Woara Episode 3 – “Unexpected Date”


That was how dumb I could. I know by now you are also calling me “Jon”.
“Maybe, I should get rid of this timidity,” I thought. “If there was a better time to do that, it should be now – Now that I have Yvonne seated right by my side.”  This time around she wasn’t here to solve question but for a reason best known to herself.
She wore a short skirt, which showed her hairy thighs; I couldn’t take my eyes of them, still wondering how she found me here.
“Are you not going to talk to me now?” she asked. “Do you even realize that I am the only friend you have now?” The only friend I have. I didn’t even consider myself as her friend mpo. I thought she only saw me as some nerd who was only useful when she had a question she couldn’t solve.
“I’m sorry, I’m just not myself” I said.  Then to make matters worse, she burst out in laughter. I was so sure I didn’t say anything wrong or funny. I just watched her as she laughed.
“You really wrote that letter? Oh my God, I really like your choice of words,” she said. Oh no, I have really succeeded in making a mess out of myself. That’s embarrassing, she could have joined my colleagues laugh at me in class but for her to come out here, in search of me, then laugh at me, that was really to the extreme.
“So you came out here to laugh at me” I said. It didn’t look like she was going to stop laughing any time soon.
“Come on, that was really funny. But to be honest, I think you were really sweet” she said. My eyes widened in surprise. Sweet, did she just say I was sweet? I couldn’t believe my ears.
“You know what, errmm what are you doing this weekend?” she asked.  
“I… I…” I fumbled. “It’s actually my sister’s birthday and I was thinking of taking her out. I wish you could join me,” she said. I had already accepted her invitation in my mind but in reality, I was as stiff and rigid like a baobab tree. I was so lost for words. But you know you can’t blame me; I never choose this dull life for myself. 
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She took my phone. “The first guy I have met without a pattern on his phone,” she said as she dialed her number on it.
There was no secret pattern on my phone because I had nothing to hide. My Whatsapp was full of group chats, which I’m not even active on. The only chat you will find apart for the groups was that between my mom and me.
Yvonne was expecting to hear from me before the weekend. I counted myself lucky any time Yvonne came that close to me. As soon as she left, I was ready to give her an answer. I did not have the courage to call, but at least I sent her a text message of my acceptance and she texted back with the details of where we were to meet.
My day had gone bad with what happened in class but thank God, Yvonne came by. I had every reason to be happy. I went to my hostel thinking about her.
I went to town got myself a nice shirt with a pair of trousers to match the next day. The weekend seemed so far away. It felt like I waited for a year.
I woke up that Saturday morning feeling very excited. I planned to be at the venue thirty minutes before the time I was given. You know what they say, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”
Now the unfortunate thing was that my perfume was finished and I had forgotten to replace it when I went to town. What do I do? Besides, I was not comfortable stepping out without wearing my favorite smell.
As I was thinking of breaking the bottle, my eyes caught an air freshener resting cozily at the corner of the room. “Bingo!” I thought. I sprayed it all over my shirt and voila! I was good to go.
I made it to the venue just as I planned – thirty minutes to the time and to my surprise Yvonne was already there in an armless dress. Her breast stood very firm. She was undoubtedly irresistible. She was sitting there alone. Was her sister running late? Well, I was yet to find out.
She welcomed me with a hug, a hug that I wished never ended.  “My sister would be here any moment from now, I just need to tell you something before she comes,” she said. I was anxious to hear what she had to say but rather, she passed me a piece of paper.
I quickly opened it and to the shock of my life, “I LOVE YOU KWAME” was boldly written on it. This was unthinkable. Having what I wished for on a silver platter.  Just when I raised my head to look at her, her sister arrived.  Another shock of my life, I recognized her, it was Afrakuma, my first love.  I felt like I was going to die out of a heart attack.
To be Continued
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