The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 78


Brian can’t breathe .

He can’t breathe..
He is struggling to breathe. .. he is choking. His lungs is closing..
He is struggling to breathe..
“Adora!! Adora! !!” He repeats . His chest is hurting. His head is hurting. Everything is hurting. He lost her. He lost. Her..he lost Adora. .God!!! He can’t breathe.
“I will kill you. .I will kill you with my hands I will kill. You killes Adora.. Adora” he kept repeating painfully.
“You killed her. You said you weren’t going to kill her. You said. ..dammit. you said you were going to leave her for me. You said. ..damnit” John rushes to her and pulls her up. “Damnit you killed her you fxxking asshole. She was supposed to be mine. You ruined it. You fxxking liar ” John shouts at Vampire as he grabs Adora.
Alex and the rest of them are laughing.
“Don’t be stupid. I keep my word. It’s just blanks. Bitch is just knocked out cold. A splash of water would wale her up. Stupid fool..use that tone on me again and I will put a bullet through her heart” he tells John
“What..Blanks ?” Brian asks silently. His eyes are red, tears are all ready rolling down his face.
She is alife. His Adora isn’t dead.
Alex looks at him and bursts out laughing “oh poor pretty boy. Yes! She is alife. For the next five minutes. But… she is going to die. If I change my mind. John, you can taste her for a bit, pass her to my boys too. It has been a long day. I am sure they don’t mind a sweet pussy like hers. Hmm.”
“But…but..she is mine”
He points the gun to John “I said you can fxxk her first. I am generous. But you pass her to my boys. But I need him to watch her pussy being ripped out from it’s walls and see her bleed..I want him to hear her screams..I want you to start or else I will fxxking hang you by the throat.”
John looks at Brian and then back at them..
“Touch her John you are a dead man” Brian hisses.
“How are you going to get to him. With chains around you and there are guns pointed to you..sit back and enjoy the show. Trust me…it is going to be fxxking painful.” Alex laughs. “Get to it chap chap Johnny boy. I hope your John is big enough to cause some damage…or I will kill you if you don’t make her scream and beg for death”
John swallows.
“John…John!!” Brian struggles “JOHN!!!”
“Sir, we are here. Working with Chief Ignonna and Teca. We are a few minutes away from the safe houses..our boys are surrounding the area as we speak. ” he listens “we have no more information yet about your son now sir…yes sir..but we have reason to believe he is still alife. Okay sir.”
The brigadier General cuts the call. He turns to Teca and Igbonna “Mr Andrews and his wife would touch down soon. They need information. Has anyone got any?”
Teca shakes his head. Igbonna too.
“They are about 5 new safe houses. Four of them are all ready surrounded. They are waiting for a go”
“Give them a go. We are close to the fifth”
Teca nods and speaks to the receiver.
“It’s a go. Go go go!!”
Doors are busted in, police officers are swimming into the buildings. Guns are being fired. Girls are screaming and running. Vampire’s men are retaliating.
A few men drop. The gun shots ring into the night.
Another house is busted in miles away. Smuggling mission aborted. Swat team move in. Shuts are being fired. A few men drop. The police sweeps the place.. arresting a few men.
The third house is alert already way into town. They are firing before the police gets to them.
A few escape. They meet their Waterloo from the police men encamped outskirts of the town.
Drugs and weapons were confiscated. Girls rescued.
The fourth house is kicked in. Bomb rings throwing the first officers away. Vampire’s men begin to jump over the fence and running into the buses.
They find them..they surrender when there is no way to run.
They lost no one this raid.
Within 30 minutes all four houses have been secured by the police.
Teca and his team where about ten minutes away from the last safe house.
“Charle, come on Charlie, what is the progress report?”
“Sirs, all four safe houses secured. Drugs,weapons ,all confiscated. Hostiles arrested. We lost a few men. .there’s more. No sign of vampire and now the Andrew. We got a whole lot of client list here. We are going round to make arrest..stop the smuggling party about to head to shore. I repeat , no sign of Vampire and the Andrew here. ”
“Okay. We are five minute out ” they sped.
Ikena speds after them.
“John Damnit !!” Brian screams at him
“John John John…you can’t get your boy up huh?”
John has his trousers down. His hands is inside his boxers as he works himself up.
He is still flaccid.
“Concentrate boy..Concentrate. You don’t like to be watched getting it on. Or you are a tiny like boy called John? ”
“I am trying damnit but you talking isn’t helping.”
‘Little Johnny is shy ” Alex laughs
“I will kill you John and then I will kill you all of you. Vampire you would be the last” Brian hisses. Even if he dies trying , he would make sure they all die together.
“Bla bla bla. You won’ would be long dead ”
“Even if I don’t kill you vampire, he would come for you. He will”
“No he wouldn’t because he had no idea where I am..he has no idea where you are too.”
‘You think?”
“I know”
“He is think he wouldn’t have an idea?”
“He is stupid military to leave you unsupervised. If I were in the army and supposed to be guarding a duck like you. I would put a tracking device on you. ..that way. Where you are I know. See he isn’t smart . Me? I am super smart.”
A tracking device. That is it.
He can use that as distractive bait.
“What makes you think I don’t have one now?” Brian throws the bait. Hope he bites.
Alex stops laughing “You don’t. ”
He throes the bait.
“Want if I do?.”
“If you did. .. your ghost would have been here like ten minutes ago. But he isn’t. ”
“But what If I do though” he looks at John. This causes John to pause. Brian continues.
“The police would be here soon. He would bring down the military. All of you would be fxxked.”
‘The police. The- the milarty ?” John stammers pulling back up his trousers and zipping up.
“Yes. Both.”
“I said you aren’t being tracked. Besides even if you were. It would be in your phone. The most common place to put any tracker. We destroyed it. Back there remember ?”
“What if it isn’t in the phone. What if it is somewhere else?’”
“It wouldn’t be.” Alex frowns
“Come on work with me little vampire the senseless squad. what if though and it is giving a signal right this moment and they are waiting for it to just come in. What if Vampire the smart stupid frog. What if?”
Alex chuckles “even if it were..this ware house is supposed to kill it .why did you think we brought you here? You think because we like the scenery? No!! This ware house is made like an echo. It blocks radars. It dismembers trackers. Well, actually it doesn’t. I was just being dramatic. ” he laughs ” Actually It just has some steel walls. Which means that signals like phone signals, tracker signals. Anything of those sort can’t get in and can’t get out. You can’t make calls within here and neither can you get one in here. It’s steel baby. So even If you are wearing a tracker. .. it’s dead in here and the receiver would be getting nothing. ”
“Well, you should know that technology is advanced these old is this place? A year, five years?.. I think the newer tracker devices can penetrate. Oh. .dear… I wonder what would happen if Ikena does show up. Any time now” Brian screws up his face.
Alex walks to him… he didn’t want to take any chances. “Search him. Anything that looks like anything that doesn’t make sense to you. In fact search his pants, his shoes specifically. Take off his watch. His Belt. Anything that has iron..take it off. And toss it outside. No

make a little fire and toss it in. It would kill any tracking device.”
They come to Brian., strip him. Off his watch ,shoes and belt.
“Go make a tiny fire outside and tosses it in” Mikel tells Chike.
He leaves.
Brian is looking at them.
Of course was no tracking device. He just wants to keep them busy.
Scared them abit.
At least they forgot about Adora for a minute.
He hopes that Ikena must have realised that he was missing and was searching for him.
He hopes that he finds him on time. If not, he hopes he gets to Adora alife .
She was his world. She meant the world to him and even if he dies.
He would die happy knowing that she is safe. John is already fidgeting.
“Maybe.. maybe I should go. We are fine here and. can have him and her…really i don’t want to be here when the law comes. This wasn’t supposed to be like this and …I really didn’t plan this but you all did. Really. .. you all are the bad guys here and I was just robed into all of this.. I think I should just leave and you all can” he nears the door” have fun”.
A shot was fired, it hits the door.
John yelps in fear and turns..
Vampire cocks the gun and points to him again.
“One more step and this goes to your head. And yes, this one’s are real bullets.. get your back here John. Were you not told never to abandon ships before the sailor? ”
John scurries to the wall.
“No no this wasn’t supposed to happen..this wasn’t supposed to happen.” He kept repeating.
He doesn’t want to go to jail. No. This wasn’t supposed to happen..” he mutters under his breathe.
Chike empties a bucket of sand out. Drops a rag he saw lying on a stone. He pucks it up. Throws a few plank of broken wood inside the bucket..he drops the cloth there. He puts his hand into his pocket and takes out a bottle of spirt, He gulps a little and empties the contents inside the bucket and fishes for the lighter.
Brain’s items falls to the ground. He reaches for it and picks them. Struggling to catch the belt as it falls again. He tosses the shoe and the watch inside the bucket. Picks up the belt again and tosses it inside. He lights his lighter. ..
“Fine waste of luxury. ” he sighs as he lights up the bucket and steps away.
He stares at it for a few seconds, and then he turns and walls back into the ware house.
“Done boss”
He didn’t realise something had dropped.
Something small. Something…really small had dropped from the edge of the belt.
A tracking device.
The watch suddenly begins to blink a bright red again.
Ikena’s eyes darts to it…
“Brian?” It was east. . It was coming from east.
He turns the car in one quick swerve ,forgetting Teca and his team.
He knows where Brian was.
Teca and his men were going the wrong way.
Informing them would only delay him.
He steps hard on his paddle.
“God please let him be okay. God please let this be a sign that he is okay”
If he is right.. he is five minutes out.
Teca and the others continue to drive to the fifth safe house.
They enter the street and realise that it is dark.
They come down, in twos and in fours. Circling the house. Guns pulled out. They make their way crawling to the door.
“On my two…”
“It’s empty !!” Sometime bellows. ” the safe house is empty.”
They stand up walking around. Kicking the door in and charging inside to make sure .
“No one is here. It doesn’t make sense. Gillard had said there were five ware houses ” Teca is confused.
“But there is no one here. The other houses have been secured. All of Vampire’s men have been arrested, the survivors though and the girls rescued. Or did he know we were coming ?”
“I don’t know. someone bring that Gillard out”
Gillard was pushed to his knees as he was dragged out. “You said five safe houses. No one is here and Vampire isn’t in any of them. Was he alerted. .did you find a way to send a message to him huh?”
“I know he bought five houses. I don’t know where he is. I don’t”
“You are lying. This wouldn’t help you Gillard. Talk and we can cut a deal” Igbonna tells him.
“I swear I don’t . I don’t know any more.. ”
“Does any of the guys know,the boys we have arrested ?:
He shakes his head “Vampire have loyalist amongst loyalist. Two of those are his right hand men. Chike, the one disguised as Victor Nedum and Mikel. They go everywhere with him.”
“And Chike is the one who he sent to kill Koko?”
He nods “And Mikel took care of the 50 boys”
“So wherever they are…Vampire would be also?”
“Yes. More like wherever Vampire is, they would be. If you don’t find them in a any of these houses.. he is with them. ”
“Where damnit. Give us something Gillard?”
“I swear I don’t know, even Vampire keeps a little surpises to himself. They are the only ones who knows ”
Teca swears.
His phone rings “Yes?”
“You asked for an ABP on Ikechuckwu, the one you call Ikena the terrible? Well out range just got him driving east..apparently he was tailing you guys. But he suddenly just turned at the intersection and is driving east..really fast and furious fast. Do we stop him?”
“No. I think he knows where Brian is.. get us coordinates. Follow him but send us coordinates. ”

Teca begins to run to his car
“What?” Igbonna and the others are running back with him.
“Ikena is chasing a lead. We have to follow him ”
“I thought I told him…”
‘Sir. We want the same thing; to save the Andrews and catch Vampire. Right now…any lead is better than nothing even from he who is supposed to be on probation. We are following Ikena..everyone follow me. And take that piece of shit back to the cell and book him. Everyone..on me ”

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“So now.. you have nothing else to say pretty boy?”
Brian is quiet.
“ more smart talks.?”
“I do..just trying to wonder why you had to go look like wolverine. Your grey should have been black though. Grey makes you look like a grey-joy without the cock”
Vampire laughs ” okay. I am bored with you. I will kill you right now Brian. Then… I will go find this Ikena myself since I know who he is and what he is. It would be fun..i would even send him your head”
He cocks his the gun.
“So that is how our short relationship comes to an end huh?” Brian breathes.
If Ikena didn’t show up till now. Ikena wasn’t going to show up again.
He maybe hasn’t been able to find him.
He looks at Adora. .
“Well…i never like two timers. Ask Juliet, she understands.”
Brian nods…
He tries again ..
Maybe, maybe …
He just tires again.
“Okay but here is one tiny little something you are missing.”
‘What is that?”
“One of his stupid distractions again sir” Mikel says “give me the order and I would shut him up for once.”
“Sssh. Let him speak. A dead man should be given his last wish.”
‘Thank you. You are so generous. So as I was saying…Have you ever wondered why I have a bodyguard ?”
” I you know or even care to ask yourself , why is that this young man got a bodyguard of that calibre. .Ikena the terrible.?”
“What? Your daddy got a little money to spare?”
“Oh… you are smart. But do you know who my father is?”
“Who..some fxxking mongrel? ” Chile laughs.
Brian shakes his head “No baby no. Andrews . The Jonathan Kenekan Andrews. Oil block owner..owner of the J.K Andrews industries nationwide. Friends to the military , even closer friends with the time minister. A man who literally took down a cartel when it dared to kidnap his wife about a few years ago. A man who would raise hell just to make sure you get burned in the balls if you much as touch my hair. If you think that the whole city isn’t out look for me right now, you are the most dumbest dimwitted fxxk I have ever come across..and to think you call yourself the vampire? The vicious and most deadly? You are a disgrace to the villains in all bad fact. .in fact i won’t be surprised all your crew is already being brought down..and if I know who my father is…he fxxking brought down the entire force looking for it is safe to say that Vampire..Aka Alex..and aka. ..dumb fxxk. You and you and you..and you too John are officially fxxked.
You may kill me…fine. but know arent getting out of here alife. Even if you do… I am sure you don’t have any where to hide. Your holes. ..or safe houses if you have any…I bet you that they are no longer standing.”
” You are…Kenekan Andrew’s son..the Jonathan Kenekan Andrews. The Boss?” John chokes.
I stir awake rubbing my chest. The pains sears through my body.
“Oh John…you are the slowest . ” Brian shakes his head.
“That’s a lie.. I have heard of this Kenekan. It was my friend. .who tried to kidnap his wife. I told the fool to wait then till we had a plan together but he refused. He was good riddance to bad rubbish..I was in jail then, in my fresh years. Still very young. He was the one who taught me everything I know. So Andrews, you saying you are really his son. The son?”
“The fxxk? ” Mikel hisses “Boss.. I think we gatto go” fear fills his voice.
“He fxxker is lying ”
“”You think. ” Brian smiles ruefully.
“No…you are saying you are the Boss’s son. The boss of the Boss? Oh..holy shit. You are Brian Andrews. .Andrews. damnit. I should have wonder when I tried to find out details about you we hit a firewall. .oh God oh God..this..this isn’t good. This is not good.”
“You are The Boss’s son?” I choke as it registers to me. Brian stares at me… he nods.
I shake my head. Trying to sit up but my chest hurts. I groan in pain.
“Don’t move Adora. Just lay there ” he says to me. Still on his knees.
“You lied to me” I choked. He shakes his head.
“I didn’t. I just. ..omitted some certain faces but babe I would explain it later. I was going to tell you tonight ”
“You are the son of the owner of the company I work for. The son of…J.K Andrews and you didn’t let me know?” I didn’t believe it made sense..all those times hated him and wanted him gone. Emeka had always said it was out of his hands. That it had to come from the boss.. he-he…
‘”Did Mr Emeka know? Is that why he couldn’t fire you? Is that why you were all arrogant to everyone because you knew it was your father’s company? Is that why you do all you did knowing that you would get away with it. Is that why you wanted to date me.. to prove that you can be someone else and still get the girl. Was our relationship a lie too?” I ask him painfully.
“Adora please” he begs. “No. Never!. .I was rebelling. When we first met. It had nothing to do with you. It was against my father. My reaction to everyone else was just me lashing out..but I learnt. I learnt. I changed. I did Adora. And you..what I feel for you is real. It has always been from the first moment I kissed you. I will never lie to you. Me not saying anything was because my father wanted me to be here on my own without the covering of his name. He wanted me to be independent. he wanted me to learn to be a better person and I did learn. But falling in love with you happened on its own..and I was going to tell you all about it tonight ”
“You lied. Emeka lied. Who else knows.?”
“What..Mr Emeka..he knew? He knew all along ..yet he still wanted you dead? ” John exclaims.
“Mr Emeka wanted to kill Brian. wanted to kill Brian..andl ..oh my God !!” I choke holding my chest.
“Hey hey hey hey…as much as we would want to listen to lovers banter..I am not interested. If you are who you say you are…even better..we can now use you to get air ticket out of this dump anyways. Hey Mikel…go outside and make a call to the safe houses. Check if all is well”
“You believe this guy?” He is doubtful.
“No. But it doesn’t hurt to make sure my merchandise and my sluts and my men are where they ought to be.”
Mikel leaves.
I am staring at shock. John’s face is a mask of my own.
“I swear Sir…I swear Mr Emeka put me up to it. I would…it was the was. I swear it. i would never hurt a fly I would never ” John cries “forgive me….I didn’t mean to Sir.”
Mikel comes back a few minutes later. His look worried.
“No one is picking. No one is picking. ”
“You called all four houses ?”
“Yes Boss. No one is picking. Do you think…do you think he was right.. that the military and the police..the entire force got to us? Do you think..he is really saying the truth. . Boss we are fxxked. Let us go. Let us go now before they come for us” Mikel says fearfully. Chile stares at him and then back at Brian…
“I think he is right Boss..let’s go. Let’s torch this place and GO”
“No. If they got to my men. They may be everywhere . He is the leverage out of this. ” he comes closer to Brian “You made the wrong move Brian. You did”
“No. You picked the wrong son to mess with.’” Brian stares at him in the eye. His jaw granite.
“You know what….I don’t need your money. I don’t need to use you as a leverage. . I hate your mouth you talk too much. I would run mad with you in a getaway car. If your father got to my men. I would touch him where he hurts. .
Brian stares at him..
“Yes..we would torch this place up..with your girlfriend..with you and also with your betrayal of a friend. Then even your daddy cannot be able to bear the pain with all his money.”
“Let’s go boss” Mikel begins to fidget urging him.
‘Do you hear that?” Chile hisses “I hear sirens. Boss…fxxk we gatto go. I hear sirens.” Chike runs to the door. Peering out. It is dark.
“I hear sirens. We gat to leave”
“No without killing this fxxker ” Vampire, his face a mask of anger now..
“No..please” I beg from the floor “please don’t .Please.!!”
“Hear her begging for you. Even after lying to her..that tears is one of love. Her cries. She loves you man. But too bad you both wouldn’t be lucky to enjoy it. I hope your daddy never gets healed from this pain.”
He cocks the gun.
“This time Brian, no more word. This time you die..” he blows him a kiss.
Someone whistles behind him
They turn. ..
Ikena comes out of the shadows…
“I think he just told you that you messed with the wrong son. You should really listen when you are spoken to. Hello Vampire. .. we meet again. ” Ikena smiles.
Vampire turns to him fully, a huge smile on his face. .
“Ah..Ikena the terrible. You do make a grand entrance. Welcome. Here to watch the show? ”
Ikena steps out even more..
“Ah no. But i am infact here to begin about we do this like men. Let the kids watch” Ikena winks at him.
Brian releases a sigh of relief.
“Ahshole. long enough” he exhales.
Ikena smiles ” I had to make a stop and want off to the sscent of this cockroaches. Sorry Sir..but not to worry. .your father brought the A-Team. The whole places is swarming with the police and military bees. Now Vampire…shall we begin. No toys. Toys are for babies. ”
Vampire drops his gun.
“No one shots. ” he tells his boys..
As he walks towards Ikena, Ikena tosses his too.
“Shall we dance then?” He makes make a fighting stance..and beckons to Ikena.
Ikena smiles.. “Ah..yes!!”
To be continued.


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