Lyf cn be rilli funny. Tins can turn around before u cn even say “Dumelo”. I remba one tym dr was dis man who had a wife wit eye dislocation. I am talkin abt de pair of eyes dat seem to confuse u. When dey lukin at samtyn beside u u wil tink dey r lukin at u. This man complained abt everytyn de wife did bcos he wantd to break de marriage dat he blivs was forced on him. One day he complaind bitterly abt his wyf to his fren ryt in de presence of his wife. Wen his fren told him to relax he didnt bt rada slappd his wyf real hard😁:twisted:. De slap relocated her eyes n now she s happily married to de mans fren. As usuall i witnesd dis wit my very two eyes in a dream i had😐.
Jx recently a woman who wntd to slp wit me gave me a promotion altho i had turnd her dwn. N afta a very horrible week i found myself a nyc gal:).
At d momnt am at home soaked wit rain wit no clothes to change into. I am currently sharin my room wit a certain annoyin guy calld Mike. He hs bn wearin my clothes fr de past few weeks without washin dem. I was hopin he wil wash dis weekend bt he didnt😟. I am wet in my room, wit no shorts to change into while dat guy sleeps wit his legs spread across de mattress, ryt in my face.👿. His galfren is called Dora, n he kips bringin her ova to go thru my pix n watch movies on my laptop😒. One day wen he told me Dora wil be comin ova i changd my password…hehe:). N den i left my fone at home n went for a useless community tour. When i returnd home they wer playin ludo…😂swine!!
Anyway tmor is goin to be a big day. My fren was mudered recently n i want justice fr him. I am plannin to tell Samuella(a long story gal) to testify so dat we cn arrest de murderers. Samuella askd me if der was anytyn btw Akosua n myself, i told her no, n dat was true at de tym:roll:. She kips callin me bt i hope to end it wen my fren is avengd.
Hmmmm🐖💨…oh mehn!!! Mike just fartd. Nw i av to wait in de hall for lyk 30mins😷😒


Watch out for episode 2. Its ur boy Eddy💫