Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 6


I came back to my room to nurture my pains and injury but deep inside me I was filled with joy, I was the happiest person at that very moment that you could think I had won a visa lottery to heaven

Why because those thugs that assaulted me brought me out from “reproach to glorification”, I now knew I was out of the bondage of Juliana and that she will never come to me or call me any further to disturb my life with any pregnancy story again, aaaah baba God you do everything and it was now that I knew oluwa was very much involved.

Through my happy moments a strange vodafone number called me and when I answered the call I realised it was none but Juliana, I took a deep breath before uttering words to her and as I started speaking I chose my words carefully because that was the only opportunity I had to tell her my peace of mind, I told her I loved my life and that I had a very bright future ahead of me and that I didn’t want her to try and pour sand in my gari, I stressed on the fact that she should never in her life call me on phone or meet me anywhere on campus and mention my name ever, if she met me dying by the road she should do me the honour of passing by and in fact she should treat me as a virus and format me from her system for good, I told her she should deal with her alleged pregnancy with her mafia boyfriend and that the 150cedis I gave her should be used as compensation for the services she rendered to me, she tried explaining herself to me but my patience had ran out so I cut the line on her.

Shortly after the call another strange vodafone number called me and out of anger and frustration I answered the call with a very harsh tone and started speaking rudely to the caller who had called me not knowing whoever had called and the person was very calm to the extent that he or she waited for me to say the nonsense I had to say and when I finished talking the caller mentioned my name to see if it wasn’t a wrong number that he or she had called, when I heard the voice I knew I had guff big time

The voice was very familiar that I wouldn’t forget it even in my sleep, yeah your guess is right it was my one and only sweetheart Tilly who was at the end of the receiver speaking with me. I was shockprise yeah I was shocked and surprised at the same time that was the reason why I said I was shockprise, she asked if everything was okay with me and I lied to her that a lady had been pestering with my life after she left Ghana shortly, she laughed at me and made fun of me with a lot of comedy coming from her, I asked her why she kept herself from me after weeks of them leaving me behind,she told me they were involved in an immigration problem because Samuel’s documents had some mistakes on it and shortly after they had solved that crisis, Samuel again faulted with a traffic regulation when they were coming back from class to the house, when the police conducted their investigation it came out that Samuel and Ken were drank and according to the British law it was a big offence which had a big penalty to face

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We were arrested and detained for weeks in police custody and even as she was talking to me at the moment they were under house arrest, the telephone lines in the house has been disconnected as punishment and they couldn’t go out for now also to get UK sim cards or units to buy to make calls to love once and that even the phone she was using belonged to one of the officials assigned to them.

As the conversation was getting interesting the line went off and I tried everything I could to get in touch with her again but the line never connected me through to her, I tried for several hours but to no avail so I gave up for the day hoping to hear from my sweetheart once again later but that never happened.

Eventually I advised myself after my ugly encounter with Juliana never to mingle or affiliate myself with any lady on campus till I complete my course in the school because my mission and aim to the school was only one, that is to learn and pass my exams with flying colours so I secure a better job and help my family and little siblings back home, the decision I took really helped me because it boasted my academic performance and thanks to the monies Tilly and Ken left for me, I never lacked anything during my stay on campus.

Fast forward:

I got to the final year and I was one of the best if not the overall best student not only in my department but the entire school because I represented the school on many academic platforms and always came back victorious but all this while I had not heard from Tilly or Ken and none of them replied my numerous messages on Facebook since I wasn’t having any of their contacts.

Is it true that out of sight, is out of mind as they say or had the foreign exposure changed the attitude and personalities of my 2 close buddies?

To be continued