Broken Seal ~Episode 43


Two nurses helped in taking Nikky to a ward. I wasn’t allowed to go in. About 5minutes later, the doctor came out, with a ‘not so good’ expression. 
Me: do….doctor how is she?
 Doc: she’s unconscious and her oxygen level is not normal…… *blah blah blah* 
Me: what can we do?
 Doc: she’d be taken to the ICU (intensive care unit)…… 
Me: what?!!! Our little conversation was interrupted by a four men who walked into us unannounced. Three of which were policemen, the fourth man was Mr. Angelo, Nikky’s dad! Who was a commissioner of police. 
Police1: young man, you’ar under arrest.
 Me: (are you crazy?) under arrest? What for?
 Police1: for attempted murder.
 Me: what? You got the wrong person. .
Police 2: i advice you shut up. 
Me: i need to contact my lawyer, am going nowhere till i do just that.
 Police3: we have a warrant of arrest, you must go with us now!!!
 I had to obey the angry looking policemen. I was handcuffed and led to their dark blue van. Is this some sort of set up or what? Why is Angelo with them? How did they know about Nikky this fast? 
What a wedding!!! Bride got kidnapped and groom being led to police station. 
 Guidotti: where is that boy going? He’s not in his right senses. Mark, sam, please follow him and watch what he’s gonna do. Samuel and Mark both hopped into a car, following Isaiah without his knowledge. They parked a few metres away from the house they saw him driving into. Soon he rushed out of the room carrying a lady who is perhaps dead or having serious medical condition. A man who can’t possibly be less than 70 also came out of the house, he was following Isaiah, they did same. They both saw how Isaiah was handcuffed and lead into a police van. 
Mark: whats going on? 
Samuel: i really don’t know, this doesn’t look good. .
Mark: take a cab back to Mr. Guidotti and tell him everything while i’d follow the van to find out what station they are taking him to.
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 ? ? ? ? 
police chief: good day mayor. 
Guidotti: Are you aware that your boys arrested my son?
 Police chief: please take a seat…..yes! I was the one who gave them the go ahead. 
Guidotti: whats his offence? 
Police chief: a murder case was filled against him. 
Guidotti: are you sure about this?
 Police chief: the victim is currently in the ICU. 
Guidotti: then it isn’t murder! When would my son be released? 
Police chief: unless the victim make it alive, this is still a murder case. According to the law. Your son can’t be bailed out! He would have to face the law. 
Guidotti: is there no anyway round? 
Police chief: i’m sorry sir. 
? ? ? ?
 I had already changed and now clad in a yellow cell wear with “DETAINED” written boldly it. What a shattered day, from wedding tux to prison wear, aisle to prison. Freeman to ‘detained’ 
? ? To be continued ? ?