The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 76


Back At the Station..
There is blood everywhere. Teca is standing over him.
Gillard is jerking in pain. Blood is ozzing from his arm, his thighs and back where the iron has pierced into his skin burning him while sinking into flesh.
Teca has the iron back on the stove as he increases the heat to the last. The cell is hot. Teca is sweating as he wipes his brow.
Gillard is groaning in pain.
Teca is whistling as he adjusts his glove. The cell smells like burnt meat. He wipes his forehead .
He grabs the hot iron again and then grabs the bottle of fresh pepper he had had the officers buy across the streets.
He pours it on the iron while it is on fire.
He takes it to a Gillard and this time he slams it hard over his back.
Gillard cries out in pain. Now he is crying.
Teca takes the iron back to the burning stove.
After about five minutes he is bringing it back to him.
Gillard is crying and writhing in pain. He shakes his head unable to move as he was chained to the table.
“Please I beg you. No more. I beg you Teca. No more”
Teca continues to whistle. As he nears the iron to Gillard’s body, he bursts out crying even louder..
‘”No more please. I beg you. I will tell you what you want to know. Please I beg you.”
“I can’t hear you” Teca says
“I will tell you where vampire is. His Base. Everyone who works for him…everything. ”
Teca smiles “Now we speak the same language. Tell me…if I don’t like what you say..we would get back to discussing hot iron and flash yes?”
Gillard coughs ,blood sprouts from his mouth..
“First , tell me which alias he is using right now and what the hell he has been up to.”
Teca turns on the recorder ..
“He is Harrison Ekweme. -” he began
John’s phone rings. It is Emeka.
He smiles picking it up as he answers him “Yes Mr Emeka” he turns away to answer.
“How did the meeting go with Mr Harrison Ekweme?”
“Oh marvelous Sir. Marvelous. You would be thrilled to know it is going amazingly well, better than we anticipated sir”
“Okay… so he is picking Brian to do the designs for his company even after I tried to dissuade him?”
“Oh…no. he isn’t. ”
“I don’t understand !”
John wonders if he should tell him. They both want to get rid of Brian now didn’t they? It wouldn’t hurt to let him know that finally it would happen .
“Actually, you know that little talk we had over an hour ago ? About getting rid of Brian..kill him?”
There was silence at the other end.
“Are you stupid. Is there anyone close to you that you are talking? Are you a fool John?”
John laughs “No, relax Sir. You would love this. Apparently. . Mr Harrison isn’t who he says he is”
“What does that mean he isn’t who he says he is?”
“He is…a wanted man by the police. He is called Vampire. A criminal. A bad man Sir. He said it himself. He had been terrorising the city of port Harcourt apparently and the police have been on the tail. Harrison Ekeweme isn’t his real name. His real name is…Vampire”
“A criminal? Really. The police have been looking for him. Vampire? Jess! ! What did he want with the company. Hope he didn’t come to kidnap anyone or me to hold for ransom?” He could hear the fear in Emeka’s voice. John laughs.
“No sir. He came for Brian and Me”
“Why. What are you both involved in? I don’t want any part of it. If he is a wanted man he is a dangerous man ”
John shakes his head gulping more wine, he swallows

“No. It is all a misunderstanding. You see.. I will confess to you. Now that we are like minds and have the same goal which is to get rid of Brian Andrews. I had actually wanted to get rid of him earlier you see. Working on my own but it backfired. It so happens that the person i contacted to do it who I thought was frank was this dangerous vampire person. Well the thing is .. Brian had been saved by someone and now the police is after this vampire. He escaped but he came to find out if I set him up. Of course I didn’t but he came ,using the guide of Harrison to get to you to get to us you see. So ..he had me and Brian here, guns pointed at us you know to kill us. But…I had to let him know that I would never set him up. You see,but right now, I am on his side but guess what…Brian is on his knees with a knife at his throat. Brian Andrews dies today . I want to kill him. You want him dead. Vampire wants him six feet under the ground. You see Sir. ..tonight is the day he dies both our parts are clear and you get to do what the hell you want and I get to do the hell I want. It’s a win -win situation ”
“Are you being serious ?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Does this vampire know about my part in this? About wanting Brian dead?”
“Doe..does Brian know?”
John laughs “Took the pleasure of telling him myself .”
“You are a fool John . A big fool !!” Emeka thunders “what if he survives it and all?”
“Calm down Sir. He wouldn’t. Right now there are about four people in this room who wants him dead. Three got weapons. I also have mine..well they took my gun but they would give it back to me. There is no escaping here sir. He dies. Whoever helped him escape before can’t pass through four men who wants blood”
“Wait, you said someone saved him that time you tried to kill him?”
“Yes. Killed two boys. Almost paralysed the third. Saved Brian. We don’t know who he is. Mr Vampire is about getting that information off Brian now. He said it is a He, that person that is causing him a lot of trouble and he wants to catch him”
“The person that saved him….is it not ..wait. the only person -” Emeka is talking but John cuts him off.
“Who ever saved Brian must have known where to find him and took out two boys and got the third arrested. It must be someone who knows Brian and stuff. We don’t know who he is. Do you have an idea?”
” i don’t know… I don’t ” Emeka thinks
“Oh well. Not to worry. Soon..I will give you news of his demise Sir. I hope you would have that promotion coming up Sir.?”
“Sure John. Sure. Let me know when it is done ”
“Okay Sir.”
The line dies. John turns to see Harrison placing the knife to Brian’s neck again.
“So, Brian Andrews…”
Emeka leans backwards and begins to think. He should have known that John’s hatred was deeper than his.
Imagine. The dude had already begun planning to kill Brian.
He laughs .
And he was looking as though he couldn’t hurt a fly. All innocent. Even the devil would be pleased.
He smiles.
But..who would have said Brian.? Or was it just a coincidence and the person who said Brian did so in passing?
So over a few weeks ago Brian would have been dead?
He shakes his head.
Well it doesn’t matter. Tonight, Brian would be rid off.
He just has to come up with a some sob story for his parents of how he died.
He gets up and stares out of the window.
He had never ever hurt a fly in his life.. never.

He had been nothing but a good man. To his family. A good man to Kenekan and his company which he had suffered through with him. .. a good acting director.
He deserves his big win. He deserves a spot at the presidential seat at the capital where the company is.
He deserves to be the right hand man of Kenekan. Where the big bucks is. Where life is the brightest. He deserves it.
But if Brian is out of the way totally. kenekan would have no choice than to put his most trusted person which is him there.
That is all he wants. To not being displaced by a child whom he saw grow up.
He had never hurt a fly in his entire life.
But if a fly has threatened all that he had worked for..
He had to do all that is necessary to twart it.
Regardless of who it hurts in the process.
Yes.!! He would have to think of a sob story to tell Brian’s parents when he breaks the news of his death to them. He would say he was attacked by robbers . He would tell them this was the second time and then he died struggling with them and they killed him. They would cry and mourn him.

But then it would pass. Life goes on.
Then Kenekan would send him to Abuja to take care of the company there…as President.
He would totally be in control and would be managing the smaller companies under him.
He would live like a king that he was meant to be.

Life would be good. Life would be great. He smiles turning and sitting on his seat..
“Mr Kenekan..I am really sorry but…Brian has been killed by robbers. He died…” he couldn’t contain himself as he laughed out loud.
After a few minutes he frowns… “But who was the person who saved Brian? Who …..wait. Kenekan wouldn’t ever leave his son without some level of security. Maybe one of them had been the one. But-” he frowns..
He hadn’t seen any security around Brian since he began working there. Or could it be….could Ikena be the security detail attached to him in the guide of a driver?
Is it possible that it must have been Ikena who saved Brian?
Yes. It has to be Ikena. That is the only thing which makes sense.
He grabs his phone to call John.
The car horn and the knock that follows almost immediately had me rushing to the door.
“Ikena, you are here already?”
“Yes Ma’am, are you ready?”
“Yes…well… kinda” I say brushing my hair.
I am wearing a gold long dress with a slit that ran up for miles. It has a low back that cuts across to my waist and the front has gold shimmering .
It was a beautiful dress. Never won it.

Didn’t have a place or a date that was worthy enough for such sexiness.
Now… Brian was a worthy date. And where ever we were going to for dinner would be equally worthy.
First date with my man. My Brian. .
Oh I can’t wait.
“Ohkay. Take your time Ma’am..I am sure he can wait for a bit. Don’t know if his meeting is over though.”
I nod opening the door wide for him to enter. “You can come in and wait. I should be done in like 10 minutes. ”
“You mean in an hour?”
I turn to look at him , he has a rueful smile on his face “Ladies…”
I smile “Yeah…ladies. can you blame us. We say five minutes for dress and makeup but God knows we lying. But…I would try to be fast. Can’t keep my man waiting on me…even though I wouldn’t mind the grand entrance that is”
He laughs.
“Can I ask you a question though?” I turn back to him
“Er…sure Ma’am”
“I know you think this thing I have going on with Brian is inappropriate and stuff and-”
“Why? Because you are his Boss and he your PA?”
“Well yes!”
He shakes his head “No Ma’am. I think love shouldn’t have any restrictions; where in age,cast, religion, race or status. Love literally shouldn’t be confined in anything. It is meant to be free and wild and finds itself in the most unlikeliest of places. It doesn’t matter..all that matters is that the parties involved are happy”
“Okay..I didn’t mention love” I bite my lips.
“You don’t need to Ma’am. Your body language and the way your eyes sparkle says a lot. ”
“You sound like you have had experience.?
“My parents were a good model of that before my mum passed when I was in my twenties. ”
“I am sorry about that. And the rest of your family?”
“I am the only one standing. My brother and father left the same day. But thank you”
‘Must have been hard ”
“Time heals.” Then he cocks his head to the side “you wanted to ask something Ma”
“When you guys go out and stuff. .. is he who he says he is now?I mean-” I trial off. He smiles understanding
“you want to know if what he says to you he means it and isn’t the typical kind of guy because you don’t want your heart broken?”
I shrug “well I suppose so”
He smiles again “I have know Sir Brain for a little bit and what I can say to you is that… a man would always be a man and we are creatures of habit and a certain lifestyle is what suits us. But when a man decides to let go of that lifestyle and settles for the one. It is never hidden. Sir Brian loves you…I think that is pretty obvious. And I think that has changed the kinda person he is…and trust me.. this person he is right now….is the real deal. He loves you and he isn’t doing anything to jeopardise that. The question now is….do you?”
I am quiet , I bite my lips again. . “I don’t know what I feel…I care about him a lot. Like him madly and always want to be with him and I am literally happy being with him.”
“But you don’t know if you love him?”
“I don’t know if I am because …this is all new to me. I haven’t felt this giddy about a man before…but..this took me out of surprise and knocked me off my feet and trust me…I loved the knocking. ”
“It shows.”
I blush…
“Miss Adora. .. you may not know if you do or not. But when you do. You only can be able to tell. Not me..not even Sir Brian. ”
“For a driver you are deep”
“A driver is still a man who thinks”
“Tushe Ikena.! Tushe’”
We smile.
“Okay let me go hurry up . Hopefully we would leave in a few minutes.
“Take your time Ma’am. I am here. ”
“Thank you.” I disappear into the room.
Ikena sit down in the living room, he picks up a magazine and begins to flip through.
John’s phone isn’t connecting.
Emeka sighs and drops it.
Maybe he would try again later.
“Shit! !” John hits the side stool and his phone drops . He picks it up and then curses..
“What?” Everyone turns to him, Vampire enquires
“Dropped my phone. Apparently the phone has gone blank.. ” he presses the button. “It’s refuses to come on”
“You are distracting me John while I am trying to have a conversation with pretty boy here.”
“Sorry Boss” he dumps his phone back in his pocket. He would take it to the repairs later.
John’s line isn’t still connecting.
He sighs.
Maybe it is network.
A knock distracts him. “Yes come in”
“Sir, your meeting is on. ”
“Thank you.”
Emeka gets up. He would call him later and let him know.
But hopefully, Brian would have been dealt with.
Teca leaves Gillard’s cell and rushes into his boss’s office.
“Jesus Teca. What the fxxk happened ?” He looks at Tea’s bloodied gloved hands and cloths.
“I know who Vampire Is. I know his Base. Gillard broke. And those 50 boys? Vampire had them all killed. ”
“Jesus! !” His boss gets up “those 50 boys are all connected to vampire ? He had them all killed?”
“Yes Sir. Apparently he recruited them..been working with him for over two years now. He was trying to clean his tracks. So he wiped them. Just the same way he had done to koko.”
“Jesus!! Those are people’s kids. What else did you learn?”
“Alex Aka Vampire is going by a new alias Harrison Ekweme; a literally icon, novelist and a lawyer he said. He even gave us the name of the artist who does his disguises , plus their new safe house and the operational Base. He said he hasn’t been there before but he knows the address. ”
“Okay get the boys.”
“Another thing Sir before we go.”
“What Teca, there is no time.” He is impatient as he signals the officers to gear up.
“He said Vampire suddenly gained an interest in someone. ”
“There are three actually. One is John Efegor, the one who supposedly put a hit on the guy who we got Koko off from killing, Koko and his colleagues?”
“Brian Andrews?”
“Okay. You said a guy was rescued from the robbers eh Koko, keme and Bobo. I never did push for a name because you said he preferred to remain anonymous and he wanted so because of security reasons. So that man that was attacked by those three hoodlums was Brian Andrews, ”
“Yes Sir. He is Jonathan kenekan Andrew’s only son”
”Er?” The Boss is confused. “Am I supposed to know who his father is? ”
“The Jonathan Kenekan Andrews . Business tycoon, oil dirstibuter, from the topmost Elite family., big shot… he was a time petroleum minister 7 years ago. Now has is own oil block in different states. Fxxking rich somebody next to dangote. Making wave in the country kinda family.. Remember 2004? His wife was almost kidnapped by some armed robbers. They succeed in ambushing her car but they don’t get past security. He made sure the court gave them the gas chamber for even killing his driver and crippling a security agent. Within one week, the cartel was burnt to the ground and their leader was killed by hanging. He has friends in high places and he is also an elite. You see where I am going with this Sir?”
“Oh yes I remember. It was…it got all police officers on their toes because… he was livid that they couldn’t protect his wife. Yes.. even had some backings of some governors. He is…Jonathan Kenekan Andrew’s son? ”
‘Yes sir.!!
His Boss is shaking his head and not believeing him ..”Wait.. we have someone like son in Port Harcourt that was almost killed and you didn’t let me know so we bombard him with securities so he is kept safe?”
“Well we kept it under control. Plus apparently his father had wanted him in the state in low key. He was supposed to undergo some training here without the spot lights. ”
“How come no one knew about his son being here?”
“A son that practically lived overseas and probably isn’t in the same circle as you or any of us, of course it wouldn’t be all over and besides he never exactly appeared in our local TV. ”
“Jesus. If it is the same person we are talking about you know that man is friends with the chief right at the helm of things. He can get the military down here in a second and blow this place up if anything happens to his son. Dammit Teca how come I wasn’t aware of this?”
“He was supposed to be low key. He wasn’t supposed to be in any trouble

“is Vampire planning to catch him and take him for ransome?”
“I don’t think Vampire knows who exactly he is . Gillard just thinks vampire thinks he was just some unfortunate fool who escaped death and which caused the spiral effect of him abandoning base and all the other things that caused him burning down operation houses, moving and then changing his identity ”
“All because he escaped being attacked or killed?” His Boss clarified
Teca shakes his head “Not just because of that. Because he was saved by someone who happen to start the pyramid fall”
‘”Wait, I thought you told me you were the one that saved the boy?” He stops Teca from talking.
Teca shakes his head “His bodyguard did. I was just called”
“Who is his bodyguard? ”
“Ikechukwu Itodo. Military. Rank 4. Level 8. Base was Sambisa forest two years before deployment to probation for a year. ”
‘”What is he doing here then?”
“Driver duties”
‘” why did he get deployed to probation with that rank?” His boss stops at the door.
“He lost it. Lost his father and Brother during that Book Haram massacre. Which killed over 500 women and children and 200 hundred solders . His family was killed while protecting them while he went away for an assignment. He got back. He went back to the enemy camp. A one man team, he butchered them…in their camp. Disguised as them starting from their leader till the rest ran. He was like a mad man. Some called him the devil. He had no fear. He went where no solder dared and came out alife. He took risk. He rescued a few number of hostages but he never showed mercies to death. His killings were gruesome. Gory. A thing of worry. They said he needed a psychic re-evaluation . That he had lost touch with humanity. They relieved him of military duties for a year. He got to Ph. The Andrews signed him up for drivers duties stroke bodyguard. He was the one who rescued the boy sir and gave me the first information that Vampire that we have been looking for is alife and well and hiding in plain site”
“Damn. I heard of a man who threatened the north. You are saying that -that is the bodyguard of the Andrew’s boy? You are saying those rumours we heard , the person responsible is Brian’s bodyguard?”
Teca nods.
“Does Vampire know? ”
Teca shakes his head.
“Is he on this case Teca?”
Teca shakes his head again from side to side.”No. He isn’t. He just had to protect the boy from danger but he isnt”
“Good. Because if he is…he would get court Marshalled because he is reliefed and is on probation for year which means he can’t have access to a weapon, be in the middle of police business or attending to military duties until he has been cleared by pyshcic ward”
‘I know”
“That means…he would also be Vampire’s target? ” His Boss rubs his jaw.
“Yes..becuase Vampire don’t know who saved the boy. But sooner or later he would find out especially if he gets to Brian. ”
“We can’t let him get to Brian. If not all our heads would be on the spike if Jonathan Kenyan Andrews hears of it.”
“My thoughts exactly..”
“Okay. Put Gillard in a car,cuff him. We would go find Vampire. .but first, we need to get to this Brian’s house and makes sure he is safe . Know his address?”
“And the bodyguard won’t know? ”
“His line isn’t connecting at the moment” Teca is frowning at his phone..
“Office nko? ”
“Yes. The J.K Andrews Construction company. We can go there and find out if he is in the office”
“Do people work Saturdays? ”
“Let’s go.!”
“Okay sir.”
“Did Gillard mention anything about a mission, an attack. Any thing?” He wanted to know.
“He said that Vampire had plans for the boys today. Tonight”
“Let’s hope he has not gotten to them yet ”
“Yes..let’s hope.” He turns to his team of officers “Gear up ladies , we are going Vampire hunting. ”
Teca dials Ikena’ number again while they are in the car pulling away from the station and speeding away.
“This number you are tying to call is not reachable at the moment. Please try again later ” the automatic voice replied.
He hopes that Vampire hadn’t gotten to Brian and hopefully Ikena is save somewhere too.
He dails Ikena’s number again.
“Shit!!!” He swears. He needs to get to Ikena and make sure Brian is safe.
“Five minutes more ” I scream from my bedroom.
Ikena checks his time, that was twenty minutes ago. He blows hot air.
“Okay Ma’am”
Brian hadn’t called him anyways to start enquiring where he is.. maybe he isn’t done with his meeting.
But he should call him just incase. If he is still busy he would send a text to him, or he would answer .
He begins to dail Brian’s phone.
“What’s that?” Vampire whose knife is placed at Brian’s neck asks. He pauses as the tone sounds again.
“Phone ” Mikel says
“Yes I know but whose phone?”
They all look at each other.
“Not me..mine is spoilt. Can’t come on, remember? ” John raises both hands.
Brian smiles “I think that would be mine. Sorry”
“Take the phone and answer it.” Vampire gives instructions
“Actually what you mean is that I should answer the phone and lie I am okay.?”
“Actually , yes. You are smart too”
“Hey, Slowly pretty boy” Chike warns him cocking a gun to his dead “Don’t try to be funny . You would lose your fingers”
“Right” Brian brings out his phone and then clicks on the answer button.
“Sir, wanted to find out if you are done with your meeting so I can start coming. Miss Adora is getting dressed though but I guess she should be done in a few minutes if she doesn’t keep saying in five minutes, well we all know ladies -”
Brian cuts him quickly. “Cancel the date. Tell her that I am no longer interested. We are done. She should be at home. All tucked in and save. You should make sure she gets all wrapped up in safety yeah? Preferably away from home. Just incase. But tell her I am done like we are literally through. I found some other lover and she stings like a mudafxxker. She likes blood for breakfast, you know..the one that she would drink from the neck? Yes that one. I think there is a name we call those people who drinks blood from the neck? You know. .some kinda name like that. … Literally I have one like that in front of me…all fangs and Shit. . You remember those movies? Called the Vampire? Oh well..there you have it”
Ikena frowns. “What are you saying. You said you loved her and now you are saying you aren’t interested anymore? Are you out of your mind Sir. She is all getting all dressed, looking forward to this date and you cancel it and over the phone, you should tell her yourself. And the ring you bought? And what are you talking about blood and neck and movies, vampire movies..what is that?”
“Er…told you already. Tell her I break up with her..we aren’t having that date tonight because I am indisposed till further notice. I don’t want her crying over me and chasing me. I meant the characters and fangs like Adam’s family. And you know the three wise men , aren’t exactly three. They are four. Yes, that one you suspected was a wise man…he is? Four exactly. ..all with special gifts to give to baby Jesus. Only in reality ..this isn’t baby Jesus but me. So…”
“I do not understand a word you are saying Sir Brian. Should I come pick you or not? Are you done with your meeting Sir?.”
“Oh..that meeting. It is already getting warmed up”
“What time do you think you would be done?”
“Oh they plan to be done with me in a few… maybe I may not be able to have that early Christmas drinks with you. Four wise men with special gifts , one of them very familiar to your subconscience . Oh I just realised that there is a filth wise man and you wouldn’t believe who he is.. ”
‘”They like blood, from the neck. . Sometimes they can be pretty devils. And oh by the way… meeting ..there was never a meeting. You might know this devil. You might want to start coming here because I may not be alife in-”
The line dies.
Ikena frowns looking at his phone.
“Hello? Hello?”
He tries calling back.
“The number you are calling is disconnected ” the voice said.
“Bloody ass network!” He frowns.
What the hell was Brain saying. What did he mean? It didn’t make any sense.
He can’t not just suddenly fall out of love with Miss Adora and cancel the date. He is in love with her and intends to propose to her tonight.
So it doesn’t make sense to say he is with another lover. A mudafxxker too. That is not The new Brian.
And even the old wouldn’t describe a lady lover as a mudafxxker.

Plus, he cannot say he is uninterested with Miss Adora and yet, he wants her to be home, tucked in and safe.
You don’t say you don’t love someone and still care about their safely. It sort of felt contradictory. Like he was saying something else but meaning another. How about the movies . The blood , the neck bites.
Vampire movies. Adam’s family is a family of vampires right?
Or is he wrong? Why was he talking of vampires ?
Plus what did it have to do with the three wise men in the Bible with gifts. There were three wise men, not four? Not five either but three.
Brian was being contradictory.
What does light and darkness have in common?
Horror movies with vampires and three wise men with baby Jesus?
No, he said five. And the fourth is familiar to him?. The fifth one he wouldn’t believe?
Is he trying to tell him something and speaking in codes or he was just being Brian. ..
It didn’t make sense. He frowns more.
He tried his number again.
“The number you are trying to call is currently busy. Please try again later” the automatic voice reply came.
“Dammit Ikena, why can’t I get to you?” Texa curses as they pulls up at J.K Construction company and designs..
He alighted from the car, his Boss alights too. They both walk into the building.
” Goodevening, I am inspector Teca Briggs and this is chief inspector Igbonna Perez. We are here to see Brian Andrews., we believe he is a staff of this company ” they flash their badges.
Ruth, the company secretary looks at him and then the other “Is there a problem officers ?”
“No. We just would like to see him please ”
‘He is not around . ”
‘”He went out?” Teca enquires.
“He had some activity today with an IT company. ”
“Er..I don’t know..but my boss should he able to give you more information on that.”
‘”Let us see your Boss then”
“Okay Sir’”
“Come in” Emeka answers
“Sir, ” Ruth walks in “Some police officers are here Sir. They are looking for Brian .. I told them he wasn’t available but had an activity outside the office today. They wanted to speak to you”
“Police officers?”
“Yes sir”
“What do they want with Brain?”
“I don’t know Sir. Is something wrong ?”
Emeka is sweating all of a sudden. Have they killed him already?did someone find out.

Have they come for him?
“Should I let them him sir?”
In less than a minute they are knocking and entering his office.
“I am Officer Teca Briggs and this is Chief Inspector Igbonna Perez. We are told you would be able to let us know how we can get in touch with Brian Andrews, one of your staff ”
“Why, is something wrong ?” Emeka looks at him.
Igbonna looks at Teca who shakes his head.
“No. Actually erm… ” He thinks of what to say… “Actually, it is sort of a personal matter. A funny story actually. I picked him up last night for mistaken identity because I was chasing a criminal who had entered the bar he was in. Unknown to us the Criminal had stolen some items and we had raided the club and he was among the people we picked. He kept saying he didn’t steal anything but we didn’t listen. Anyhow, we just got someone who we believe was the crook of the night and we just wanted him to identify him for us. The thief is in the car. We came here directly when we couldn’t get to him. He told us he worked here?”
“Er…I wasn’t aware of that” Emeka frowns. Brian didn’t mention nothing about some club and thief and police. Then again when did they actually become chatting buddies for him to tell him anything.
“Oh well,it was embarrassing and he wouldn’t want everyone to laugh at him i suppose ” Teca offers. “So, where can we find him? we are kinda in a hurry here”
“Er…” Emeka scratches his head. If he gives them the address of where they are now, they might very well disrupt the showdown about to happen.
No. He can’t let that happen.
Nothing is stopping Brian being rid off tonight.
Not even God. Or the devil.
No way.
He was this close to getting the biggest obstacle out of his way. Which one is these police men showing up with some sob story.
Brian was arrested last night?
Was that true. Well, who cares.
“He erm… he had an event with an IT company earlier in the day. Alkada IT company. I left him there with the others. Haven’t seen him since.”
“Isn’t he supposed to be at work today?”
“Well. .. he was supposed to show face but it isn’t mandatory. Today is Saturday. . Only those who have spillovers from the week come in to work. You can see the office isn’t exactly full with workers as you came up into the building. You should go by there and ask for him.”
“You happen to have his number or his home address? It would be easier for us to get to him faster”
“You seem awfully desperate to get to Brian” Emeka observed
“I did say we were in a hurry didn’t I? ” Teca says stiffly.
“I didn’t notice.” Emeka replies.
“So… do you have his number or not?” Teca is impatient.
Emeka frowns “No I don’t ”
‘”You don’t have basic informations of your staff really? ”
“No I don’t have it offhand . The HR department handles all those information. ”
“Okay can we see the HR then?”
Emeka folds his arms and perches on the table “Why does it feel as though there is something more to this than what you say?”
‘Why are you trying to hoard information? “Teca throws at him . Who the hell was this guy. He is not liking him one bit.
“Teca. .at ease” Igbonna says turning to Emeka “Let me put it this way for you ..this is police business and right now you are interfering ”
“How so? By refusing to give you personal details of my employee?how do I know you both are actual cops”
“You saw our badges “Teca flares up. This fool was delaying them. Was It deliberate or he was just an asshole.
“It could be forged for all I know..maybe you both are kidnappers and trying to kidnap the man and ask for money too large to stuff down your throat.
Teca raises an eyebrow. “Why? You know something we don’t? The way you said that it’s as if you know he can be ransomed for a huge amount of money. Is there something you might want to share to us?”
‘” no of course not I am just saying that you seem awfully interested in Brian and I am skeptical about it. He is my employee after all and unless he has committed any crime which you already cleared he did not….why do you want him so desperately . You can check back on monday or so”
“No. Today. No!” Teca knocks on the table.
“Teca..I said at ease”
Teca shakes his head ,a cold smile on his face. They were wasting time with this asshole.
They have no idea where Harrison is.. they have no idea if he had set out to get Brian or have gotten to him too.
Or even Ikena.
Ikena’s number isn’t going through else he would have called to make sure Brian is with him or something.
Dammit! ! the more they waste time the more likely their chances of getting to him or saving anyone slims down.
“Look officers. Like I said before … he isn’t here . He is at an IT firm.. Alkada company. I can write down the address for you. You should check there. But I hope for your sakes you aren’t planning to arrest an innocent man again”
Let them go for a ghost chase. Stall them. By the time they get there, Mr Layefa would tell them he left. They may come back here to look for him. By then he would be home. It was almost closing time already.
No one was going to disrupt what is happening to Brian right now.

These cops picked the wrong time to show up. He still needs to think up a sob story to tell Brian’s parents.
They should go chase ghosts.
“The address would be fine ” Igbonna says cutting into his thoughts.
He writes it down for them. Purposely leaving out Mr Dickson Layefa’s number out.
“Here.” He gives it to Igbonna, the chief, ignoring the other officer. He didn’t seem to like him very much.
“Thank you”
“No thanks ” Teca mutters under his breath.
Igbonna manages a smile to Emeka who doesn’t return it. They turn and leave his office.
As soon as they leave the office, Teca sighs angrily “I hate that guy. Something stinks about him. ”
“Yeah, maybe..maybe your gut is messed up because of this case you think everything is foul. Know the address?” He hands the paper to Teca who nods.
“Yes, this is off the Odili road.”
“Ok. Gotten in touch with your friend yet?”
Teca shakes his head after slipping the phone back into his pocket.
“Just tried again. Line busy or unavailable. Guess it’s network ”
“Okay. Let’s go find Brian then, send him to a police safe house. Then we go after Vampire. We gat no time.”
“Aye Sir.”
They enter into their car and zoom off.
Emeka tries calling John’s number again. It is switched off.
He curses.
He hopes John and the rest have been able to get rid of Brian’s body after getting rid of him.
What the hell was going on right now in that hotel?
Emeka is curious.
He wished he was there. .to see everything happen.
Was he dead by now? Should he begin calling Brian’s parents to tell the devastating news to them.
Infact; Let him wait for another one hour. If nothing comes up or he can’t get through to John, he would assume they are done and maybe busy with the disposing of the body.
When he gets home. He would call the Andrews..
And give them the worst news of their lives.
He begins to pretend-cry “Oh Kenekean. ..Brian…oh poor poor Brian!!” He sobs .
Then he begins to laugh and laugh.
They used to say there is a certain little darkness inside everyone. He never believed it because he has always been good.
But ever since Brian showed up. After his position was threatened in this company. After knowing that Kenekan plans to give Brian president. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take it. Not after all these years he has suffered for this company. No.
He had only wanted him to fail to make Kenekan pull him out.

But all Brian did was rise above it. Coming out soaring. He had no choice than to tell John to kill him.
He isn’t a bad man. Besides…John wanted to kill him too. And now this..Vampire person wants to kill him too.
So…he isn’t a bad person. He isn’t.
No. He isn’t.
He smiles.
“………you have to start coming because I mat not be alif- ” Mikel hits the phone away from Brian’s hands.
“Trying to be smart boy. What the hell are you trying to do?”
“Act normal..have a normal conversation with the caller. What else?”
“Talking about movies and vampires. Talking about baby Jesus and the three wise men. ” chike says.
“He said five wise men” Vampire corrected.
“Yeah.. talking about five wise men” Mikel told Brian
“Yeah So. Act normal.. that is me acting normal. Or would you have rather me say….Help help…I think I am going to die by someone who watches a lot of movies and thinks vampires are real?”
Vampire laughs “Movies. Vampires. Three to five wise men, baby Jesus and the hint on farmilarity… are you trying to give the person some coded information?”
“Oh Gee..” Brian taps his jaw “Is that what I was trying to do? I have no idea”
Vampire frowns.. “You were fxxking trying to give the person a fxxking code…of your situation. Vampire..that is me. There are no five wise men in the Bible. Just three. That means you are trying to say that you are being attacked or kidnapped or have five hostiles in front of you. Me. Mikel. Chike. Two others would be…John.. ah the familiar one right and who is the fifth?”
Brian looks at him.. “you are the smart one aren’t you figure it out.”
“Ah…Mr Emeka!! I see what you did there. And you are baby Jesus. The innocent one yes? You telling the person you are in danger right? ”
“I wouldn’t exactly compare myself to the king of kings but…. heeeeeeeh” Brian dangles his right palm sideways…. “You are entitled to think what you will or have an opinion. You are of sound mind…grown ass man you are.” Brian winks at him.
Vampire’s face contorts into a frown.
“You think you are smart huh?”
“Correction, I made honours in school. I do a mean design and I am good at techs and coding. I came out with flying colours in school. I am smart. The question is are you?” He points to him.
“how do you mean?”
“You just told me all your names… isn’t that supposed to be a secret. What if I tell someone ” Brian taps his jaw tentatively.
“You can’t. No phone ” Alex takes a gun and shots Brians phone. Brian whistles. .
“Well, I don’t need a phone . When I get out of this alife …everyone would get to know”
‘”You aren’t. You are never getting out of this alife pretty boy Brian ” Alex points the gun at Brian. Anger showing in his face. This pretty boy was starting to piss him off.
‘”Never say never.” Brian says.
“Who called you just now?” Vampire needs to make sure no one was coming for him. If he spoke to anyone with sense.. it would be a big problem. Maybe…maybe the person was stupid and must feel Brian was ranting nonsense.
Brian smiles…
“Who did you give that information to just now. I doubt the person is smart enough to decode it as I just did. But who the fxxk just called you”
“Someone …… who hates to be kept waiting for me. That’s all! And I don’t think he would like you very much, especially since you are pointing a gun at me”
John leaves where he is standing. “Your driver ?” John remembers how Ikena slams him hard. Ikena was strong. Ikena…
Something didn’t feel right about Ikena.
“We …we have to leave here Boss. The driver knows we came here. He dropped him off. He is coming back.”
Vampire stares at John and then back at Brian..
“You fxxking let your driver know you are in danger?” He repeats the question to Brian.
He closes the distance to Brian and slams the gun to his face, hard..twice.
Brian falls back..and blacks out immediately as his head hits the table.
Vampire is standing over him..
“Pick this shit up. Let’s go somewhere else. Before I kill him. I need to know who the fxxk saved him that day. I need to know who that ghost is. In the main time John. ..why do you sound as though you are scared of the driver…Jude Robertson is it?”
“Jude Robertson his driver? No that is not his name.”
“What do mean that is not his name ?” He turns to see them lift Brian up.. after rolling him into a carpet and stuffing him into a body bag and lifts him again on their shoulders.
They need to leave through the service area and out the kitchen so they don’t raise suspicion.
“That is not his real name.” They are working outside now, heading to the lobby and going out the hotel.
No one stops them. No one suspects them.
“What is his real name.?” Vampire enquires.
“Ikena. His name is Ikena.”
“So he lied to me? Why would he lie to me…at the hotel. That means he doesn’t have a child?”
‘”What hotel? Child. I..haven’t heard him mention a child” they are entering into Vampire’s car. Chike is driving . Mikel is pulling away from the garage with another car with Brian in the trunk of the jeep.
“So he lied. I knew there was something fxxking off about that man. Something doesn’t makes sense…tell me all you know about this Ikena…everything you know..what he has done… infact, for all this to make sense and for me to piece all of this together. Start from the beginning. How did you three meet? How did you begin hating his Brian. What caused it. Why the decision to kill him start from it. ..I need to see and know everyone’s part in it. Including Emeka’s. Maybe …I may find the hole in this. Maybe I can find the ghost.”
“The ghost?”
“Yes He..the one who saved Brian. The one who started all this ..making me close Base and shift and have to change my identity. Go on..tell me from the top.”
John smiles. “Gladly. You see I began hating him immediately i saw Brian when he appeared in the company. He was arrogant. He was an asshole. ..he was-” he began to talk for a while “…..but when my hate intensified is when she showed up”
“Who? ”
“Miss Adora Chime.”
“Ah..a girl. There is always has to be a girl”
“Yes…you see she-” John continues to talk as Vampire listens.. he spoke about how he began to like her. How he did stuffs for her and went for errands for her. How they, Brian and Adora hated each other one minute and the next….how they became inseparable. His jealousy. His intensified hatred. Emeka’s anger. Emeka’s decision to ruin him. Him and Emeka working together . Then he spoke about Ikena. Their first run in at the toilet when he asked him some questions about Brian’s attack that didn’t make sense. How he talked his way out of it claiming that he didn’t do nothing to attack Brian. He told Vampire how since then..his suspicion of Ikena grew. And the other run in with Ikena at the Alkada company after they found out about the Robot being destroyed. He even told him how he didn’t seat well with the way Brian was always going shits and getting away with it; he even disrespects Emeka.. it didn’t makes sense so he had also tried to find out who Brian was but the person he told to hack and find out about Brian comes up with a brick firewall preventing any information other than what was on his file. His name and his referral name “Damilolo Andrews” and contact referral was Emeka.”
John kept on talking.
Vampire touches his grey goatee and pulls it. Everything seems to make a little bit of sense right now.
Jude Robertson isn’t who he says he is. Even as Ikena. ..he isn’t exactly a driver-type.
Brian Andrews… such protective firewall over his identity…why?
And there is a woman. Miss Adorable Chime.
His lover. According to John.
Maybe she should join the party. Some leverage to hold over Brian’s head.
“Chike ?”
“Yes Sir. ”
“I think we should make a quick stop at a certain residence ”
“Whose Sir?”
“ you know where she stays?”
“Who Adora? ”
“No buts. You want her right? You are angry she picked him over you right?”
“Yes. ”
“Good. I want to know who the fxxk that ghost is. And from the way I see it. Brian pretty boy wouldn’t just want to give up an information like that. So I use her…from what you say they are lovers. He must care for her and she for him. I dangle her like a fish in front of him..he has got to choose..pussy or dick. And he didn’t look like he likes dicks being drilled into his hole. He likes to be the driller into pussies. He would have to give me what i want to save her. And you…you can have her ..see. win-win”
John is smiling now. “I will take you to her. ”
“Now that is what I like to hear.”
They laugh .

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Alkada Company…
“He isn’t here ?” Teca askes him
Layefa Dickson shakes his head . They had met him on his way home.
“No officers. The last time I saw him was over three hours ago after the programme. He left. ”
“Who else was with him. Did he go with anyone. Did anyone come get him. Was he with anyone who looked suspicious? ”
“Wait…is he a criminal?”
“No. Of course not sir. We just explained to you. We need him to identify a thief for us. That is all. But yet again..we just wanted to know where he is. He is preventing police business if he doesn’t identify this thief for us we have to let him go. And ..we just want to make sure we aren’t letting a thief back into the streets to cause more havoc”
“I see. But… no one unusual was with him. There was me. His team members. His friend”
“What’s the name of his friend. ?”
“He called him Ikena”
“Okay. Go on” Teca nods.
“And a woman.. I think she works for them. Adora…or something.”
“Go on. ”
‘”And his Boss Mr Emeka and his colleague. Oh…I didn’t like that one.”
“John. He was just… I don’t know. I don’t think he likes Brian that much. He was always trying to bring him down. Cursed him a lot and stuff. It was very surprising ”
“How?” Igbonna asked.
“Well, when they came and found out that Brian’s project for generation X..the event we were to participate in got damaged. They…they were…more eager to bash the young man than help. That causes Ikena to almost beat John down. Almost two run-in with that John guy. I also had him thrown out once and threatened him if he did not stop his behaviour he would never be let in”
“Okay. Anything else.”
“No. But they left. I left first but…”he frowns
‘”What is it. ”
“Did you go by their office . The company? ”
“He isn’t here. Emeka..the boss said he was here and send us here”
Dickson Shakes his head .” I remember him telling them, Brian and John that they had some meeting with a client at a hotel and they should get there on time’
“What’s the name of the client.?”
“I didn’t catch it.”
“Hotel. Address?”
“I don’t know officers. Is there a sound..tensed..worried ?” He frowns.
Teca is moving away… “No. It’s fine. Thanks . If he comes back us” he hands Dickson a card and they leave.
“Are you thinking what I am thinking ?” They are outside.
Teca nods. ” I think that that client is Vampire. Gillard did say he had a plan to lure them to him . He was a client for a company and they are to meet..I think…I think vampire had them already. That was over three hours ago. He isn’t in the company. He isn’t here. Ikena’s line isn’t reachable. I think Vampire has them” he runs his hands over his face and swears “Fxxk!!!!”
“Okay. So..we have one hostile against Brian Andrews. John Efegor. ” he continues. “Ikena had voiced his concerns over him that time of the attack. He said something was fishy about the dude. So let’s assume he is innocent. We need to find them. We need to make sure Brian is still alife”
“We need to inform his parents”
“We dont have to-”
“No Teca. If we don’t tell them now before it blows off in our faces. This is the end of us and you know it. Just to let them know. ..and if he turns out okay. .at least we did our duty ”
Teca nods sighing. He tries Ikena’s number again. It wasn’t still connecting.
“Dammit. ”
He goes to one of the police cars…and drags Gillard..
“You better give me a good description if you have of the hotel they are in. Vampire..Vampire is the client right. He has Brian and John right?”
“I already told you all I know. He went to their company and spoke to their boss about a proposal. The boys are supposed to show up at his hotel”
“Which exactly. ?”
“I didn’t get privy to that”
“Dammit !!” Teca kicks the car.
If he can’t get to Ikena on phone. How can he get to him.
Which hotel would Vampire be in. Port harcourt was a fxxking huge city. Going from hotel to hotel to search for him was as not doing anything at all.
Brian would be dead.
Possibly Ikena too if Vampire got eyes on him.
And a whole other boys and girls would be killed too because Vampire would continue to clean his tracks and wipe out lose ends.
This city would be back to a bloody bath .
All because Vampire lives and has come out to the open.
“Dammit !!!”
He walks back to his Boss..
“This is what we are going to do Boss. We are going to go back to that company. We are going to turn Emeka upside down until he tells us the name of the hotel and give us the address. As far as I am concerned. He lied about not knowing where Brian is. That is a crime. He is aware and it might just very well also mean he knows something he doesn’t want to share.”
“At this moment. We have no other choice.” Igbonna agrees.
“Okay Boss. Let’s go. Someone put an APB out for Brian Andrews,Ikena,John Efegor and Harrison Ekweme. Blast the sirens. This is not a drill. This is not a drill!!”
They each enter into their police cars, the red and blue light comes on. The sirens goes up in full blares. As they enter into the road …all cars give way as they zoom back to the J.K Andrews Construction company.
Adora’s house..
“Okay. I am done ” I smile coming out. A huge smile on my face .
“I know I said five minutes but I had to look good. Do I look good. Over an hour isn’t so late is it?”
Ikena isn’t looking at me. He is pacing the length of the palour..
“Five wise men. Baby Jesus. Movies. Adam family. Vampire. One is familiar to me. Five wise men. Baby Jesus is an innocent baby. An innocent. Five wise men. One is familiar to me. The other I wouldn’t believe who..” he rubs his jaw.
“Erm..hello?” I slap my fingers “Down to earth Ikena.
“Sorry Ma’am but…something doesn’t feel right”
“I called Brian to ask him if I should start coming and he goes. ..he goes ” he looks at me..wondering if he should tell me what he said “Never mind. He didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean it at all”
“Mean what?”
He can’t tell her that Brian says he isn’t interested in her. No. Brian said he loved her. Even got a ring for her. He was madly in love with her. It didn’t makes sense. What did he mean that he should keep her safe. Tucked in and protected. It didn’t make sense..five wise men. Wait..five wise men. Baby Jesus. There are five men with baby Jesus. Five men with…No.!
Makes no sense.
He continues to pace.
The Adam family. They lick blood.. from the neck. Vampires like blood from the neck. Yes. In movies. What was he talking about movies and horror flicks and vampires. It didn’t make sense. One of the wisemen is familiar to him. They are five wise men with baby Jesus. What the hell. ..
Wait. What if he is saying that… there are five men with him. Wait if he means he is baby Jesus. Jesus is innocent. Jesus. .is..Brian… no. Jesus is God. King of kings.
The reason why The three wise men were following the stars to Jesus was because God had directed them yes?
Joseph and Mary had been told to take Jesus and leave because the king had wanted to kill him.
The three wise men from the east had followed the stars to find him in a manja. Save. Protected from harm.
Five wise men doesn’t make sense. Unless….the five wise men are harmfuls. They are not wise men at all. Brian is trying to tell him..that..
There are five men with him.

John is with him.
“One is familiar to you”
John. He knows John.
Who are the other four.
He mentioned movie. He mentioned Vampire.
Fxxk!!! Did he mean Vampire.
Did he mean…
Was Brian trying to tell him…..
No. No of course not.
It cannot be..what he meant.
“Hello, Ikena I am talking to you. You are just talking to yourself. Do you know if Brian is done with his meeting by now? Can we just go get him. I am sure the meeting with that Harrison Ekweme client would have been done ages ago and here I am taking all the time getting dressed.” I grab my bag.. “I think we should just go and’-”
Ikena turns around swiftly “what did you just say?” He points to me.
“I said let us go and-”
“No…before that. You mentioned a name?”
“The client’s name”
“Yes yes..what is the name you just mentioned. Repeat it”
“Harrison Ekweme. He is the client John and Brian are having a meeting with today. That is what he told me. Mr Emeka had agreed to the meeting with them and-”
“Five wise men. Baby Jesus. One is familiar to him. It wasn’t John . The one familiar to him is Vampire.” He staggers backwards. … “Brian..Brian is in trouble…Brian is…” he is running out of the house and into his car.
“Ikena..Ikena what is the matter. Ikena what is wrong with Brian. IKENA. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRIAN?”” I bellow as fear grips me running after him.
“Go back inside Adora. Go in and lock the doors. Don’t come out till I tell you to. They got to Brian. I need to go save him. He said to keep you save and tucked him. There is no time to take you to the police station. So go back inside..lock your doors. Don’t open for nobody. No one except me or Brian. I will be back. Go back ADORA. GO BACK IN!!!” He bellows.
He was gone as I rush back inside and lock the doors.
“Oh God oh God oh God what is happening Oh God! !!” I am shaking “Oh God oh God.!! Keep Brian safe. I don’t know what is wrong or what Ikena means but…if Brian is in trouble. .keep him safe”
I curl myself back in my house and continue to pray. Scared for what I have no idea is happening.
The knock to the door startles me.
I jump up.
“Stay in..don’t open the door for anyone. ” I repeat Ikena’s words
“But..what if he forgot something. He just left here barely five minutes ago. ”
The knock comes again.
I go to it “who is there?”
“Miss Adora, it is me John Efegor. .something happened to Brian”
“What..what happened?” My heart catches in my chest. “What you doing here John? I am not allowed to open the door for anybody. What do you mean something happened to Brian. ”
“He has been shot. He is in the hospital..he is asking for you. dying Miss Adora”
My knees heart contricts. My eyes are blinded with hot tears.. ” Brian? ” I Choke
“Open up Miss Adora..we have little time..please ”
I open the door.. “take me to him please ” I am crying and shaking.
“Hello beautiful, so you are the lover ”
I see three of them. John,a grey haired man who spoke and another man who looked like he had never smiled.
“John?” I am confused.
He is smiling “Sorry. I lied.”
The next thing I know.. a cloth is placed over my nose.
I. Blank. Out.
To be continued.