Murder Case Episode 4


“How are you doing?” Barrister clement asked Mrs. Grace.

She held back tears and she spoke

“I’m fine”

“what really happened to you?”

Tuuuuaaaaaaah!!! The sniper was shot.
Everybody scampered to safety.

“someone has just been shot! Call the paramedics” A police officer at the premises shouted



Sani Madawaki came down from his office which was located upstairs in the NATU building. He was the director of NATU.

The ‘nigerian anti-terrorist unit’ was formed in the year 2011 to curb the bokoharam crises. 500men were chosen from the nigerian police force, nigerian army, navy and all other military and paramilitary organizations to form NATU. In 2012, they went to the united states for intelligence training and came back later that same year.

They were posted to all the bokoharam infested communities but due to constant collision with the JTF and coupled with the fact that members of bokoharam had escaped from those areas, the nigerian government decided to post them to other states to aid intelligence.

250 of those men were posted to lagos state, the rest were posted to other geographic locations but have since stopped working due to the backlog of salaries they are been owed.

According to the federal government, the formation of NATU was illegal and it was duplication of office since other military groups can do their jobs. Lagos state government however accepted NATU and have been paying them.

“Jimmy, i just received a call from the commisioner of police, a sniper shot someone in the court in ikoyi. Check for any storybuilding inside 15metre radius in the court premises” sani instructed

“Got it” Jimmy replied. He was pretty fast. He was a computer operator in NATU.

There are 4 storybuildings in that location But according to reports, the bullet came at an angle of 45° which leaves us with only the Gmax building”

“Good job Jimmy, any traffic camera in the location?” sani asked.

“Even if there is a traffic cam, it wont be able to get the suspent, he was in the sixth floor” Jimmy replied

“fuucckk it!” sani exclaimed. He doesnt like working under pressure,it makes him look like a newbie.

“Although, i think we can use satellite imageries” Jimmy chipped in.

“Nah!! It wont give us the facial properties of the victim”

“I know, but we can use it to know his location. Jimmy said.

“Do it” sani said with a tone of finality and walked back to his office.


Barrister clement was still on the floor, he had just been shot on his arm. All the police officers had since fled the court. Mr. Jacobs was whisked away using the blackmaria. Few minutes later, soldier officers arrived the location and cleared everybody out of the court. The case was adjourned till further notice.

Meanwhile, agent white was still suprised how he missed. Barrister clement had put his hands at akimbo and agent white wanted to shoot through the hole formed by his hand but immediately he wanted to pull the trigger, Barrister briggs brought his hands down. White wanted to abort but it was too late, he had already pulled the trigger. The bullet met Barrister Clement on his arm. Before he could adjust and aim, the courtroom had become rowdy. He didn’t see Grace again and every other person Had taken cover. He had failed in his operation.


Paul adeyemi walked into a building. He slid his keycard at the slot and used his fingerprint. The door opened at once. He entered and met three men inside.

“Where is agent white?” he asked.

“he is not yet back, one of the men answered him”. He did as if he wanted to unbotton his shirt and he brought out a little camera. It was the camera that the people in the building where using to monitor the court session. You would never know there was a camera there, you will only see his silver coloured large button.

He paced around the hall for a few seconds, removed his wristwatch and slammed it on the wall.
“we failed!!!” he shouted.


“Jimmy what have you got?” sani asked, coming down from his office.

“I used satellite and i got our man, he came down from the Gmax building at exactly 1:20pm. I switched to street cam to view his face but it looks like he is a proffesional, he was putting on a hood and bent his head so i wasn’t able to see his face” Jimmy explained.

“You mean you lost him?” sani asked impatiently.

“chill!! He entered into the mall by the street. 45minutes later he came out and i sent agent musa to stalk him. We got his address, we are just waiting for your orders to arrest him.” jimmy explained.

“Jimmy, thats a decoy, the real shooter must have escaped through another route or is still in the mall” sani said.

“Not according to neighboors” Jimmy chipped in.

His neighbours claimed he Is an armedrobber who had been terrorising the area and just recently, he has been seen with strange faces”

“Jimmy this is terrorism we are talking about, not petty robbery” sani explained.

“It still doesn’t hurt to bring him in for questioning. He is our only viable lead” Jimmy advised.

“Okay then, call agent musa, tell him to go with few other field agents” sani said. Just then his phone rang and he picked it. It was the special advicer to the governor on security matters. Sani picked the call. The special adviser just wanted to know how far they where with the investigation.

“we have a suspect sir, we are bringing him in for questioning as we speak” sani replied and the line went dead.

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Agent white walked into the building dejectedly. He dropped the bag containing his sniper on the table and located a chair to sit without caring about the four men who were staring at him.

“Tunde what went wrong?” Paul asked. Tunde was white’s real name. They only use their various pseudos when going for operations.

“It was just some technical glitches” white replied.

“Hope you weren’t followed” one of the men who had been silent asked.

“Can they follow shadow? I made sure they lost track of me” white replied.

“Good. We just received intel that Grace has been admitted in Blue-cross Hospital” Paul informed him.

“Alright then, i will have to finish what i started” white said.

“Nah mehn, i’ll just have to visit an old friend” Paul said and smiled.


A Hilux van drove into the NATU building and went straight to the parking lot and parked.

The driver first came out then four other men came out too. One had handcuffs on his hand and from the look in his eyes, you can tell he was in a sorry state.

Two men led him into the building while the remaining men stood outside gisting. Immediately sani saw the men he went towards them.

“Good job agents, take him to the holding room. I will be there in 15minutes.” he said

The two men led him to the left wing of the building and followed a single lane route which led to the holding room.

“Jimmy i want you to pull his records for me” sani said to jimmy.

“Am on it” he replied.


Instead of the normal police station where Jacobs was previously kept, he was transported to the kiri kiri maximum prison located in ojo, Lagos.

According to the policemen, it was for his own safety as the kiri kiri prison is more secured than the police cell.

Jacobs had protested and wanted to call his lawyer but he remembered that his lawyer had been shot so he resigned to fate. The prisoners he saw there were not smiling. They all had this ‘dangerous aura’ radiating from their body. He stood there looking like a kid who was entering his class for the first time.

“Come, na ajebor you come form for prison? Shey our face look like television” someone asked him. He didn’t know how to reply him so he just stood there and continued staring at them like a scarecrow.

“You be kuruma abi? Oya skido go draw that guy come here” he ordered.

A huge guy stood up and started advancing towards him. He nearly fainted only looking at the guy’s biceps. The guy just came and hung his hand across Jacobs neck.

“Make una leave this one, him never dey used to here naim make” the guy spoke.

“Attah wetin be your own na? Na the third prisoner wey you don save today be this o, make e do you o” the guy barked. Attah didn’t reply him, he just drew Jacobs to one corner and they started chatting.


Sani walked into the holding room with a file in his hand. He came with one other man. He started reading from his file

“Philip mba, arrested for armedrobbery, grantheft auto. Convicted once and is just coming out of prison. Tell me, do they have sniper classes in the prison”

“I dont know what you are talking about” philip replied.

“You see this man here, he is a former police officer. He is trained to inflict pain without remorse”

The man dropped his bag, opened it and brought out it’s content. Inside the bag was one pressing iron, one ‘talk true’ and an electric wire.

Sani brought out a picture and showed him. The man in the picture wore a black hood and a khaki, he was bending his head so his face wasn’t visible.

“Thats not me, i dont bend my head when walking” he replied. By this time, the other man had already plugged the pressing iron to an electric source, philip swallowed saliva when he saw it.

“But you were wearing this same cloth in the same area at the same time we were looking for this man. Is that a coincident?” sani asked.

Philip started getting the connection.

“i can explain” he shouted

“start talking” sani said.

“I was in that mall when a young girl was passing without looking up. She was holding a liquid. Before i could stop her, she hit me and the liquid poured on my cloth. A youngman who was watching the whole event bought this cloth for me. I even saw when he bought it. I had to wear the new cloth because i was getting late for an event.” philip explained

The two men weren’t satisfied with the explanation. The other man raised philip’s shirt and use the hot iron to press his skin. Philip shouted, his screams filled the whole room.


Doctor the patient at ward 18 just woke up and is requesting to see you” a nurse informed Dr. Amos.

“I will be there soon” Dr. Amos replied.

Meanwhile, in ward 18, Grace had just woke up from sleep and the first person she saw was paul.

“Hello sweetheart” he said.

She wanted to scream but he quickly covered her mouth with his hand.

“shhhhhhh!!!! am not here to kill you” he said.

“Am just gonna give you this injection and you will go into a long sleep. When you wake up, you might be lucky to remember your name”


Dr. Amos was walking fast, he was about reaching ward 18 when nurse Amaka called him.

“Dr, you are supposed to be in the theater” she said.

“yes, i’ll be there shortly, Dr. Mark is already there” he said and wanted to go when the nurse held his arm.

“what is it Amaka?” he asked.

“Its just that Dr. Mark is relatively new to suggery, i think you should be there” she said.

“Dont worry Amaka, i will be there as soon as i finish from this ward” he replied and still wanted to go but Amaka still held his arm.

“Remember our date?” she asked, smiling mischiviously

“i do, Dr” Amos replied.

“can i go now?”

Amaka was still thinking when he turned and started going. Amaka ran after him but she was too late, he opened the door to ward 18 and entered.

To be continued

Mr Pobs