core.
I feel his finger,one…as he circles my clit in semi’ quick fashion. .flicking me gently as his thrusting increases..
I roll my eyes back into my head, I move my waist to meet him halfway everytime he hits a sweet spot..
I moan. I kiss him, I bite his shoulders unable to contain the feeling I am about to explode …
His moans are getting higher, he is moaning into my ears and into my lips..
“Baby..I. .can’t..hold it..oh…oh!” His thrusts becomes so fast that I hear the springs of the bed sing.
But I don’t want him to stop,no..
I feel like I am about to explod. A good explosion that would leave me breathless, satisfied.
And I feel it ,rising , rising..
I hold onto him so tight that when I eventually did shatter ..falling over the cliff, he catches me..
Kissing me to normalcy. Calming my beating heart..
Kissing me even slower, moving gently in and out ..
And like a tempo he increases again..

Pulling away from me his thrusts becomes faster, rubbing my clits I begin to shudder and squirm, calling out his name..
Faster.. faster..faster…he goes.
“Oh fxxk! !” He jerks, pulling me closer to him as he collapses on my body.. his body moving ,quaking.
I follow right behind him…falling again. .
This time.. we end up spent.
Our hearts are beating so was a good fast..
“You okay?” He kisses my face caressing it
I nod…smiling and blushing ..
“What?” he chuckles
“Nothing…” I cover my face
”What?” He peels my hands away from my face..
“I was making funny sounds and not understanding half of what I was saying…”
“Heh” he nuzzles my neck.. “i don’t think you are meant to understand the feeling that comes with it…you are just supposed to express it and that’s what you did.”
He rolls away from my body and pulls me with him,letting his hand caress my bare back.
I hear the beating of his heart, it is calm,much like mine now..
“Do you feel pain?”
“I am sorry ” he tells me.
I look down and I see it. .
“Blood..” I bite my lips and point to the bedsheets.
“You know, if you were in some African counties , the man would take this blood stained sheet and dance around it in his community. They would throw a part and kill fat cows”
“Good thing that isn’t happening here. I wouldn’t want the whole world to see that”
He smiles kissing my lips and rolling my away from him , and then lighting me up.
“You stand here while I changed the sheets and make the bed and then I would have you all cleaned up..yes?”
I nod as he puts me down.
In a few minutes the bed is made.
He leads me to the bathroom..
“You okay?”
“You’ve asked me that the hundredth time already, I am fine. In fact. ..” I push him to the wall… “is it weird if I feel all tingling down there all too suddenly. .”
“Like you want to go again…like now”
I bite my lips “i don’t know maybe, does that make me a slut. A slutty wife?”
He smiles kissing me and putting on the shower “yes”
I hit him. He laughs “but you are my slutty wife so everything goes”
“Good” I wrap my hands around him and press him to my body. He lifts me up and takes me to the wall..
In another minute he is thrusting deep inside of me, and I am meeting him rythym for rythym , pace for pace. .
Moan for groan until we both shatter together,quaking,squirming , jerking and satisfying our desires.
Before the night was over..
We made love again, this time he slips into me from the back, while he spoons me..
While his fingers plays with my little girl down there…like double excitement I feel him pulling in and out of my core, hitting my Gsport and his fingers teasing my clits, causing me to squirm uncontrollably. ..then he continues tapping and flicking. . Thrusting in and out, holding me tight, spooning me even better.
Until all I want to do is scream..
And I do..shattering , falling…spent and he falling behind me..
Our breathing hard.. our sweats mingled. ..our desires filled.
We eventually fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning..
I think that was the night we conceived our son…
Three years later…
He raises his head up, staring hard, then he smiles. That cute little smile of his.
“Look who came to visit” I tell him.
He drops his drawing up and jumps up running towards the door and into the arms of a man.
“Uncle Ikena!!” He squeals in excitement.
“Hey buddy. How are you doing ?”
“Super awesome !!” He claps his hands
Brian comes out of the kitchen with beers , he leans in and kisses me before heading to the door.
“So you love your uncle more than you do your father ?” Brian teases
Ikena shakes his little head “No! I love daddy,and I love uncle Ikena” he claps his hands.
“Look at him, so diplomatic. ” Brian kisses his son. Ikena gives his namesake a toy car which he was excited about , he runs off to come show me.
“Hey nice, what do you say?”
“Thank you uncle Ikena” she squeals from.his corner.
“That’s right”
‘”Hello Ma’am, you are glowing as always. .my boy knocked another in the oven again didn’t he? Always told him to use a condom”
I laugh touching my protruding tummy. “Yeah sadly he doesn’t listen. What to do?. How are my favourite girls, you didn’t come with them?”
“”They went to her grandmothers, be back tomorrow for thanksgiving ”
“Okay. Looking forward to hosting you all then.”
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world Ma’am, your cooking is always mouth watering.”
“Oh thank you Ikena” I turn to my son ” Ikena go wash your hands and come eat”
“Okay mummy ” he scurries off disappearing into his room. I head into the kitchen.
“A Major General huh? You did good champ” Brian clicks his bottle of beer to Ikena’s.
“You think? You run a multi-bullionaria company on one side and you own your own Tech and designing company which has trained over 500 students in the past two years. You are international standard , and your company is counting dollars in salaries and you think you aren’t a bigger shot than your father? You are doing better than good Brian. Supper proud of you. I literally can hear your father’s voice “that’s my son. That’s my son ” .. how is the old man this days..?”
Brian smiles “It’s the Lord’s doing oh!!”
They laugh
“They are off on some boat cruise. Those two like to show off . ”
Ikena smiles “they deserve it.”
I come back to join them,bringing a plate of food for Ikena and another for my husband.
While they seat and talk, I smile watching them.
I look at my son at the table, eating. Happy.
My home.. is filled with love and happiness.
I think about how my life had been for the past three years married to Brian Andrews..
And all I can say is that…
My life has been beautiful, filled with blessings and surprises as well.
Would I trade it for anything ? No.
These men..were my family. ..
My husband.

My son.

And Ikena..
My Rock.

My blessing

My support… yes, Ikena turned from being a bodyguard stroke driver to friend and to a brother …to my family.
All three had made my life beautiful in their own way.
Sometimes. don’t know where your blessings would come from, how your love would begin or who would be your support system. .
Sometimes you just have to…live in the moment.
Right now..I was living in the moment , in the moment of my amazing life.
My beautiful life.
Was I thankful? Yes I am.
And God knows this was my perfect ending.
Sometimes I want to scream “Pinch me somebody”
But even if it were a dream…i wouldn’t want to wake up from it.
This here..was home.
And home is where the heart is. And Brian Andrews got keys to that.
I smile when he looks and me at that moment. My heart catches it my chest. It does everytime..

And just like the first day my heart yearned for him… I fell in love with him all over again and I was thank that he choose me.
Who says dreams don’t come true..or a girl can’t be this lucky to have found the love of her life.. have an amazing life and a beautiful son big and strong like the one called Ikena the terrible.
So many things…so many stories to tell my twins.
I rub my tummy as I hear them kick.
“Soon my darlings, soon”
I slid in beside my husband, he places a kiss to my forehead.
They are laughing.
I smile..
Yes.. peace, love,happiness….home.
This was my perfect ending..

“There is a thing line between love and hate, so there is really no telling when love would happen, but when it does..i hope you are able to see it or feel it at least. Because when you find it, or it finds you? trust me.. it would fight all odds to stay.

Love is a beautiful thing.. but you know what’s more beautiful? Is to find someone to love you as much as you love them, who would fight to keep you as you do them.. who wouldn’t need no extra baggage but just you. Just you. I pray when you find that love -it is true.”
“Friendships are rare, but to have one who stands as a family is not just rare, but unique. Brothers aren’t just by blood, they can be made by circumstances. ..those bonds are thicker than water and can last a life time. When you have that friend..hold on to them like glue..because they are the foundation to unity within.”
“When people come to pull you down, fret not. There is always a higher power who would change your failures into blessings and cause those who have laughed at your struggles to be awed by your upliftment.. God changes things.. you just have to hold on and believe. He changes everything for good”

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~ Stephanie Egberike