WHY ME?Season 02, Episode 04



I wantd to follow Akosua bt dt wil be rude since my mum was der. Den i askd my mum why dey wer all lukin at me lyk dat😨. She signald me to follow her into de house. I cud see Philip’s shadow lingerin behind me.
Wen we got to my room der was no Mike or Dora:oops:!!! What?? Hw is dat possible? My mum askd Julia if she had seen Mike. She sed Mike had left a lng tym ago to play futball n had told her i ws in de rum…herrrrhhh😰😰 dat boy mafia me! Den my mum turnd n askd me wat was makin dat sound in my room. I was dumbfounded. Bfor i cud try n explain anytyn my mum walked away lukin disappointd:|. N my lil sista lukin lyk dis😛. Philip was stil standin on de veranda. De only person who cud save me now was Pastor, whom i had alredi lied to.
I tried callin Mike bt it didnt go thru. I wish i cud kill dat guy😒. I decidd to go to de futball field n chk for myself. Afta changin into haus clothes der wer no slippers to wear.😁. Both mine n Mike’s wer nt der. I was pisd😠. My sista came to tel me dad was on mum’s fone n he wantd to spk wit me🙊🙆😰. Wen i tuk de fone it all began wit insults n ungratefulness. Den my dad told me dat bfr he returns to Accra i shd leave his house. N dat if i tink i am a man i shd find my own aprtmnt. Afta de call i was alredi in tears. I tried to explain to my mum bt she told me to reserve de explanations fr my dad:'(.
Thn i walkd bk to my rum hopin to reach Akosua n explain tins to her, i rilli nided her to be der for me now bt de call wasnt goin thru. She had sent me dis mesg …”Am rilli hurt Edwin! Yu no i wudnt deny u if u ask dat frm me. Bt i gues u jx enjoy makin odas luk lyk fools. I tot u wer diff, nw i no u guys r all de same. Dnt eva contact me agn!!”…. I was in tears wen i heard samwan sayin softly “Who r u chattin wit??”. It was Philip😑. I gues he dasnt no wen its tym to go home….mtchewwww😒!


Watch out for episode 5. Its ur boy Eddy💫