Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 53


10 minutes earlier
Daintree, Queensland
Air force base
An alarm rang off signifying a fast approaching jet. The workers on duty were fast to analyse the fast approaching jet from their base.

“Sir” A flight sergeant called out as she was busy typing on her keyboard “we have a fast approaching jet”

“Hmm, can you identify the jet” the Air commodore said coming closer to her.

“No sir” the flight sergeant spoke out. The other officers were busy trying to identify the jet but couldn’t.

“Can you get me connected with the pilot?” The Air commodore asked.

“Yes sir, I can get you connected with their radio sir” A corporal said as he was already getting it connected.

The Air commodore walked towards him and collected a headphone from the corporal which he wore.

“Air force base, Daintree Queensland. Pilot can you please identify yourself. You’re flying into a restricted zone. Over” The Air commodore said and paused expecting a reply but got none.

“Air force base, Daintree Queensland. Pilot can you please identify yourself. You’re flying into a restricted zone. Over” The Air commodore repeated himself again and waited for five minutes, since he got no reply, he stood up and cracked his fingers.
“Bring down that jet” he commanded.

Idris waited till the missiles were close enough, then he turned the control sharply and the jet did a barrel roll to the right. The missiles passed the jet but it turned back again and started following them.

“I can’t shake them” Idris said as Konami took control from him.

“Jesus!!” Natasha whispered. She just saw the missiles flew past them from her side of the window. She took a glance at Jummy and was surprised. Jummy was very calm and seems to be enjoying everything.

“Cool down girl” Natasha said and closed her eyes. She took in a deep breath and breathed out. She repeated the process for about five minutes and she was surprising calm, very calm not worried about anything.

“That’s the spirit girl. now enjoy the ride” Jummy said smiling.

Konami made a quick barrel roll to the left and the jet narrowly escaped the missile. Konami increased his speed as he got closer to a huge rock that was before him. The missile was fast approaching behind the jet. The jet was just few meters away from the rock when Konami brought down the lever and the Jet flew up instantly. The missiles didn’t have enough distance to follow the jet and instantly got crashed into the rock.

“Nice one partner” Idris said to Konami taking control of the jet from him.

“It was nothing partner”

Natasha smiled to Jummy, she was loving every part of the ride, including the way Konami wisely evaded the missiles.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Jummy said.

“Tell me what?”

“That nothing will happen, this isn’t the first time we are getting into such situation and I am confident it won’t be the last.”

“Yeah babe, you said so” Natasha was about to say something when the alarm began to blow again, only this time worst.

“I am afraid we celebrated our victory too early” Natasha said, resting her back on the seat and fastening her seat belt.

“I totally concur with you babe” Jummy said as she rested her back on her seat too just like Natasha did.

“Holy sh!t.” Idris shouted “what’s wrong with these guys. They are sending fighter jets after us?”

“Maybe they think we are bad guys” Konami quickly replied him “I say we destroy their base”

“No konami, that will only prove that we are bad guys. Lets just concentrate on keeping this Jet safe”

“Hi hi captain” Konami said as he started switching some keys.

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Air Force base.

“Missile one and two is lost sir and the target is unharmed” a flight sergeant shouted.

“Hmm, the pilot is good. I sense danger, those people on board that plane might be assassins” The Air commodore said.

“So what do you want us to do sir?”

“Send in the fighter jets” The Air commodore commanded.