Broken Seal~Episode 45 Final 


I woke up filling very weak and heavy as if i just finished digging an everest lenght hole. The ‘beauty’ of my cell is that it has a bathroom and a little comfort zone. Probably ‘coz its a detainee cell. I took my bath and was given breakfast that even a toddler won’t be satisfied after eating. Its this morning i got clearer view of what my cellmates look like. Guess what! The dude acting bossy yesterday, was Adrian!!!! Oh my God hope am not in for it? How did he get here in the first place? Why do we have to be kept in the same cell? 
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? ? ? ? 
A warder told me i had a visitor. Perhabs mum and dad i thought. I walked to the visitation hall happily. My grin was short lived when i realised it was Rodelio who came visiting. I dragged him by the collar, pinning him to a wall.
 Rodelio: (gasping) calm down, i’ve got good news. 
Me: sparky! What news do you have huh? What did you do to Ella?
 Rodelio: don’t think of her anymore, know why? ‘coz you gonna rot in jail. 
Me: hahahahahaha, stop lying to yourself. 
Rodelio: i know you leaving here depends on Nikky’s survival, i’m gonna get rid of her so you can rot in jail, leaving Ella and i whoo-hooo. 
Me: b—–d! 
Rodelio: curse me all you like, this may be the last time we’d be meeting. 
Me: get out!!! 
Rodelio: while you wait for your death sentence, have nice feasts with my boys, hahahahahaha Adrian is there to kick your butt, what a powerful coincidence. 
 *Do you think Rodelio would carry out his threats? What if he does, what would be Isaiah’s fate? 
* Is Tomas related to anyother character?
 *Why did Nikky ‘drug’ Isaiah? Was it for obsession sake or other strings were attached?
 *what would be the DNA test result? Positive or negative? 
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