Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 8


I went to the bank and withdrew almost everything left in my account and added it to what my boss gave to me and made way to my village to see the man of God my mum spoke about, God being so good granted me a safe trip to my hometown and as I got home my mother broke down with tears because in fact the sickness had really dealt with me rigidly that I had become a shadow of myself, probably if a strong wind blew and I don’t find something to support me the air might blow me away

That evening of my arrival my mother didn’t waste anytime by sending me to the house of the prophet so that the necessary steps will be taken. Upon our arrival at the man of God’s house he engaged us in series of prayers and immediately he got a revelation as to who was behind my sickness and what exactly my problem was, to him if drastic measures were not taken to savage the problem I had less than a week to live on this earth but because we had made a bold step to come to the presence of God, that decision of the untimely dead God had stamped his feet in the matter and had declared the case nonsense.

The man of God by name Prophet Owusu Peprah directed us to buy some items and gave us directions to follow and also warned me not to take in some foods and fruits since those things could clamp my spirit down, he further gave me some Bible quotations to pray with and gave me some days to fast and after that come back and see him, he told us he will also do the rest of the prayers at his end

Before we left his house he stressed on the fact that I should becareful on any sugar mummy who might come my way with any monetary assistance because in return she would demand for something that will not end well for both of us.

We came back home with a renewed spirit that redemption was very close to us, that night I had series of nightmares about my life with people chasing me and sometimes weird creatures following me in the bush, whiles for some I saw myself fighting with the very man who threatened my life earlier on and in the fight I really discipline the man, honestly I beat the living hell out of him that he pleaded and asked for mercy and later told me that he will release my health and liberty into my hands once again.

I woke up sweating like as if I had taken part in the milo marathon race from Nungua barrier to Dansoman keep fit club house, I later heard some cats fighting on the roof of the room all through out the night but surprisingly I was the only one awake with the whole noise that was coming from above,

It was after 4am before I managed to sleep again. I woke up very late in the day eventually and I was surprised at the time because it was almost 4pm, I asked my mum why she didn’t wake me up all this while, she smiled and told me that she tried several times but I replied her over and over that I was tired and even the prophet came around to checkup on me but as he saw my style of sleeping she told my mum that I had gone to the spiritual realm fighting for my redemption and that I will come back victorious so no one should interrupt my lengthy sleep, upon hearing this I started jubilating because I knew the battle I fought in the early hours of the day was a victorious one and that the bondage that had held me captive will be broken soon

I narrated everything I saw in my dream and even told my mum about the cat fight I heard on the roof of our room and surprisingly my mum said she didn’t hear any such thing but come to think of this my mum was not the deep sleeper type of person but she said she heard nothing, well I guess it was a spiritual encounter that came my way.

I followed the direction the prophet laid down for me and in some few days time I saw positive improvement taking place in my system and life, thanks to the special home made foods and soups my mother prepared for me I started gaining back my weight that lost, I stayed in the village for 3 good months before I decided to come back to Accra to chase after my dreams, the prophet stressed on the fact that if I truly love my life I shouldn’t venture to go back to the accounting firm to work or even visit them and that if they call me to come and work there as a permanent worker and even offer to pay me more than the president of the country I should turn their offer down and that God will locate me to my helper in due course, he told me never to rush in life or take any shortcuts to climb the ladder of success and quoted one of my all time favourite Bible verse which says

“THE BLESSING OF THE LORD THAT BRINGS WEALTH TO MAN, AND HE ADDS NO TROUBLE TO (Proverbs 10:22)” and further warned me on the sugar mummy issue once again.

I left the village to Accra and the first person I called when i arrived was my boss at the accounting firm to inform her of my arrival, indeed she was very happy of my return and recovery from the hands of the evil one, she told me the board of directors had met a week ago and that they want to give me a permanent job in the company plus a duplex and an SUV car for my official use, for my salary she said it will blow my mind if she told me so I should think about the offer and get back to her at my own convenient time.

After the call my landlord invited me over to his room and told me my rent had expired and that he is increasing the price of the rent by 50% and he needs at least 2 more years rent, if I couldn’t afford the new rent he has given me 3months to vacate my room so that someone with enough money will move in………….

When you need something desperately that is when offers from the wrong side comes your way. Once beaten twice shy and to be warned is to armed.

If you were Nii Dromo what action will you take next? Let the discussion flow in here.

Stay safe & be good!!!!