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Every dream is within reach and every vision is achievable, if only you can pay the price. So with your eyes in your head, follow the dreams of your childhood and your vision for your life. Hopefully, having paid the price in full, you would succeed and call yourself a successful person.
There is a price for every dream. There are as many prices as there are dreams. If you dream of becoming better than Albert Einstein, you would pay a different price from the one aspiring to be better than George Oppong Weah, richer than Aliko Dangote or aspiring to be the next Mandela.
This ‘price’ varies both in nature and depth but those of you who would pay the price will be the ones to achieve their said goals. I am talking about those of you who are suited both in capacity and preparedness for the dreams so conceived. The prices come in the form of sacrifices and costs. The sacrifices envisaged here relate to the material, emotional and social issues you would have to pay in the pursuit of your dreams.
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