Woara Episode 2 – “Kwame Jon”


My heart sunk! O my days! What a disgrace! How could Afrakuma possibly do such a thing to me? Oh my days! I was so not prepared for this and what followed this – the laughter! My only wish was for the ground to open up and swallow me. My life was a complete mess that day and the days after.
Truly, pride goes before a fall. Nobody would’ve known about this if I wasn’t the most popular, loud and conceited Zygote. I tell you the truth, that was the end of me!
Ever since that time, I have never had the courage to ask a lady out. I couldn’t overcome this fear even after I entered the university. I came across this letter when I was going through one of my books and just as I was reminiscing the most embarrassing time of my life, someone grabbed the letter from behind me. It was Efua. I tried to take it back but she was too fast and I did not want to fight her. She read it out loud to the whole class.
Apparently, she was peeking over my shoulder while I took a trip down memory lane. Math class had just ended and that was our last lecture for the week. I ran out, as they began to laugh because I couldn’t bear another round of embarrassment. I sat on a lover’s bench behind the library where I could be alone.
“How was I going to survive in my class now?” I kept asking myself. I sat there shaking and afraid for I was a timid and shy guy who did not like to be noticed. I had no friend. What happened to Zygote? Well, Afrakuma killed him with that single shot long ago. That girl changed my life.
I had a routine; room-class-room. Unless I had some extra studies to do, or an exam to prepare for, I did not visit the library often. I had already embarrassed myself once in level 100 when I had to stand in front of my peers for a presentation and boy! It was terrible. I just messed the whole thing up. Aside all this, I am actually a very brilliant student and could boast of a “B” as my least grade in any exam.
I could tell that, some of my mates would have used my help a great deal with some assignments and class work. However, the way I presented myself, I seemed almost unapproachable. I was somewhat okay with that because I liked being alone. I felt secure whenever I was alone.
The only time I remember having some kind of contact with not just anybody but a lady, was when we were about to write our first semester exams.  Yvonne came to me at library asking me to help her out with this question she had been struggling with. I thought she was rather bold. The good thing was, I had solved that particular question the previous night and I was so perfect at it that I knew I could solve it easily.
Yvonne was like the hottest “chic” on campus. Every guy wanted to be with her but she was actually the hard and no-nonsense type. I even remember she shamed a lecturer who had been making advances toward her right in class.  
I do not know where the sudden tension came from. Whether I was scared or that I was overwhelmed by Yvonne’s beauty, I couldn’t tell.
Yvonne was cool with me compared to how she related to other guys. Though we did not talk at all, she smiled at me whenever our eyes met. Now, maybe you don’t really know how this Yvonne lady was endowed with beauty. Let me make more realistic. She was like the Kim Kardashian of our time, her body figure was just like Nicki Minaj and her cute soft voice sounded like Ariana Grande. 
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The way she even presented herself on campus had standards. There was no doubt that she was from a rich family. Her Iphone 7 compared to my Samsung pocket showed I was way out of her league.
I was just too tensed to even remember the solution to the question. Everything had vanished from my head. I couldn’t solve the question.  I kept drumming the pen on the question paper.
“Kwame, if you can’t do it, you can just tell me,” she said.  Oh my goodness! You should have heard her say that. Her soft voice was so soothing to hear and that even got me more confused.
“Oh it’s very simple, Yvonne. Just that it’s very difficult,” I said. What did I just say? I must be going nuts. Simple, yet difficult? You can imagine the look on her face when I said that.
Fortunately, I was saved by the bell, she had to answer her ringing phone and that gave me the chance to escape.
So that was my life on campus and here I am today, seated at this lonely place behind the library, while my peers were having a good laugh at me back in class. I began to hate myself, I felt I was just not good to have any friends or even talk of dating. I was just not ready for myself or for anyone.
As I wondered what next to do with my life, guess who came by? Yvonne! How she found me here beat my imagination.
“So this is where, you seek solace,” she said and made herself comfortable right beside me. I could feel her body so close to mine. The last time I was this close with a lady, was in a VVIP bus on my way to Kumasi from Accra. As much as I wanted to talk to this lady, the best I could do was just to clear my throat through the five hour journey.
The worse thing was that, this lady asked me for my phone number, but I got it wrong. I was so anxious that I mixed the numbers up. That was how dumb I could be. I know by now you are also calling me “Jon”.
To be Continued On Monday
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