THE BLUE WINDOW Season 2 Episode 1


Kwesi raised his head and looked at me, his big eyes boring into the depths of my soul, before I could resist him, his lips crushed mine, I trembled under his touch as his hands slipped under my skirts, I can’t really describe what I was feeling but I could feel my wetness.

I had shut myself down but somehow, this guy had opened me up to himself, I couldn’t think or resist him, one hand tickled my nipple and I felt a gasp escape my lips as they hardened, the only thought I had was how different what I was feeling was from what I felt with Fred.

I watched him as he unbuttoned my shirt, ever so slowly, giving me a chance to turn him down, to stop him, but I was beyond myself, my body was trembling and I was trying to be the good girl I was, be patient….but I couldn’t , I couldn’t control even my voice.

“ Please Kwesi, please, take me now”. Like an obedient servant, he stripped silently as he watched me, his eyes darker, his eyelids lowered, I looked at the naked guy in front of me and thought, damn, I was so going to regret this later.

Even though it wasn’t something I had done before, I loved the way he pinned my arms behind me as he entered me, I heard a sound from my lips and wondered if it was a moan or a sigh, it felt so good just having him inside me, it was as if we were meant to do this, as he thrust I was lost.

I heard a moan but this time it wasn’t from me, it was from him, I saw my dwarves singing this time, how I imagined dwarves in heaven was a wonder, I felt a final thrust, my sound of excitement mixed with his as I came, I came twice more before he did.

I was dazed from shock and amazement, it was the first time I had felt anything like this. “Wow” he said as I turned to look at him.

“I’m really sorry, I could have told you what I felt for you with words, I have not wanted to be with any woman as much as I’ve wanted to be with you, I love you, and I want you to be mine, I bought something for you for the day I ask you to be my girlfriend”.

I stared at him in awe. “But…..but….I’m not your girlfriend”. He turned to look at me “Are….are you seeing someone?”

My mouth dropped and I heard myself get stupid with words.

“Huh, me, why would I be seeing someone, of course I’m not”.

“Good, then you’re my girlfriend now” he said with a smile on his face.



  1. ladies, abaa. this is what so many ladies encounter, why would u go out with someone u feel nothing for? & now she’d lied. when the truth comes out how would she redeem herself… only time will tell. great story

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