Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 52


The gates were opened and Idris ignited the engine of the jet. Konami quickly pressed some buttons on the jet and held a lever.

“All engines are online” Konami said to Idris.

Idris pushed a button and the jet started moving out of the gate slowly, it passed the gate into a lane that was constructed by the shadow agents and Idris increased the speed of the jet.

“Weather is nice, speed is OK. We are ready for take off” konami said and Idris gave the go ahead. He brought down the lever which he held and the jet glided straight into the sky.

Natasha felt light, it was as if she wasn’t feeling her weight.

“Hey what’s up?” Jummy who sat beside her ask. The jet was meant for four people only and was divided into two compartments. The first was for the pilot and the co pilot and the other was for just two passengers.

“Feeling nervous” Natasha replies her.

“Yes, it is natural to always feel nervous on your first mission. And it seems you haven’t been on a jet before?”


“Don’t worry, you will get used to it. Seat belts on, the ride is gonna be bumpy”

The jet was high in the sky. Gliding at an alarming rate. That was how Idris and his co pilot loves controlling a jet. They had flew over the city, over some rivers and mountains before Idris slowed down the jet.

He brought out the tablet device that was given to him by Farouk and gave it to konami. Konami connected the tablet to the jet with a USB cable. He opened the map on the tablet and clicked on Daintree, Queensland and switched the jet to autopilot mode.

“That will do, we will be there in the next twenty minutes” Konami said.

“Alright, why don’t we grab a cup of coffee” Idris said as he removed his seat belt and stood up. Konami did same and they moved to the second compartment of the jet.

Akuku was playing with Natasha and Jummy when Idris and Konami came in with two cups of coffee in their hand. Idris had wanted to give Natasha the one he held but was surprise as Konami quickly overtook him and gave the second cup he held to Natasha.

“Thank you Konami” Natasha said collecting the cup from him. Idris gave the second cup of coffee to Jummy.

“Thanks” Jummy said and collected the cup from him.

“So with the both of you here, who’s controlling the jet?” Natasha asked after sipping her coffee.

“Don’t worry Natasha” Konami quickly replied “the jet is on autopilot mode. We will be arriving our destination very soon”

They were quiet for a while, each drinking his coffee. Idris nodded his head at Akuku and it went out returning with some ripe bananas which it started eating.

“Why don’t we play chess?” Idris suggested.

“Yeah nice idea” jummy quickly said “who’s ready to loose to me?”

“Well, I don’t really know how to play that game” Natasha said.

“You get to watch and learn from us” Idris said bringing out the chess board.

Ten minutes later,
They were busy playing chess when a red light started blinking from within the jet accompanied with the sound of an alarm.

“D–n, something isn’t right” Idris said as he jumped up and ran to his seat with Konami following him from behind.

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Idris and Konami pressed some button and soon discovered the cause of the alarm, two missiles were fast approaching their jet at an alarming rate.

“We got two missiles on our tail. Seat belts on everyone” Idris said to a device transmitter.

“Two missiles” Natasha said as sweat began to run down her face. She was scared, even if she had wanted to die, it wasn’t through a plane crash.

“Fear not sweety” Jummy said with a smile. “This is even the part I love most”

“This girl is crazy, this girl is crazy” Natasha kept murmuring to herself.

The red light was now very bright and the alarm very high.

“Common Konami, let’s roll” Idris said to Konami who had an evil smile on his face.