Broken Seal ~Episode 44


what a wedding day! The couple split to spend their honeymoon in hell. Only God knows what Ella is going through right now. Aaaaaaaarh i hate this day.
 Warder: who is Isaiah Guidotti? 
Me: who wants to know?
 Warder: you rat! You have a visitor. 
Me: who is there? 
Warder: come out here before i use my baton on you. Båstard! I felt like kicking his pot belly mtcheeew. 
He lead me to the visitation hall. Dad and mum were seated in on angle, their faces spelt worry and disappointment. Before mum could utter a word, i explained everything to them. 
Mum: if only the authorities would see this as an accident. 
Dad: sorry son but i don’t think you’d be leaving here anytime soon. (sad face) 
Me: i understand dad, i only wish Nikky gets well soon. 
Mum: hmmmm. 
Dad: its getting dark, we need to leave, take care of your self. 
Mum: we’d be back tomorrow okay? (teary eyes) 
Me: farewell. 
? ? ? ?
 I retired to my cell, my cellmates were chatting and obviously gaving fun. Guess they’ar used to being here. I isolated my self from them. 
Cellmate1: (he look and sound bossy) hey boys! We have a newbie, how about we give him a welcome ritual huh? 
Four guys: yeeeeaaa 
welcome ritual? I’m i in the midst of cultists? I felt a cold hand on my lower jaw, the hand was raising my head up, i hit it hard.
 Me: let go. 
Guy1: what? You wanna be rude huh? He landed a hot slap on my right cheek. 
Me: i advice you warn off. Else i hook you up with my bad si….. 
Guy2: he got some guts!!! 
He punched me hard on the rib. I groaned in pain and replied with a heavy kick on his tummy. Another guy was coming with his own version of punch. I caught his hand mid-air giving him a finishing punch. I fell face down like a deflated balloon. I felt like a super hero! I was jubilating within, until that busy guy grabbed my head and tucked it under his armpit. Uuuuuuuu rotten egg smelt nothing compared to his armpit. That gave the other guys opportunity to punch me as they desired. Soon i fell down, so weak, but that didn’t stop them. They would have killed me if not for the timely intervention by two warders.
 Warder 1: hey hey stop that already. 
Warder 2: you haven’t learnt enough lessons here right! Now lay flat all of you! I couldn’t open my eyes, my whole body ached badly. The only sounds i kept hearing was the ‘bang bang’ of batons. The heartless warders also gave me my share of punishment. I was given 25 strokes of baton on my back. I’ve never been this turtored all my life. I don’t think i’d last a day in here. Now this is what you call from frying pan to fire!!!! 
? ? To be continued ? ?