English has never been an easy language for
most of us in Ghana.
There are many things we were misinformed
about back in elementary and primary school.
For example, there were some names of
‘everyday items’ our teachers wrongly coined
for us.
Today, we wish to set the record straight and
let you know the correct English names of
some of these things.
1. Alasa
Alasa is a popular fruit loved by many in
Ghana but how many of us really know it’s
name in English. The last time we asked you
guys on Facebook, we received ridiculous
answers so we decided to set the record
straight. The English name for Alasa is the
African Star Fruit or Abiu(as widely known in
southern America).


2. Aluguitugui
We know you’ve been told all your life that the
English name for Aluguntugui is Sweet Apple.
Well, you were lied to! The right name for the
fruit is Soursop.
3. Kontomire
There has been a lot of difficulties when
people try to translate “Kontonmire” into
English. Even some of our English books
failed as this and left it as it is (Kontonmire).
Others tried and named it “Cocoyam leaves”.
Today, your headache ends here, the right
name for the popular staple is Taro leaves.
4. Yooyi
We know most of you refer to it as ”black
berries” but sorry to let you know you’ve been
wrong all this while. Black berries are a
completely different kind of fruit . The right
name for Yooyi in English is Velvet Tamarind.


5. Beduru/Kwahu nsusoa
Beduru or Kwahu Nsusoa is a popular
vegetable in Ghana that is used in many
dishes in Ghana but how many of us really
know its English name? Well if you’ve ever
wondered, the right name in English is Turkey
6. Dadesen
We know many people claim the correct
English name of this common pot used in
many homes in Ghana is “Iron Pot”. Sorry, but
they’re wrong, the correct name is Cauldron.
7. Bentua – Enema Bulb Syringe.
For decades, Ghanaians have had difficulty
with the correct name for this highly
ubiquitous object used in many homes Ghana.
There have been funny and interesting
monikers given to this object mostly by people
who claim it’s a pure Ghanaian product and
so it does not come with an English name.
Sorry to bust your bubble but this product is
actually ancient and it’s still being used by
many people all over the world.
8. Asanka
The right name for Asanka, your favourite
bowl the Earthenware Bowl.
9.Banku ta– Wooden Spatula
The ‘stick’ that is used to stir banku to give it
that fine texture is called Wooden Spatula.
There are different types of wooden spatulas
used in many ways for different purposes.
10. MpiRheum
Whenever you wake up from sleep, most times
there is this whitish substance or goop at the
corner of your eye that we normally call “Mpi”
in the Akan language. If you’ve wondered
about its correct name in English, then here
you are; it’s Rheum and not pus or ‘eye
pomade’ as others call it.


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