Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 51


Natasha, Idris, Jummy and Konami came out from Captain Val’s office. They were walking through a hallway that led to the computer room.

“Hey Konami what’s wrong with you?” Natasha asked, she was at their front and the rest were behind her.

“What do you mean by that?” Konami tried to defend himself.

“She’s right” Idris added “you left the party last night without any of our notice”

“And as if that is not enough, you hadn’t spoken to Natasha or Idris this morning” Jummy added too.

Konami felt caught at every corner and couldn’t do much to save himself.

“Well erm, I developed a little fever last night and was drowsy. I had to run home to get some medication”

“But I do have everything right there in my house, why didn’t you ask?” Jummy said.

“That’s because I needed to rest in a quiet place. You know for sure your music was way too loud. Well am still sorry for my behavior this morning”

“It’s alright Konami, everything is settled” Natasha said opening the door of the computer room.

Farouk was busy with his computer set when Natasha, Jummy, Idris and Konami walked inside.

He glanced at them before resuming what he was doing on his computer.

“Our one and only computer geek, how’s you?” Natasha greeted.

“Never better” Farouk replied. “I think you guys should see this” He said and clicked on a red column.

“Wow!!” They all gasped in surprise at the density and thickness of the forest.

“No wonder they were undetected all this while. Like seriously this forest is very huge” Natasha said with a surprised look.

“Don’t tell me we are going into that forest” Jummy said with a disgusted look on her face.

“Yes of course we are” Konami quickly answered her.

Farouk continued his typing and installing. “You know, this proves that nothing evil under the sun can be hidden from the shadows”

They all laughed at his statement.

“You got that right bro” Idris commented.

Farouk picked up a tablet device from his table and removed a USB cord that was connected to it.

“I just installed the whole map of that forest into this tablet device. First round of my work is done.”

“Thanks bro, go and rest now” Idris said collecting the tablet from him.

Natasha stood claded in a pant and bra. Her Shadow’s uniform had been given to her already. She smiled as she wore them with pride one by one.

She looked at herself in the mirror, dressed like a ninja in her total black outfit with name SHADOW boldly printed at the back of the shirt. The costume was very light and flexible. She could do most of her stunt with the costume and from the texture, the costume was a complete bullet proof vest.

“I so much love this costume” Natasha said as she picked her mask and walked out of her room.

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Idris, Jummy and Konami were all dressed up in their ninja black outfits like Natasha.

“Wow” Idris exclaimed as he saw Natasha “the outfit looks good on you”

“Thank you very much” Natasha blushed.

“You look sweet” Jummy and Konami added. The other agents do complimented her looks too.

“Time to go to the weapon room” Idris said as they marched to the weapon room.

Idris selected a strong bow, then he took in as much arrows as he could carry along. Konami selected bombs of different size and destructive capacity. Jummy picked a revolver, a shotgun and some knives. As for Natasha, she picked her favorite weapon. Two golden silencers and some knives too.

When they were done, they moved to the section where their jets are kept.

“Here, we transport ourselves with nothing else but jets.” Captain Val explained.

“I love this” Natasha said aloud and they laughed.

Idris held Akuku on his shoulder as they boarded the jet. Konami and Idris sat at the front with Jummy and Natasha at the back.

“Alright opened the gates” captain Val commanded. “Operation bring back those kids is on progress.