Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 57


“Three!!!” They both shouted and rolled out of the tree.

*poow* *poow*
*whoop* *whoop*

They both shot at the guys but the men just stood there looking at them without any sign of pain. The ones that got hit by arrows brought out the arrows from their body and broke it.

“What the?” Natasha exclaimed.

“It seems their uniform is made up of bulletproof. Your bullets and my arrows are useless to them” Idris said.

The four men before then laughed, brought out their guns and started shooting at Idris and Natasha. Natasha wanted to roll and hide behind a tree but Idris caught her by the hand and they both stood as the bullet sprayed on their body.

The four men were surprised that their opponents also had bullet proof vest on.

“What do you say, we are four and they are two” one of them said.

“Let’s take them down” another one replied and they started running towards Idris and Natasha with full speed.

“Why did you do that?” Natasha asked Idris in whispers.

“So that they will also know we have bullet proof vest too”

“And what were you hoping to archive?”

“For them to hopefully come towards us for a hand to hand combat instead of sending for reinforcement” Idris said as he hung his bow behind him.

“Are you ready?” Idris asked Natasha.

“I was born ready” Natasha replied.

As the four men got close, they drew out their knives from beneath their trousers and split up into two. Two against Idris and two against Natasha.

Natasha was carefully. The first tried stabbing her with the knife but she ducked and gave him a low kick to his stomach and he moved backwards. The second guy dashed towards her with his knife too but he was too fast for even his own self and before he knew it, she had given him a spinning kick to the head. The two men smiled, then rushed at her together and Natasha turned back as she started running.

The two men after Natasha were laughing as they thought she was running for her life, they didn’t know she was running towards a tree. As soon as she got close to the tree, she started running on the tree vertically as if her boot had a magnet beneath it. The two men after her stopped in awe, they couldn’t believe it. Natasha had taken five long steps on the three before she squatted, removed her golden twin silencers and threw a very high back flip above them.

*pooow* *pooow*

She released two shots and landed on her right knee. She kept the guns behind her and looked up.

“Two perfect head shots” she whispered.

Idris ran straight to the two guys and did a front flip, still on air, he gave the two guys before him a drop kick and they fell down. They quickly stood up with their knives in place as they made to initiate more attack.

The first one swung his knife to Idris but missed as Idris ducked. The other tried to stab him but ducked, Idris quickly rolled to the left and gave him a direct boot to the head.

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The two guts looked at each other, they nodded at themselves and switched on a button at the handle of the knife. The knife instantly glowed and was filled with electric. Idris understood everything, once the knife touched him, it’s going to shock him.

He waited till the guys were close enough before he rolled behind them, did a double back flip and initiated the SHADOW MODE as he disappeared into the trees.

“Where is he?” One of the guys shouted.

“This isn’t possible, you can’t tell me he just disappeared”

“Then where is he?”

“Over here” Idris said who was at the top of a tree. Before the guys could look up, he released two arrows instantly.

*whooop* *whooop*

He made a head shot like Natasha and found out that their head mask wasn’t all that bullet proof.

“Why all these fuss?” Natasha asked as she came out with two uniforms “we should have just made a head shot and killed them like fifteen minutes ago”

Idris smiles before jumping down from the tree he climbed.
“We could have done that but where is the fun in that?”