Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 9


The 3months that my landlord gave to me came to pass as if someone was chasing after it, again I was summoned by my landlord to be given an extra 3months and for this one the moment it expired my things were going to be thrown out of the room because that was the laws the rent control board had stipulated to the citizens of this country, calls kept coming from the accounting firm and I always gave the callers stories.

One evening my lady boss paid me a courtesy visit to interrogate me as to why I was delaying to accept the job offer the company was giving to me on a silver platter, that evening I took time to explain into details the reason why I hadn’t accepted the offer that was being thrown to me, I even called the man of God and placed it on a loud speaker for my boss to hear from the prophet’s own mouth, she asked if there was nothing that could be done but the man of God told her that prevention is better than cure and that obedience is better than sacrifice so if there was another help she could help me with she could do so, after the call she felt pity for me and promised to see what she could do to help me along the line.

Some days later she called me to prepare my CV and meet her at the mall, as I got there she went through my file and was satisfied for my presentation in the CV, she directed me to a company which needed a young accountant with a first class degree minimum but as I got there and pass through the interview I was disqualified because I wasn’t having any working experience with a known company after I did my national service and secondly I was not married also, hmmmmmm you can imagine the pressure that was on me at that very moment

I left the house very early and came back very late because I was avoiding to come in contact with my landlord since the extra 3months that was given to me had also expired. One day I heard a commercial advert on the radio that a very known bank was in search of a young and dynamic fresh graduate with first or second class upper degree to employ so I took the details down and on the scheduled date I made my way to the interview premises, I waited and eventually my time came and I was called to meet the interviewers, the panel was chaired by one fair, saucy and beautiful woman in her late 40’s or early 50’s per my calculations, I gave a great presentation about myself and how I will change the fortunes and modules of the bank if I got the job finally, I was so on point and confident on myself that after my presentation I received applause from all the interview panel members, as usual or expected I was given the favourite quotation after an interview *”you will hear from us soon”*, I left for the house hoping to hear from them positively. I went home to wait for their response

Around 1am my phone rang and when I checked it was an unknown number I answered the call and it was a female voice, the caller asked if this was Nii Dromo Mensah Steven she was talking with and I replied yes, she introduced herself to me as Madam Hellena Gah and that she was the head for the panel of interviewers at the bank, my face beamed with joy and hope because I taught the call was to inform me of my appointment at the bank but hell no Madam Hellena had her own agenda for calling me, she told me that although I had an impressive CV and presentation done early on there were equally persons who even did much more than I did and even some had masters degree and the other panel members were looking at those people but for her she preferred me to any other person but if I wanted to get the job then there were some terms and conditions attached to it

First I taught probably she would ask for a percentage from my salary but no her conditions were far from what I was anticipating. She told me that she was the MD of the bank and her husband was the overall chairman of the bank but for the past 7years he has been down with a spinal cord sickness which has kept him in bed all this years. She stressed that for all this 7years she has been left unattended to as a woman and that as she saw me at the interview room her passion to get closer to me increased, she said for the past 25years as she met her husband she has never felt that way for any man like that until she set sight on me, she asked if I will warm her bed for her and in return she would provide for me anything I ever taught of having on earth even if I chose not to work so far as I gave her quality satisfaction on bed she will provide my needs for me.

As the conversation was going on I heard a very heavy knock on my door, I kept quiet for the first time and the knock came again this time with a voice accompanying it, guess who that was? My landlord was out there with some macho men to throw me out of the room because he claimed I was doing hide and seek with him but for tonight there was no escape for me………….

What would you do if you were Nii Dromo at this crucial time of his life. Will you stay in the sinking boat or U will jump out of the boat for safety?


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