Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 56


“Am sorry for cutting you short Konami” Natasha apologized “but the thing is, I am tired of your endless arguments.”

“Jummy is a trained spy” Konami insisted “I think she is the right person for the spying job”

“Then think again. Jummy is a spy but you seem to have forgotten that this mission was assigned to no one else but Natasha. That’s why she will spy while you will hunt, do you have any problem with that?”

“No, common Jummy,
We will hunt together” Konami said angrily.

Natasha held the tracking tablet in her hand as she used it to track the enemy’s base. The forest was thick with black flies flying and mosquitoes flying around. For some time, Natasha thought that they were on the wrong track till they almost got to the middle of the bush and what she saw made her gasped. There was a very tall building, not taller than the trees though but it was well guarded. There was an electric fence that surrounds the building and guards could be seen walking up and down the places.

“It seems we have seen the enemy’s base.” Natasha said keeping the tablet device in her bag pack.

“Yes and it is heavily guarded. They have just one entrance and the roof…”

“We can’t sneak into the building from the roof. Everywhere is tight”

“The person that made this building is a genius”

“Yes but seems I have a way we can go in” Natasha said. A military truck could be seen driving out of the base into the forest and they quickly hid themselves.

“Don’t tell me you’re gonna do what I am thinking” Idris said with a smile.

“Oh yes, get your arrows ready” she said bringing out her twin golden silent pistols.

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Konami walked behind Jummy while Jummy was busy doing the hunting. She had shot down over three cassowary {a big bird that looks like an ostrich}.

“I think these birds will be enough for us” Jummy said tucking her gun at the front of her trousers.

“Alright, let’s get back to camp” konami said turning around.

“Wait Konami” Jummy ran towards him as they started walking together “why are you behaving like these?”

“Why am I behaving like how?” He asked Jummy.

“Since Natasha came in, the relationship between you and Idris is erm, should I say taking another dimension”

“What do you mean?”

“It seems you don’t always like seeing Natasha and Idris together because whenever you see them together, you do get…..”

“Just shut the fvck up and mind your fvcking business. Whatever I say or do with anyone doesn’t concern you okay?” Konami shouted as he threw down the birds and walked away.

“Oh boy” Jummy said as she struggled and carried the birds.
“I just pray these two don’t do anything stupid because of just one girl, Natasha”

Natasha and Idris ran very fast through the forest but where silent. Idris dived on a tree and Natasha did same. He quickly brought out an arrow as he aimed at the back tyre of the truck.


He let go of the arrow and it got the truck. He rolled on the grasses and squatted. Natasha did a front flip and jumped Idris. She ran some few meters towards the truck and released two shots from her twin golden silencers. The shot got the second back tyre and the truck came to a halt while she quickly did a barrel roll to the back of a tree.

The truck instantly came to a halt as four men dressed in their uniforms that resembled that of a military came out. only that they had their face fully covered. The men walked straight to the back of their truck and found two bullet holes and one arrow behind.

“D–n, something ain’t right” one of the men shouted. they have all removed their guns looking for their opponents.

“Show yourself coward” they shouted moving foward, each taking a careful step.

Natasha looked at Idris who was standing behind her.

“At the count of three” Natasha whispered with her guns prepared. Idris brought out two arrows too, he was prepared.