The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 77


Ikena is dailing as he speds on the highway.
“Come on come on come on” he tries Teca’s number. It isn’t connecting.
He looks at his watch.
“Fxxk!!” He didn’t notice that the red tracking light for Brian had stopped blinking.
‘Damnnniittt !!” He hits the wheel as he turns at a rounder-about.
There was traffic at the cross section “Move …move your cars. Get out of the way!” He bellows as he speds past once the traffic clears.
He stares at the watch again.
“Be okay Brian. I am coming. If you are alife. Hold on. I am coming. Ikena is coming. ”
At J.K Andrews Construction Company..

“Sirs.. Sirs we are closed you can’t enter into the building ” Ruth stops them. She was on her way out.
“Move” Teca nudges her gently as they make their way to Emeka’s office.
“Sirs..Sirs? “She follows them as they make their way to Emeka’s office.
Teca kicks his door open. Emeka turns sharply .
“what in the world. Who gave you…get out of my office before i sue you. How can you just barge into my office like that just when I am about to leave and-”
Teca takes two steps to him and then grabs him by the collar and slams him hard against the wall.
“Easy Teca” Igbonna tells him
Ruth is scared all of a sudden ,unsure what she would do…”Sir… do I. .call the police? ” she stammers.
Igbonna looks at her. She takes a step backwards. They are the police. She knows but… oh God.

She bites her lips. What did Emeka do now. Who should she call.?
The few people who were at work today had gone home.
She stares at them.
Teca hisses close to Emeka’s face.
“Firstly. . You are going to be arrested for lying to a police officer ”
‘Lie about what. Put me down. I will have your jobs. You are harassing me ” he struggles ” a citizen. But I know my rights. I will have your you know who I you know who I work for. He would have your heads.”
‘”Oh really now? Yes we do know who you work for you piece of shit. How about we tell him that you lied to us about where his son went today huh.?”
“Lie..son. what are you talking about?”
“Give us the address of the client you sent him to. I won’t ask again”
”I don’t know what you mean.. I told you he went to …”
Another slam to the wall causes his head to ring in pain…
“Harrison Ekeweme. . Give me the address of the”
‘”I don’t understand . ” Emeka coughs.
Teca pulls one of his hand away from his collar and draws it backward.. he was going to punch Emeka’s face in if he acts as if he doesn’t know what he asked.
“Give me the address of the client who asked to see Brian and John. That is all I want. You lied to us that you didn’t know where he was and sent us on a wild goose chase didn’t you? ”
“No no..I. .erm..oh.. I forgot. I did..oh.. that client. He came with a proposal for the company and said he wanted a designer and a supervisor and asked for them. He said he would meet them at his hotel and’

‘”The address? ” Teca thunders.
“Let me write it down for you. Let me

..please. I forgot..I didn’t lie to you”
“Drop the man Teca. ”
Emeka lands on his back. Groaning he gets up and begin to scribble it out.
Teca takes it and turns away “I have a feeling you have more hands in this than what you say. But no time to question you. Don’t leave the premises or better yet give us your address and go home. When all this is over.. you might have some questions to answer. Give me your card with your home address. Now ”
Emma quickly pulls one out from his wallet and gives it to him.
They leave him.
“Sir, are you okay? Is there anything I can do.. should I call anyone? “Ruth goes to him.
“Get out . Get out. !!”
She scurries away.
He begins to pace the length of his office. This was bad. This was very bad. If this police officer suspects him. It was bad.

If they get to the hotel and find Brian dead. It was bad.

If they find John and drill him. John would also robe him in to save himself. It would be bad. Really bad.
He cannot let that happen.
No. If they get to that hotel and catch John..
They would find out that he also wanted to have Brian killed. He cannot be here.
What if they tell Brian’s parents that he had somehow had a hand in this?.
No. He cannot be here like a seating dock waiting for them to come back for him.
Once they get to that hotel. Once they find Brian dead…it would blow all over.
If they catch John..
They would come for him.
He needs to get away. Yes. He needs to.
He grabs his phone and dails the accountant’s number.
“Yes Sir?”
“I need you to make some transfers to me. The Boss ordered it. ”
“How much Sir?”
‘”About a billion naira. He wants to transfered to an offshore account. He said something about some oil reverses he needs distributing and stuff. ”
‘”I would need to get clearance and besides I can’t do that major transfer till monday”
‘”Do half of it then today. Like now”
“But banks and all that are closed.”
”There are always backends to bank on weekends. They work inside. Call the bank. .let them know Mr Andrews needs the transfer ASAP.”
“”Okay Sir”
He needs to book a flight within the hour. He would be far away before it all blows over. Good thing his wife and children are out of the country for a holiday. He just needs to tell them to stay awhile longer. When he is safe..he would get them to him.
He grabs his key and his briefcase. He exists his office in a hurry before the company shuts down for the day.

Enroute to the hotel..
“Yes,I’ll hold” Igbonna says over the phone.
Teca stares at him. “Don’t you think we should wait?”
“No. We don’t know what we are going to find. We best inform them. ”
Teca sighs.
Ikena!!! Where the bloody hell are you?
Teca thinks to himself.
“Yes Sir Mr Kenekan Andrews Sir, my name is Igbonna Perez, Chief Inspector of police. Port Harcourt chapter. District 107, Incharge of the quarters in this region and outskirts of it. I have a delicate information I’ll like to share with you. I am told you are out of the country at the moment. And I had to bypass protocols and go through the Abuja chapter to get clearance from Chief Anthony General to give you this call. It is about your son. I believe he is in danger with one of Port Harcourt’s ruthless criminals which have somehow been able to evade the police for five years. We think he has your son …but we have gotten some information of his whearabout and we are on our way to the scene and we hope- Sir. Sir are you there Sir?”
“What happened ?” Teca asks as Ignonna takes the phone away from his ears.
“He cut the call”
“What does that mean?”
Igbonna shakes his head “What do you think?”
“Dammit! ! We have to pray that boy is alife. ”

” Get the jet ready to fly now. Where is the pilot? Get him up. Or get me another who is available. We are going back to Nigeria right now. Destination is Port Harcourt. I want to be there today”
Damilolo rushes out of her room hearing her husband’s voice.
“What is wrong Kenekan. Why are you shouting. Who are you shouting for. Where are you going to?”
“I said now Gbeka. Now.!!” He cuts the call.
“Jonathan I am talking to you”
‘They have my son.”
‘”What?who. Who has my son Jonathan? ” she grabs his shirt “what do you mean? ”
“Some criminal. A police chief just called me from port Harcourt. ”
“But how did he call you. They have to go through…”
”He did. To tell you that it is a serious matter. They connected the call from the Abuja office and past my PA to get to me. Brian is in trouble with some criminal the police haven’t been able to catch for years or so. They have my son and I must go.”
‘”Do they want money. How much? Give them. My Brian.. Jesus”.
“”He didn’t say. He just said Brian is in trouble and they are going to the scene and-”
“Scene? Hail!!! My son. Is he dead. Did they kill my son? Hail!!” She throws her hands over her head and is wailing.
“Calm down woman. I am going there right now…you just have to stay and-‘”
“You lie Kenekan you lie. I am coming with you. No. I am..” she rushes inside to grab her bag.
He follows her. “I don’t need you to panic Lolo. Stay here. I will give you news..we don’t know if this is the work of our enemies. You don’t know if he is being kidnapped and want to be used for ransom. What if they come for you too. It is better you are safe here. I will go to Nigeria and make sure our son is safe or know what has happened to him.”
“Kenekan, I don’t care. He is my only son. My life. My boy. If you think I would sit back here and wait for news? You don’t know me at all. I am coming. I am. I will not have peace of mind till I know how my son is. If he is alife or dead. If they want money. I will give them. I just want my son. You can’t ask me to can’t. ”
The knock disrupts them. “Sir, we are ready” His security details tells him.
“”Okay” he opens the door “escort Mrs Andrews to the Jet.. then get me the Chief Inspector General of police on the line. Get me the Field Marshal General from the Army. Get me the securities officials in the city. I want all of them to meet in Port Harcourt as I land. They should liase with the Chief Superintendent of police in Port Harcourt as he is going to find my son.”
‘”Yes sir. ”
“Belted up. Ready for take off Sir” the pilot says over the overhead phone for them to hear.
‘How long will it take ?”
“This air travel distance is equal to 4,487 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Maldives and Nigeria is 7,221 km= 4,487 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Maldives to Nigeria, It takes 8.01 hours to arrive. ”
“When do we get to Nigeria ?”
“”Before midnight” he checks his time
‘”And to Port Harcourt?”
“Within same hour”
‘”Start flying then”
He leans back. Damilolo is restless. He reaches for her hand.
“Relax. Let us pray he is fine”
“He better be”
“If he isn’t, i will raise that city to the ground fishing who ever did it out. I promise you”
She is crying and then her lips are moving. He knew she was praying.
He turns away, closing his eyes briefly.
“God, Please,protect my son. .please “. He prays.
I groan, stirring awake. I blink a couple of times trying to allow my eyes adjusts to where I am.
I blink again. I see them, two now. They are laughing and talking.
I recognise his voice. John.
The other one must be the grey-haired man.
I move to the side not of my own free will.
Am I being carried or in a car. Not sure. a car. The car must have turned at a sharp bend.

Where are they taking me to? Where is Brian?
“Brian” I mutter.
“She still calls his name even in her sleep. She must love the pretty boy” i heard the other person say.
“Too bad..she wouldn’t be seeing him again after today and loving him ever. ” I heard John reply him “I would have her all to myself and do what the hell I want”
“Brian,where is he?” I struggle to open my eyes. I am weak.
“Shut up!!”
I feel a hand over my nose again.
Then again, nothingness .
Ikena jumps out of the car, pulling his gun out of the compartment and begins to run into the hotel.
“I need the room Harrison Ekweme checked in?”
“Sir..” she backs away holding her hands up.
“No. Don’t be scared..I am military. I just need the room a certain person with the name Harrison Ekweme checked into. He was supposed to receive two clients here today. Brian Andrews and John Efegor. Please check ”
Fear is still in her eyes

“Check Dammit !!”
Everyone walking past is scared. They are scurrying away.
“Don’t worry. I am with the force. Just be calm.. okay. I am with the force. ”
” Room 58 Sir.”
“But Sir you have no right to barge into a customer’s room without a warrant Sir. Sir? ?”
Ikena is out of earshot as he makes his way, ignoring the lift as he takes the staircase two at a time to get there.
The receptionist is calling the management of the hotel to inform them.
Teca and the others pulls to a stop at the entrance of the hotel. The siren blaring loudly as they jump out, guns out as they rush into the hotel.
“You too. Stay here and guide the peremeter. Take your team. I am heading in there with Chief with” Teca and Igbonna head into the hotel.
The receptionist is talking with some men in suit who just alighted from the lift.
“And he just ran up to their room and didn’t wait for me to ask him any questions. ” She narrates.
“Call the police someone. Now. We don’t know who he is and we haven’t been alerted of any situation in the hotel. Whoever he is must be a criminal ” A man thunders.
Teca and a few policemen with their chief walks up to them.
“Chief Ignonna , Superintendent of police. Here are my officers, Teca , in charge of homicide. We are here to ask that you kindly let us know which room a client of yours is staying in. Harrison Ekweme. We believe he is a deadly criminal and is about to carry out another Criminal act in your hotel. Also, have any men in the identities of Brian Andrews and John Efegor been here?” They all flash them their badges.
“Criminal? We don’t harbour Criminals here Sir. We weren’t told of any criminal activities. This is a hotel with good customers without Criminal records who patronise us. We check them out to make sure they have no bad run-in with the law. There must be a mistake.”
“There is none. How do you know when the person you are running a check on already have a change of identity that is clean as a pure white silk? Harrison Ekweme is a vicious, ruthless criminal , without a heart and he has kidnapped two innocents right under your noses. Now.. if you will please give us his room number. Do not alert him to our presence ..just give us the number and we would take it from there. We have a team of policemen outside to help calm the situation and we hope this goes as smoothly as we imagined but even if it doesn’t …I would advice that you remove all customers from the floor that he is in so they are safe. ”
“What’s the room number ?” Teca throws in
“Er… room 58″
‘Thank you. On my team guys. . Let’s go. Sir..?”
Igbonna pulls out his gun “Let’s go”
They all take the lift, 10 of them, each five on both sides.
“Do as the officers say, evacuate all customers from that line. Oh God help us!!” The management tells the front desk.

Ikena takes a minute to catch his breath. .
Once he is on the floor, he begins to run, nearing the door he pauses. . Trying to listen in.
He hears nothing.
He looks at the floor. He can see red dots on the ground. He bends and touches it,
“Blood. Whose?”
He straightens up, counts one to three, he moves back and kicks the door open. Ready to shot the five hostiles down as he has his gun pointing into the room.
Left. Right. Center.
No one is here.
He is standing in he middle of the room , a small pool of blood marked the center rug.
The door swings back on its hinges and shuts.
He didn’t take his eyes off the blood .
“Brian!!” He mutters. His chest begins to hurt.
Teca and Igbonna, with eight of the other policemen make their way to the room.
Making eye contacts, using sign language to communicate.
They are infront of room 58.
They all pull back. All guns pointing to the door.
“On my mark, one…two” Teca began “Three” he kicks the door open..they all rush in with Guns pointed.
“Drop your weapon ,raise your hands and turn around. Slowly..” Teca shouts “This is the police. Drop your weapon and raise your hands high so I can see them. Turn around, slowly.”
Ikena doesn’t turn. His eyes doesn’t leave the blood.
Is he dead. Did they kill him already. Is he still alife?
was this his blood? Or someone else? Is Brian still alife.
Where are you.
Did I come late. Again. Just like he did for his brother and father.
Did he show up late again and it was too late to safe Brian. Just like it was top late to safe his brother and father. Too late to safe Juliet. Too late like those women and children.
His heart contrite in pain, his fist is folded and his other finger touches the trigger.
I will kill you Vampire. I swear it.
If you killed Brian. Run. Run for your life because nothing can be able to keep you away from me..
“I said drop your weapon ..!!!” Teca shouts.
Ikena turns slowly. .
“Ikena!!” Teca breaths “Jesus!! What the fxxk.??” He exclaims “he is with the force. Drop your gun.. ” he enters the room,they all enter and look around.
“No one is here. ” someone says looking around”
“But a few where here. See the glasses. The wine bottle.” Another says pointing at the table.
Ignonna walks up to Ikena “You are Ikechukwu?”
He says nothing. His chest is burning.
Where could they be. Where could they have taken him?.
“Why do you have a weapon? You are military. Military on probation. Why the fxxk do you have a weapon and what are you doing in a crime scene?”
No answer.
Where could they have taken him to. Was it to deposit the body? Is he still alife. That has to be his blood? Or was it John’s.
Where could they be?
“I am talking to you!!” Igbonna charges
Teca comes to them “Boss.. he is leaving. ”
‘Not without giving me an answer he is not. And then again…did you see what happened here? ” he points at the blood.,Teca follows his eyes.
“Jesus”‘ he mutters
Ikena looks at the blood.
Where does he go to find him. ?
That tracking device. Did they find it? Did they take it off? How come he isn’t able to see it blinking again.
He needs to find him. He needs to find Brian. Even if he has to comb the entire city to light. He would find Brian, dead or alife.
He wouldn’t leave him. No.
He wouldn’t.
He made to leave,Igbonna blocks him.
“Where the hell do you think you are going to? And with a gun.. you are going to get court Marshalled you know that right? I am going to report you. You are supposed to be on probation and yet you are carrying a weapon and seen in a crime will be court Marshaled for going against a direct order from your brigadier.”
Ikena looks at Igbonna as he stops him, his eyes cold.
“Excuse me!!”
“Move. You can do what the hell you want and see if I give an actual fxxk. That kid was placed under my care. You think I am going to sit back and see that he is in danger? You have another think coming. Move. ”
“You aren’t going away with that gun. ”
“I don’t need it” he drops it. “I have hands”
“You aren’t going anywhere Ikechukwu, that is a command. Not until you answer to your charges. You will go back outside and remain away from this case until we take it you up on proper displinary channnels”
“Sir” Teca steps in
His boss shakes his head “You told me he isn’t in this case..he knows the consequences of his action. ”
“Yes sir. But..”
Ikena turns away. He has no time for this.
He made for the door ” if you take another step I would arrest you!!”
“You can try. At this moment chief, you do not want to irk me in the lest”
“Detain him!” Igbonna gives an order.
Ikena ,bloodshot eyes looks at each and everyone of them.. eyeing their weapons.
“let me make this easy for you. You know me..but…you should find out about me before you take that order. Not mincing words I would make each and every one of you regret that decision. Weapons or no weapons. Now, who wants to come first?”
Teca shakes his head “No one..please. stand down everyone.”
If Ikena was in this state, with that look in his eyes which screams danger? It meant that

He literally meant every word he says, and for the officer’s sakes , they had better listen to him.
“Chief!! Come on, we came to find the Brian Andrews and catch Vampire not detain anyone. We are all on the same team here”
Chief looks at Ikena. “We would deal with this later”
Ikena is heading out of the door. “We know his Base Ikena. Don’t worry. We would find out where Brian is in-” Teca talking
“Give me the addresses. Now!!” Ikena walks back to him.
“Sorry man I can’t. You almost got bundled up out of here. Go home. We would handle it. Please .”
“Are you going to give me the addresses or not?”
“No. You are going to leave and go back home until you hear from me. Dude you are going to be court Marshalled for fxxk sakes. Get the hell out of here”
Ikena turns away and continues to walk out.
Teca enters into the room “I need a blood test done on that. The room swept for Finger prints. Get a forensics team for that. Hopefully whoever owns the blood is still alife. The rest. Let’s go find those safe houses. Vampire should be in one of them. ”
“Send some team to go to the various addresses ahead of us. We need to divide and conquer ” Igbonna tells him.
“Yes Sir.”
“If they find Vampire in anyone. They should alert us and do nothing till we get there”
“Yes sir” Teca speaks into the receiver as he gives orders
Ikena comes out seeing the place full with police officers, military men. He goes out through the other entrance. .going down the stairs and jumping to the other side to get to his car.
He didn’t need another delay again.
He sits in his car, takes out another gun and places it on his thighs.
He stares at his watch..
Come on. Come on.
He didn’t see the tracking device on the floor of the hotel.
That meant it was still on Brian. But how come it isn’t reading..? Was it being blocked of some sort?was the signal faded?
He puts his car on drive and waits. He needed to be ready.
As soon as he sees Teca and his boss come out. He waits.
He sees as a new team of officers and Military men walk to them as they all alight from about 5 different cars.
They are talking and explaining to them,pointing to the hotel and then showing them a map.
Ikena didn’t need to know who they were and why they all came.
The Andrews must have been told. They were bringing down the city if Brian wasn’t found.
He waits till they enter the cars and begins to sped into town. He follows them.
They would lead him to Brian.

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Mikel groans as he drags Brian out of the car and carries him into the ware house.
He dumps him on the floor and unzips the bag pushing him out. he touches his neck. He was still breathing.. he checks his head,
“That Is some nasty injury ” he frowns as he walks away. Leaving him there as he goes to make a call outside. .

“Boss, we are here. ” he says.
“Good. Be with you in a few. We are a few minutes behind”
“Okay” he cuts the call and grabs a bucket of water, going back into the ware house and tosses it’s contents over Brian’s face.
Brian stirs awake as he struggles to breath. He winces in pain as he touches his head.
“Get up pretty boy. Nap is over. On your knees”
Brian brings his hand to his face and sees blood. “Fxxk!! ” he swears.
Mikel smiles as he perches on a wooden table. His gun visible he stands and stares at Brian…
“Yeah. I did say that was a nasty wound didn’t i?”
Brian struggles to his knees.. blinking a few times to adjust himself to the place he is in.
It was a sort of a house. A ware house maybe .
He looks around. It is dark save for the overhead light coming from a bulk that was dangling side by side. There were containers everywhere.
Where the hell was this place? . He tries to listen.
It is quiet outside.
Most definitely not close to anything remotely human.
“So, I have a question. Who does he like better? You or the other guy with the fxxked up face?” Brian smiles. “The way I see it, you are his lap dog who barks everytime he says so and Chike. ..the one he gives the butters and heavenly delight. I mean.. he sent you with me right, to do the dirty jobs and Chike gets to do the easy jobs right? Nothing new? Am I right or am I right? ”
Mikel frowns. He hears the screams of those 50 boys again. He shakes it from his head.
“Shut up”
“Oh I hit a chord didn’t I? You don’t like him that much your boss right? Tell me… what thing did he make you do that you hate him for. Tell me”
“I said shut up”
“Did he make you kill your wife? Father. Come on you can tell me, I keep a secret. Your son? Your friend’s kids.. children.? ”
Mike leaves his spot and comes to Brian pointing a gun at him

“You know nothing. So shut the fxxk up before I pull the trigger ”
Brian watches him for a moment. “Nope. You wouldn’t pull the trigger. You know why,because your boss would fxxk you up. Know why? He wants me alife. So you are just a loyal lap dog who is going to do all the hell he wants and at this moment, I can bet that I mean a lot more than you right now don’t I?’”
“Shut up!!”
“How much blood you got on your hands. Do you sleep well at night? Do you hear them calling for your head. How do you go home to your family knowing that you kill people on a daily. Do you even have a family. How do your children feel knowing you are a monster? Do you have a son? I pray he sees the kind of monster you are…. i pray he never gets to fall by the same hand which you have killed others all in the name of loyalty and lap dogs and a life of luxury! !” Brian spat
He was throwing a bait.
Come closer. Just come a little but closer Mikel
Mikel steps closer..
“You don’t talk about my son. You don’t. He would never know. He would never be a partner to this life..never! He is safe..protected and away from this”
“Why you kill other boys yes.”
There was something in Mikels eyes “Ah…so you have killed boys have you not. That look that flashed in your eyes… is that regret. Is that remorse? He told you to right, what does he do… nothing but gives orders right? You know People like that get to run and disappear when the rock hits.. and it’s you ,chike…that fool John who remains at the buttom. You are the ones who would bear the burnt of it. Think about it. You want to be the one taking the punishment ? You don’t need this. ”
“Shut up. Alex…Alex takes care of his own. ”
‘You say that

though you don’t believe it. ”
“Shut up”
“Why don’t you make me?”
Mikel gets even closer “I swear I would shot you”
‘I bet my left balls you would be dead as soon as I hit the floor. Know why, your loyal Master would put a gun through you because if he wanted me dead immediately, I wouldn’t be here and neither would you be babysitting me. Now …how about you tell me a bed time story nanny Mikel? ” Brian smiles.
Mikel angrily reaches for him to drag him by the collar and maybe slam him to the wall.. but he thinks otherwise and punches Brian across the face hard.
Then he grabs him again.
Brian is eyeing the gun, the one Mikel had behind him that was John’s gun.
He just has to reach for it.
And then…
“Play nice boys” someone says behind them.
Mikel freezes. He let’s go of Brian. Brian drops his hand immediately and swears.
He wipes his nose. It was bleeding. He spat.
Alex walks in with Chike and then with John who has a stupid smile on his face.
“I told you to treat pretty boy nice, I didn’t tell you to manhandle him”
Mikel steps away.. “Sorry boss. The fxxker had a bad mouth.”
Brian laughs ‘Ah. The loyal dog. I told you so.” He winks at Mikel.
He turns to them, still on his knees.
“Glad for you to join us…” Brian says.
“Didn’t your mother teach you how to treat a guest? Leaving me with your dog? He is an inkita dog that one. Useless breed. A rottweiler would have been nice. He…easy break. I already know that he hates you. . You had him kill boys and he has nightmares. You should pick your team wisely , the fool is a giveaway. I bet the one behind you with the fxxk up face would be a cat. Scares easily. ”
Chike sneers at him,Mikel curses and John is shaking his head. “And he isn’t scared. The fool isn’t even scared.”
“I am a tough nut to crack Johnny boy. ” Brian tells John, then he looks at Alex.
“One question… Did your parents not love you enough? Is that why you are this messed up? I have a perfect place for you” he wipes his nose again ” A place for disturbed adults. The stray jacket would fit you nice. Maybe we can get you some fake daddy and mummy to pat you to sleep, yes?”
Alex is smiling as he walks to him.
”So Brian Andrews, the one who got away”” Alex is standing over Brian, who is bleeding from his nose. His cloths were stained with blood. He noticed the head injury.
”And you are who, the ripper?” Brian teases.
Alex laughs ”Well, I like the devil but its okay, you can call me Vampire” he laughs ”So I have a question, the person, the one who saved you from being killed by my boys, what is his name?”
”Why? Does he tickle your fancy, you want a threesome with me you and him ?” Brain asks.
Alex laughs, so did Mickel and Chike, they are standing behind him, John is by the corner, he has a smile on his face.
Tonight was the night Brian dies…Tonight, there was no saving him.
John chuckles.
Oh wait till he gives Emeka the information. He would flip.
”Name?” Alex asks him again.
”come close, maybe if I whisper it to you, you can cum even faster”
Alex smiles, the next minute his fist makes contact with Brian’s jaw, Brian groans in pain, spitting out blood he laughs. ”You even punch like a girl Vampire, maybe we should call you little willie-willie yes? For all the fear you put into people, you are a disgrace, I didn’t feel a thing” Brian spat.
”Oh, maybe you would feel this. ” Vampire says ”Bring in the package, I would have it with a cold ice tea and meat on stake” he smiles “but first, chain the fxxker up”
”What package?” Brian frowns as Vampire steps away from him. He spits out blood from his bleeding mouth again. he winces in pain as he feels his head injury ache with pain.
”Oh patience son, you will see”
Chike leaves them for a few minutes.
John is running his hands together in excitement..he is whistling.
Mike grabs chains and then ties Brian with it as Alex points him the gun.
The door opens and in was dragged in someone blindfolded.
”Let me go, let me go!!!” she cries out
”Adora!!” Brian gasps, as he struggles trying to get to his feet with the chains on his body… ”I will kill you, I will kill you if you touch her, let her go damnit, you have me, do what you want with me but let her go”
”Oh, not such a hard macho boy are you now eh?” Alex laughs.
“I swear to God Vampire. .let her go” Brian charges to him.
Alex punches him down , Mikel grabs him and pulls him back with the chains.
Alex goes to the blindfold Adora, he grabs her face and forces his lips on her as she screams and trashes about, with a quick reflex, he slaps her causing her to hit the ground, she grabs her face, she is crying.
”Please let me go, I beg you, I never did anything to you, I beg you please. Brian, Brian ?” she cries out stretching out her hands which is tied to her, she cannot see with the blindfold covering her eyes. “Brian. I heard his voice. Is he here.. Brian. John I swear to God.. if you hurt him”
John is laughing.
‘Damnit!!! I will kill you I swear it Vampire, let her go!!” Brian is struggling .
Alex licks his lips and turns to Brian who has glistening tears in his eyes.
“Let her go!! She has nothing to do with this” he reasons with him
Alex laughs.
”Oh no Brian, I would do the killing, I just need a name, a name …where is he, this he which feels like a roaming ghost hover head, like two steps ahead of me, I want to know who he is and what he is and I want you to tell me….who the fxxk is he..i want a name Brian or else I would start by ripping the cloths of your pretty girlfriend here, then when I am done slamming into her tight cute virgin pussy, I will pass her to my boys here but first I will give her to John here, you remember John?Yes, he would have a taste of her and you are going to watch it and when we are done, I will rip out her tongue and breast and clit and stuff it down her throat and I would make you watch how my dogs would feast on her carcass…now who the fxxk is he who keeps thwarting my plans…who?”
“Oh I see the shock on your face. How I know she is a virgin? I slipped my hand undress her dress to see how pretty she looks while she was knocked out. And viola. Pretty boy’s girl is still a goody-two-shoes girl. Oh…the joy it feels to tear down the walls of a hymem is too exciting I got a hard on. I almost wanted to have her there and then Johnny boy was grumpy. He wants to be the first. ” he laughs.
“Don’t touch her. Don’t. God I will kill you. ”
“Who is he..come on” Alex inquires again.
Brian shakes his head ” You have me..what else do to want? Let her go. Forget him and you have what you want with me. I won’t fight with you.’”
“Name damnit! !!”
“Let her go first !!”
“Give me his name or I swear to God the next question goes with a bullet through her heart.” He says “Get that bitch up Chike. Get her up. So that he knows I am not ready to mess with him. Give me a fxxking name”
Chike drags the thrashing Adora up. He pushes her to the wall and leaves her.
“Please.” Brian begs.
‘”A name.”
‘”Brian?” She calls out
“I am here please. ..I won’t let anything happen to you I won’t. .” He shouts to her hearing.
Chike slaps her hard across her face and then drags her up to the wall again again she screams.
“Damnit okay. .okay. ..please. let her be. Please damnit.please ” Brian sniffs. Struggling
“Chike” Alex calls his name ” tell me who he is, I won’t ask again”
”Ikena..his name is Ikena, now let her go”
”No, who is he damnit, I know his name is Ikena , that much I got from your friend here just now from the ride over. I know his name. but i need to know who the fxxk is he, I mean who is he really?”
”The terrible, he is called Ikena no..Ikechukwu the terrible” Brian breaths ”He is military, almost a major before he was suspended for a year due to the extreme killings of bukom haram extremists during the clash in the north after they killed his father and brother and other innocents, he lost it, he went menaic…he was uncontrollable, he was called the ripper to some people..the punisher to others..many feared him, feared his name more.. , he is not one you want to mess with and he would come for you if he says he will. He is my driver, bodyguard, a watch dog my father put over me. that is all, Now let her go!!”
“Ah.. ”
“Yes. Now let her go”
‘”So.. he was the one who saved you?”
“He knows his onions that one. And he was the one who you spoke to right..earlier trying to give codes to ?”
“And he would come for you, from what you have said?”
‘”And I want him to. Because i too want to meet this Ikechukwu the terrible. The ghost. The one ……hahaha. oh.. the fool. The fool was in my face the whole time. he was the one in the church. I should have known it. I should have smelt him as soon as he came. Everything went to shits. I killed Juliet because of him. I burnt bases because of him..I fxxking changed my identity because of him. I too want him and I would be the vampire the terrible to him. Let him come. But you know what. .. it would be too late for you pretty boy. Too late for you. You should have died that day. He stopped it. He can’t stop it this time. Now.. I have no more use for you. No. You are useless..I have the information I need. I now know what to expect when I see him. Haha. ”
“Let her go please. You have what you want you can kill Me ..i don’t care. Please…let her go.”
”Gladly, after I send her to go give my mother a kiss in hell for me!!” he points the gun to Adora..”Say goodbye to your boyfriend princess, he would join you in abit” he cocks the gun..
”Nooo!!” Brian screams as the gun went off.
Adora drops to the ground.
“ADORAAAAAAAA!!!” Brian screams