THE BLUE WINDOW Season 2 Episode 3


I woke up feeling fresh and good, I finished up my house chores and dressed up for school, as soon as I stepped out of the gate I saw Kwesi standing at his gate, I turned to enter my house but too late, he called out my name and I froze in front of the gate.

“Babe” he said as he walked to my gate.

“How are you?” he asked as he leaned in and brushed my lips with his. Annoyingly, even that sent shivers.

“Let’s go, I’ll drop you off at school on my way to work”. I turned to look at my gate.

What was this, what trouble had I gotten myself into, how was I going to solve this problem now?

“Erhmm…..don’t worry, I’ll find my way”.

He looked at me, I was trembling and I couldn’t look him in the eye. He started to laugh hysterically.

“Oh please don’t give me a reason to tease you forever, don’t tell me you are shy of me after what happened”.

I looked at him and pouted. “What are you talking about; don’t bet on it, why would I be shy?” I said and walked towards his car leaving him behind. We arrived at the school after minutes of silence whiles he drove”.

When I opened the door, he held my hand.

“Baby, are you okay, you seem a bit off and distant, did I do anything wrong?” he asked with a concerned look on his face. ‘Yes, there is a problem, I already have a boyfriend, and I cheated on him with you’ I imagined myself saying.

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“No” I said as I forced a smile. “No, there’s nothing wrong….i…I was just taken by surprise after what happened yesterday”.

“You hated it that much” he asked with a naughty smile on his face.

“No, I didn’t hate it” I said.

“So you liked it too?” he asked.

“Are u serious, I have to study this morning and you want us to talk about this?” He looked at me and smiled.

“Okay, not this morning, we will talk when you return from school”. I opened the door and was about to alight when he pulled me down and kissed me on the lips so hard I felt wet. I pulled away in shock and watched the sly smile on his face before alighting.

I closed the door and turned and there was Fred standing there, staring at me. I almost passed out, what the hell was I going to say to him, how was I going to explain the kiss?

Eli is in trouble again, what is she going to tell Fred, find out in episode 4….



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