Broken Seal ~Episode 42


Minutes earlier Rodelio recieved an sms from Angelina. He had paid her 2million peru for this job. Good thing she didn’t fail, she’d have had to pay back with her life. He quickly mobilized 15 of his capable men, they divided into two groups. Eight person hid on each side of the road. They were preparing and ambush. Each of the men had micro bluetooth earpiece which were wirelessly connected such that when one speaks, 15 others would comprehend. The convoy was fast approaching. It was a team of eight SUVs, two police vans and six police men on power bikes. 
Rodelio: (speaking into the necklope) Tim and charles, you’d launch your grenades against the police vans. The others, make sure your crossfire is on atleast a police man. You launch attack on my third count, got it?
 All men: yes boss. 
The whole convoy team were now in full sight. Rodelio: one…..two…..threeee the fierce sounds of explosives and fire exchange filled the air just seconds after Rodelio’s third count. Rodelio threw a light grenade on the ground. The grenade made the environment very hazy. Only Rodelio and his men could see clearly because they wore infrared glasses. He dabbed a white hankerchief with chloroform and in a swift move, he forced Ella to inhale the whole of it. The chloroform worked perfectly, Ella slumped. Rodelio picked her up, took her to the Rodovan and they all drove off. 
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? ? ? ? ? ? 
dad:(after i ended the call) what happened? 
Me: They were attacked!
 Dad: what?!!! I rushed to the parking lot, opened my car and was about entering when……
 Dad: i’d go with you.
 Me: okay lets go. 
We drove off speedily and soon arrived the scene. blood littered the ground about six police officers were lying breathless. Ella wasn’t in any of the cars. Oh god! What happened? Mum, Sam and Mark also came into the picture. Streams of hot blood coursed my handsome face, no this isn’t the time to cry. I hopped into my car, driving to God knows where. I know it would be much more easier to chase ghosts than to search for Ella right now. An idea rang in my head. Nikky! Yes Nikky she surely have a hand in this. I drove to her house. Her door wasn’t locked, i barged in angrily. She wasn’t in the sitting room, gosh! Where is this devil? The TV was on, which means she’d be around the house. I climed the flight of stairs which lead to her bedroom. I ran into her halfway on the staircase. She was descending it.
 Nikky: hello newest groom. The wedding ended this fast?
 Me: drop the act, i know what you’ar up to. Where is she?
 Nikky: what am up to? Where she is? I don’t understand.
 Me: where is Ella?!!! 
Nikky: what? How am i supposed to know? Isn’t it obvious i’ve been home all day? Mind you am not some omnipresent being. 
A heated argument ensued, she wasn’t willing to accept, and i knew she was hiding something. She tried pushing me away so she’d descend the stairs but i didn’t yield. She grew greatly aggressive, grabbing my tux by the collar and pulling it fiercely. In a flash i saw her lying on the floor. She fell off the high stairs! It was a pretty bad fall, a ran to her, her head oozed blood, her breath was fainting. OMG! I rushed her to the hospital. On my way i got consumed with many thoughts, what would i say happened? What report would i give the police, should they stick their dirty in this??? 
? ? To be continued ? ?