“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 11


“Nhyi is at the hospital, she has been admitted” Nana answered.

“What? What happened, what’s wrong with her? Ruby desperately asked.

Nana was so hurt that he even regretted opening his doors to Adzo. He felt that if it wasn’t for her, all this wouldn’t have happened.

“Why don’t you ask Adzo? Nana said and went into his room leaving Ruby behind. She then stood there what had really happened for Nana to throw a  question back at her. What could have Adzo done possibly that will make Nana say such things.

She wanted to find out more so without any hesitation she followed Nana into his room.

Adzo by then had walked a long distance and was very tired. Walking was something that she was used to but for the fact that she was also carrying a baby makes her situation very delicate and complicated.

While she walked she kept on thinking of Nhyi and what would have happened to her by now. That was the time any  religious or even traditionalist would have said a word of prayer but Adzo knows no such thing as GOD. She was not brought up to rely on any supernatural being for assistance and guidance. She was just completely ignorant of the existence of any  religion or a God.  Why would she then pray and to whom?

The only thing she knew in this life was to just follow it where it leads you. If its leads you on the path of poverty, you can’t avert it, if its leads you on the path of wealth or power then embrace it.

She walked several kilometers, not knowing where or who she was going to. People who by passed her saw certain uniqueness in her and in as much as they wanted to stop and talk to her; something pushed them away from her. It was as if Adzo was cursed, if not then she needed a helper who was ready to lose all that he/she has just to make Adzo happy.

Fred noticed that he was the last thing that Ruby thought off. He began to feel out of place in the house. He then decided to go back to Baaba and probably wait till Ruby opens up to him.  Already, he had scheduled a meeting with Efe the next day in order to pay her off as they had agreed.

He quickly left Ruby’s house and drove to Baaba’s apartment where to his surprise he saw a Range Rover packed parked infront of the apartment.

He thought it was Baaba’s uncle. With that, he took a quick look at his appearance just to look decent when he meets Baaba’s uncle. He opened the door leading the living room only to find Baaba and this light skin guy busy having sex on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul and Aziz waited all this while for Ruby’s mother at the boys quarters. Everyone in the house knew they had already gone including Ruby herself but they were still there waiting patiently for Ruby’s mother.

She came in and quickly shut the door behind her after which she gave Mr. Abdul a very big and passionate hug. As if that wasnt enough, Ruby’s mother called out Aziz to join in.

“My son, now you can embrace your mother openly” She said.

On the other hand, Adzo was tired that her legs couldn’t carry her anymore.  She decided to rest a little behind a spoilt and abadoned  vehicle which seemed to have been packed for months without being attended to.

As she was leaning beside the car, she saw large congregation coming out of a huge church that was directly opposite her. She watched on as they were chatting with each other with smiles and happiness.

What even caught her attention the more was that, she heard a beautiful melodious voice singing. It came from the church but she couldn’t see anyone since she was standing  outside.

Even though, she didn’t know who was singing this beautiful song she was hearing, she enjoyed it to the fullest and wanted to get closer to the source and listen more

She slowly walked and to her surprise, most of the people who came out of the church, shook hands with her as if they already know her. No one even questioned as she was entering into the church.  She went and this beautiful dark lady singing, her name was Mansa. She was the general overseer of the Church.

To be continued




  1. Aaaaw Adwo!!! For how long can she go on like this? Wait a minute…… Are you saying Abdul and Aziz are related to Ruby’s mother? Can’t wait for next episode

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