WHY ME? Episode 5




I was sweatin profusely?. N my nose kept twitchin. I had dan nutin wrong bt i guess der was no way to get out of dis. N in Africa, kids r always wrong b4 adults n der was no nid to xplain anytin. As i walked towards Pastor’s office i tried to kip my thighs togeda cus i cud feel samtyns breakin loose. Trust me, it felt lyk judgment day?. Wen i enterd de office he was smilin. Now i was confused:?. Den he said he neva new i cud preach so well. Samhow he had heard one of d mesgs i record alone in my room. He told me he wil lyk me to share dat mesg @ d comin yut conference. Ofcourse i said yes!! I was relivd n walkd out lyk a grammy award winner:).
Nw der wer 2 tins on my mind; how to disorient Samuella of dat idea n to no wat Dora saw.
Honest i dnt av a galfren. I wud av cald myself a virgin if not for sam of d tinz i samtyms find myself doin in dreams. I am a diff person in my drms?. So wen i got home i stud wer Dora was standin de last tym n voila!! Der it was, a gift frm Betty to Edwin. Betty is my daughter oo:mrgreen:. Herh Dora paa. I burst into lafta @ Dora’s hasty conclusion?. Den i heard my fon ringin. Guess who it was?? It was Philip. That off beat dancer?. I dnt hate him bt i dnt lyk him dat much. Hes too clingy?. Am sure u no samwan lyk dat. Samwan u say yes to even wen u mean no so dat dey stop botherin u.
Philip nided sam softwares on his laptop n had brot it to me. I told him it wil b dan tday but honestly i had forgotten. I av been tossin him for abt a month nw n i gav him my word✋dat he cn count on me tday. So i pickd d call n told him it was dan, afta all it wil take him sam mins to gt here n i wil b dan b4 he cams. I heard my mum callin me bt i was too psychologically xhaustd to ansa. Bt wen she startd shoutin i went out. Wen i saw her face i new it was gonna be a complaint on my laziness as usual. Bt it was not, she askd “i heard yu wer alone wit a gal in ur room last tym?”. Herrhh!!? My lil sista agn. She has a big mouth n i dnt no how she xplaind wat she saw to my mum. So for abt 30 mins, i was listenin to d “be a good boy” advice n intense lectures on HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea n de lyks. Wen i lukd out of d window, i saw Philip comin into d house, smilin:mrgreen:. I jx wish i cud vanish?!

Watch out for episode 6. Its ur boy Eddy?