WHY ME? (season one conclusion)



Did i tell yu to watch out for de funniest conclusion ever??
Am so sorry. De end wasnt dat funny. Dora n Mike had their own thin goin on, n i heard her screamin Awoshie in my room many tyms. Uurrrgh:twisted:
Samuella testified against de guy who had Prince kild n so de guy had a gud sentence of abt jx 15yrs imprisonmnt😟.
Samuella did dat bcos i told her dat i wil be by her thru it all n indeed i stud by her wen her parents threw her out:'(,religious parents. I was takin pix all dat while.
My manager got married to a rich guy bt i doubt she livd happily eva afta:?. Last i saw her wit bloody tattoos on her cheeks. I told her it shall be wel:?😆.
Philip is currently in d Bible skul. Hehehe….i wonder hw his church wil be lyk😐.
My sis Julia n Diana r gud frens now. Diana seems to be learnin fast frm Julia. She threatens me of losin Akosua evrytym she wants samtyn frm me. Hmmmm small gals:mrgreen:.
Akosua n myself r doin jx fyn. It was jx recently i found out she was my missin twin sis…just kidding.
Love you all. It’s your boy Eddy.


Watch out for season two in the evening…