Woara Season 2 – Episode Eight 8 – “Thin line between love and hate”


I was just stunned. It was as if my heart had just stopped beating.  As confused as I was, I didn’t even know the next thing to say. 
“I thought you loved me Kwame, not knowing you are also interested in my sister” Afra said. That even got me more confused. Was she really talking about love here? Afra had never showed me love, even after the sex and now there she stood in front of me, preaching me about love. 
Yvonne just took her hand bag and rushed out of the place. There was nothing more I could do. I was to be blamed for all this. Was blinded and misled to the extent that I failed to see what real love was like. 
As much as I was worried about Yvonne, I was worried about the fact that I got stuck up with Afra and now she is also pregnant. Like seriously, pregnancy? I’m not ready to be a father now, I can barely take care of myself. My fees was even paid by the very lady who I had rejected so many times. 
“So what are we doing about our child? Afra asked. 
Just when she asked that, my heart began beating faster, I was so much angry that, I wished I could just shut that lips of her’s by literally slapping it. 
“You should know better” I said and walked out on her. I don’t even care what she does anymore. All what I wanted was to be alone as at that moment. 
My life was just about to come to a halt. Yvonne is gone and now I have been able to get that good for nothing girl, Afra pregnant. Surprised about how I’m addressing her right, well I guess you know the real meaning of the saying “There is a thin line between love and hate”. 
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I didn’t even know what to do now, I tried reaching out to Yvonne but she either hanged up on me or will not even answer the call at all. I needed help, I just didn’t know what to do now. I was confused as anything. 
The only person who I knew will come to my aid again was Ishvi, my friend. A day went by and once again I was able to hook up with Ishvi. I told him everything and to be honest, he was even disappointed in me for going that far with Afra to the extent of getting her pregnant. 
Notwithstanding all this, he advised me to sit Afra down and talk to her if only I really want to be with Yvonne. He believed that, Afra was the only one who would actually be able to convince her sister that my involvement with her was only a mistake. 
As much as I hated to do this, it sounded right and it wasn’t even like I didn’t have an option or something, that seemed to be my only choice so I had to go for it. 
All this while, I was trying to reach out to my Yvonne but was to no avail. I sent her numerous text messages yet she never replied any of the them. 
It was about 7:00pm when I set off to Afra’s end. I had my thoughts well planned out and I knew what I was going to say to her when I get there. As at that time, my priority was just to win back Yvonne at all cost and Afra will help me do that even if it’s against her will. 
In less than an hour time, I had already gotten to her end but I noticed she was in with someone as I clearly heard double voices coming from her apartment. I stood at the door to listened to everything. There was a male voice which sounded so familiar. I was so sure it was Fred. There was no way I would be wrong about that especially after the confrontation he had with me the other day, specifically warning me to stay away from Yvonne. 
“You can have Yvonne to yourself now, Fred. I have seceded in getting that boy out of your way” I heard Afra saying. 
“You can’t be serious, how did you that anyway” He asked. 
“Well, sometimes in life you need to sacrifice something you have to get what you want. So erm, I kinda sacrificed something that belongs to you” Afra said.
At this point, I strained my ears very well so I could hear everything  they were saying. 
“Can you come to my level dear, What are you talking about? Fred asked. 
“Hmm, okey, fair enough, the thing is, I’m pregnant for you but I made it seems that pregnancy belonged to Kwame just to get Yvonne hurt and you know, that will actually get her to pay attention to you” Afra revealed. 
What did I just hear, no..no …no…Now I can’t take this, Afra actually lied about the pregnancy? She was actually sleeping with Fred too. Was I dreaming or something? I didn’t waste any more time. I barged in on them and there they were again, another surprise was waiting for me. Afra and Fred, were half naked on the sofa, cuddling each other.