Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 7


All too soon the day for the final exams dawned in and I took the papers, paper after paper and finally when the results was released I was no doubt the overall best student in the school. For the accolades I received chunk of them and one lecturer helped me secure a place in one of the reputable accounting fames in the country to do my national service there, I worked so hard and had new modules to tackle major problems in my department of work that in no time I was liked by most of the senior staffers except the deputy director of the firm who never appreciated anything I did at the place.

He always raised false alarm about me to the senior staffers but anytime they probed into the matter they never saw me at fault, one day a file was mistakenly dropped on my desk and since I taught it was for me to do some balancing and checks in the file I realised there had been a huge embezzlement going on from the desk of the deputy director, I raised an alarm and a serious meeting was organised in respect to my findings, the meeting went on for close to 7hours before it came to an end and by the time the meeting ended the deputy director together with some senior staffers were found as the culprits behind the embezzlement that they had to be apprehended and prosecuted

Before the culprits were sent out of the building by the security personnels the deputy director who happened to be a number 9 told me in plain language that a reputation he had used 27years to build I have taken just a day to bring it to an end and that if I were the might oak tree he was also the small axe and that I will never find happiness in the firm and that my life will soon turn upside down.

Hmmmmmm never underestimate the furry of an angry number 9 man because most of them never issue empty treats, my boss that I worked under in my department called me to her office the following day, she was astonished as to how I was able to track and nail the deputy director down because she said for the past 15years a lot of the workers had tried auditing the reports and financial expenditures of the deputy director but have never been successful and about 3 of them who almost got him caught died mysteriously so nobody in the company bothered ever again to try that with the man, she advised me like a mother to be very careful with how I go about things in the establishment because she knew there were still some of the culprits left in the fame, I thanked her and left to my desk.

As I got to my desk I saw something unusual on my chair, a very big “GRASSHOPPER” was lying on my chair, I brushed it away with some papers I was holding in my hands and sat down to do the work I had been assigned with for the day, what marvelled me was that my office was on the 3rd floor of the 8storey building the firm was suited at and moreover the building has not having any open place or window for that parasite to find its way to my chair

I ignored my taught and started my work but for that day I closed very early because I was feeling very feverish all of a sudden at work so I took permission and left to the house but on my way home a “BAT” came to hit my chest which got me very alarmed and very alert because I knew “bats” hardly flew during broad daylight, I got home and things became worse for me that I was later rushed to the hospital by my co tenant in the house I had rented after leaving the hostel.

I was admitted for close to 2weeks but the doctors in the hospital were not seeing anything wrong with me medically, several test had been conducted on me but the results they got were still the same, one of the doctors by name Dr Aphreh advised me to seek for spiritual assistance because the way things were going she could tell that my situation was above medical treatment because my condition was becoming worse by the day.

I took her advised and called my mum and informed her about my predicament so she immediately told me not to waste time in coming back to the village so she can send me to a very powerful man of God who had been transferred to the Kwahu Presbytery and she knew redemption will be my portion when we went to him. I called my boss to inform her of my current situation and she passed by to visit me after work, she told me that this to her was a spiritual attack after I narrated my story to her from the “grasshopper to the bat and the other strange things I encountered”, she gave me an envelope before leaving and told me to manage whatever amount I saw in it and that she would fill and endorse my end of service forms when my national service tenure ends even if I don’t get the strength to complete the time left ahead of me.

The world is a place we don’t have to take for granted. Don’t take some threats about your life so lightly because when the blind man threatens to stone you, it means he has gotten possession of a stone already.

What might be the fate of Nii Dromo in the coming days ahead?
Stay safe from trouble and learn to be in your lane.

To be continued