WHY ME? Season 02,Episode 03.



I had to tink of a way out sharp! I hate impromptu stuff. Pastor wantd to introduce me to sam of his colleague pastors n dat was an honour i cudnt refuse, bt de fact dt i didnt no wen we wil leave de place ws wat bored me😑.
Now i had to find a way to fill an application form at home (wyls am headed God nos wer) n deliver it to Philip to present it to pastor on our return. Dis is a clear example of an impossibility. Wen we got to de place my fone rang. It was Akosua🙊🙆. She wantd me to go wit her to an old skul meetin. I promisd to be der. N now see me😬. Afta prayin for forgvnes i walkd to Pastor n told him i wasnt feelin so well. Afta all dis was nt wat i expectd. I tot sam simple meetin bt it was a prayer meetin!😐 He didnt hesitate to gv me money home.
Wen i got home guess who n who i found naked on my bed:oops:? Mike n Dora. I didnt say much as dey got dresd. I tuk de app form n left. Afta fillin it i called Philip to cam ova. Wen he came he told me pastor was comin to take it frm my haus:oops:!! Wat?? He had told Pastor he was wit me all dis while. Eeeiii….small boy pastor paaa!!😂😂. He hd no idea i was wit pastor all dt whyl.
Wen Pastor came i felt ashmd for lyin n i was alredi sweatin. He sed notin to Phil or myself. Jx as he was leavin my mum n Akosua wer camin frm a close distance😬. My mum had travld n was nt expected i wantd to prompt Mike…..bt wat do i care:roll:. Tday is Mike’s hell day😈. Dey got to de entrance jx abt wen pastor was leavin n Phil n i tuk de luggages frm my mum n Akosua. Jx den frm nowhere my lil sista Julia came sayin, “Mama,😧 i heard sam strange noise comin frm Edwin’s room. It ws lyk a lady’s voice n she was doin, huh!!! huh!!! huh!!!” Jx den Akosua excused herself:|. I was sweatin bcos of de lie i had told to pastor bt ryt now everyone was lukin at me wit suspicion😷. Even dat Philip guy😨.


Watch out for episode 4. Its ur boy Eddy💫