Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 55


“What!!” Konami shouted “just five missiles”

“D–n” Idris said “I ordered Farouk not to load the jet with missiles, I wanted the jet to be light”

“Well thanks to you we are about to get killed”

“It wasn’t my fault, did I know we were gonna be pursued?”

“And now you are trying to put the blame on me? You know what, I think you’re too bossy”

“Would the two of you shut the f–k up!!” Natasha shouted from her seat tired of their argument. “There’s a fast approaching missiles after us and all what you guys can do is to argue and put the blame on the other”

“Am with Natasha” shouted Jummy “am too young to die in a plane crash”

“They are right partner” Idris said adding more speed to the jet cause the missiles were already close.

“Common let’s take em down” Konami replied as he quickly aimed the four coming missiles, the remaining one he aimed at one of the fighter jet and let go of all five missiles.

Four of the missiles got the four after them and the last one went after the second fighter jet. The pilot didn’t expect such move, before he could make any escape maneuver..


“Nice one Konami” Idris said with a thumb up.

“Thanks but we still have one fighter jet and we don’t have any more missile”

“Leave that to me” Idris said. The captain that was after them got angry and sent in two more missiles after them.

Idris added more speed to the jet, same did the missiles. When the missiles were close enough, he made the jet did a barrel roll to the left and the missiles passed him by. Then he turned the jet around and started flying straight towards the captain.

The missiles also turned around and were after the Shadows. The captain was confused by the Shadows maneuver and was just looking at them. Before he could process his next move, the shadows jet that was already close to his own jet suddenly rolled to the left. He didn’t have much space left to evade the incoming missiles and before he too could roll away…

The captain’s jet was caught up in a huge flame.

“Wow, I love that move” Konami shouted “where did you learn it from?”

“A video game”

“And did you practice it before in the base?” jummy shouted.

“No” Idris replied.

“Nice one, just don’t get us killed alright?” Natasha who was busy stroking Akuku said.

“Yes mademoiselle” Idris replied.

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Tropical Rainforest, Queensland.

The Shadows landed their jet safely on a cleared spot close to the forest. Each jumping down with a bag that contained his tent.

“Hello” Idris said to his headphone, he was trying to contact his brother in the Shadow base.

“Hello, have you people gotten to the forest?” Farouk asked.

“Yes, just few meters ahead”. Idris replied.

“Alright but know this, I can’t contact you once you’re inside the forest. All you need I have installed in the tablet I gave you. From now you’re on your own”

“Don’t worry bro. This ain’t the first time I am on my own” Idris said as he turned off the headphone. He checked the time, it was already 6:30 am in the morning and the sun will soon be up. The little incident that had happened in daintree with the fighter jets had delayed their time. The little commotion had tempered with their GPS and they had a hard time locating the forest.

“Pitch your tenth everybody before the sun comes out. The sun here is too hot” Idris commanded.

“When are we gonna attack?” Natasha asked.

“First we will rest during the day time and later at night, we will go on with the mission”

The Shadow agents kept quiet and pitched their tenth ASAP. The spot they had pitched their tenth was so isolated that they wasn’t a living soul near by.

“And now what? You don’t expect us to just sit down till it’s time to strike” Konami said.

“Yes, two will go and hunt for the team while two we go and spy on the base. Konami and Jummy, you will hunt while me and Natasha will spy on the enemy’s base”.

“No, I go with Natasha to spy while you and….”

“Common Konami, let’s heed to Idris. He is the senior agent here” Natasha said interrupting konami. Konami was surprised, he couldn’t believe he was cut short by Natasha.

“What the??” He said in surprise.