Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 58


Natasha and Idris quickly stripped the guards off their uniforms before they disposed their bodies. They entered inside the truck and drove off.

Jummy had a hard time catching up with Konami who was walking very fast. They had gotten to their camp when they found two tall guys dressed with mask and holding guns standing close to their tents.

“D–n, how were they able to locate our camp?” Jummy asked herself as she ducked and hid behind a tree.

“Konami! Konami!!!” She tried calling out but it was too late as konami had angrily walked towards the guys though he had seen them.

“Stop there right now” one of the guys shouted pointing a gun at him.

“Don’t you move an inch, your hands behind your head right now” The other shouted but Konami seems to be on his own angry state as he didn’t listen to them.

They instantly opened fire and where shooting at Konami. Konami quickly rolled on the floor avoiding all the bullets. They switched to his position and started shooting at him. He evaded all their bullets, the little that got to him weren’t able to penetrate because of his bullet proof vest.

He brought out a grenade from his pocket, removed the pin and threw it towards them.


The grenade exploded but the two men were able to run and avoid the explosion in time before it got off. As soon as the smoke died down, they were on their feet looking for Konami but couldn’t see him.

They heard some footsteps behind them, they turned and it seems they saw a shadow ran past them.

“Where did he enter?” One of the men shouted.

“It is not possible for the guy to have disappeared into the thin air” The other replied.

They felt a shadow run past them and they quickly turned to see if they could see Konami but all the same, they weren’t able to see him.

“Show yourself if you’re not afraid to die” They shouted in unison.

“Behind you” Konami shouted and they turned towards him. “I am not afraid to die, but what about you?” Konami asked throwing two pins of grenade towards them.

They looked at themselves and saw two grenades stuck on each of their belts, before they could removed it, the grenade exploded blowing the two men into pieces.

“Nice move Konami” Jummy said walking out of the corner she hid herself.

“Thanks” Konami replied. Just then the truck Idris and Natasha came towards them and halted. At first Konami thought it was more enemies. He quickly removed little bombs from his pocket already ready to strike.

“Chill bro, it’s us” Idris said jumping down from the truck. Natasha also came down with him.

“What happened here?” Idris asked after seeing the mess that the grenades created.

“It seems you both were having some fun” Natasha added.

“Well let’s say Konami had all the fun. So why the truck?” jummy asked.

“The truck is our ticket to our enemy’s base. Common, let’s go in so that you can hear the plan” Natasha said leading the way.

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Time check 11:03 pm.

Natasha, Idris, Konami and Jummy all wore the uniform and they were just like their enemies.

“No matter what happened, we must get those children out of here alive, I repeat, alive” Idris said to all of them.

“No prob, let’s do this” They all replied.

The Shadow agents got into the truck and Idris drove it out of their camp towards the enemy’s base. He had already gotten acquitted to the road so it wasn’t hard for him to locate the enemy’s base.

Idris slowed down as soon as he got the the gate. Some of the guard nearby and those standing on the gate instantly rushed towards him.

“Identify yourself soldier” one of the men said to Idris. Idris brought out an ID card which he showed to the soldier.

“Team D, you guys are supposed to be on patrol till the next day, what are you guys doing here?” The man asked and other guards became alerted as they cocked their guns.