Nii Dromo Season 3 Final Episode 10


After i knew who was at the door I told Madam Helena that I will please call her back the following day because there was an emergency in my house that needed my attention urgently so I ended the call. My landlord was not compassionate that early morning that he ordered his macho boys to throw me out together with my belongings in the room, he didn’t have ears to listen to any pleas or any word I uttered that morning because he only came to throw me out from my room and even he claimed if I had money in my hand that very moment he wouldn’t accept it because he was fed up with me and my broke face leaving in his house and for my information my room had already been rented to someone and that the person will be moving in to the room very early in the morning.

My belongings were sent out of the compound and in a twinkle of an eye as my belongings were thrown out it started raining heavily, I managed to collect some of my valuable belongings and sent them to a shade close by, in fact that night happened to be my very worse night since my entire world caved on me like some folding his mat, who was I going to turn to for help, the very place I knew I could get solicits from was also a no go area, I came to understand the world that it was like a game of chess and that any wrong move you make comes with a great results being it good or bad

I was at the cross roads now, my predicaments reminded me of the picture which had a man stuck in a tree with a poisonous snake ready to bite him, on the ground was a hungry lion waiting to devour him and the river next to the tree also had a crocodile spying on the man just to make a move into the river, every action the man took had a great danger waiting for him. I had to make a bold decision at all costs, as the day break I decided to sell most of my valuable belongings to raise money for me to rent a smaller place and go out in such of a job, after selling most of my belongings at a very cheap price I got a kiosk to rent in the slum and now I taught about the offers on the table critical, well should I suffer on earth and also miss heaven at the end of the day? After all everyone will one day surely die

I decided to take the sugar mummy’s offer because she had given me a choice which to me was okay, I was going to have the opportunity to satisfy Nii Dromo down there since after my ugly encounter with Juliana I had never dropped any female panties and also fill my bank account again, I dressed and made way to the office of Madam Helena Gah with the *all die be die* notion in my head

On the way going I couldn’t get a car to board so I decided to walk to the next junction where I could get a car to board to my destination. I saw an old man who could hardly walk and was asking for help from anyone who passed by him, at first the question that came to mind was, is this man not having relatives or family relations close to him that has made him come to stand by the roadside to beg for money for food? I walked pass him and after taking some steps away from him something inside me asked me to come back to the old man and give him something small from the money I had on me, I obeyed and came back to the old man, the 5cedis I had on me for transportation to Madam Helena’s office I handed it over to the old man, the man was amazed with the amount I handed over to him and he thanked me for sharing the little I had with him and that with this kind gesture he prayed to God for him to open bigger and better doors for me because he saw a bright future ahead of me

I smiled and continued my adventure to meet madam Helena at her office. As I took some steps forward I heard the old man screaming “Gentleman! Gentleman!! Gentleman!!!”, I turned and he signalled me to come, I did and when I got to him he told me to please go back home because the mission I was embarking on was a diabolically one which would bring my life to a miserable end, as the man made this comments I started shivering inside me because this man in question I have never met before and neither had I discussed my mission to Madam Helena’s office with him, moreover the man of God who prayed for me to get redemption from the hands of the number 9 man had warned me strongly about any sugar mummy who came my way,

Immediately I felt like throwing up so I turned to vomit but when I turned again to face the old man he was nowhere to be seen, the place we stood was a plain ground without any curves where you could see for a long distances if anyone was coming or going but this old man who could hardly walk had vanished into thin air, the speed I used to run back to my kiosk can’t be measured even when the police comes in to use their speed detector to measure it.

We are always given signals when we turn the wrong path or page but most at times we are so stubborn and we refuse to listen and obey simple instructions.

Can you imagine the goosebumps Nii felt on his body when the mysterious old man started saying things that were above the understanding of the human?

The last season of this lesson learning story will be posted next weekend

Natasha Reloaded Season 2 and The Brat And The She Devil continues tomorrow

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To be continued


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