Passion and Power – Monday (23-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Eladio tells himself that he can’t forget Julia and he rather be dead than to forget her. 
Daniela looking at all the situation in the house, she feels like taking in drug but Regina, Jorge tries calming her down so she would lust for the drug and it wasn’t an easy thing but the two do everything possible. Jorge then thinks it’s better she calls David and so she calls David and he comes to keep her company.
Julia tries convincing her dad so they can go back home but he also convinced her that they stay and enjoy more in Las Vegas so they can be happy and Julia agrees.
Erick goes to confront Miguel about Consuelo and how he is not going to let him have her but Miguel tells him to try forgetting about her since the mere hearing of his name pisses Consuelo off and so he should forget her.
Consuelo thinks with Erick it was only an infatuation but Miguel is her dream man and true love. Quickly, Jorge enters and Consuelo left them. Jorge then proposes marriage to Regina but her face changed from smile to anxiety and she says she doesn’t want to get married now and Jorge is ready to wait as long as he can.
Augustin threatens Erick that he will do everything possible to get Consuelo’s son for her and Erick says that will only cause him to destroy him (Augustin). 
Gabby goes to Eladio’s office and someone calls Caridad to speak with Franco about the Factory and Gabby thinks she can do that on behalf of Franco since she is the owner and so Caridad gives the phone to her and the person tells her he can’t speak with her because Franco sold the factory to them and so he is the one they can deal with. Gabby then becomes depressed as well as Caridad becoming surprised and tries calming her down stating that the person might be mistaking and Gabby left as soon as possible to go wait in the house for Franco but pleads with her not to tell Franco first since she wants to first do it as his wife.
Gabby bumps into Franco on her way and she requests that he tells her why he sold the factory when it’s not his and Franco says he never told her because everything was going bankrupt and Gabby says she will never trust him again but Franco says he will give her a complete analyses of the factory and then she will know that he never lied. Franco then goes to get some documents to give Gabby as the analyses he did about the factory before selling it.
It’s time for Julia to go Mexico and Arturo asks her to give him another chance but she still says she is still in a confuse state of mind to decide and so she bids him farewell and takes her father with him.
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